Bright Cards, Banners & Graphics for All Your Chinese New Year Desi...

Each year, Chinese New Year, the most important holiday in China, happens at the start of the lunar new year. The Chinese New Year is also

November Big Bundle: Over $1,186 in Design Goods For Only $39!

We're back with another amazing bundle of unbeatable design resources. For November, we've rounded up 68 items worth over $1,186, yours for

Kawaii Icons, Characters & Vectors for Your Print & Web Projects...

Kawaii is Japanese for "cute," "lovable," or "adorable." Today, an entire culture of cute exists, and many designers are adding charming

18 Best Graphic Design Podcasts to Listen to in 2019

Graphic design podcasts are an alternative to content like written copy and video and function like a premium form of talk radio right on

Drop Cap Study: An Inspiring Procreate Lettering Project

A few weeks ago, an interesting Procreate lettering project called our attention on Instagram. Led by our very own Beth Rufener, Drop Cap

Soccer Fonts & Graphics To Score a Design Goal

Known as “soccer” in the United States, the sport that unites the world every 4 years is known as “football” in most other

20 Brilliant Instagram Highlight Icon Sets for Brands & Bloggers

Since late 2017, Instagram users have been able to highlight certain Instagram stories they had previously published on their profile —

A Collection of Vibrant Crystal, Gem, and Stone Graphics

Are you working on a design project that's magical and eerie, or one that hints to the healing power of nature? If so, check out this

A Collection of Stunning Lightroom Presets for Instagram

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular photo editing apps that allows you to retouch your images before publishing them on channels like

Choose Your Own Adventure: How Dustin Lee Built a Design Career His...

"I think we choose to ignore 99% of the options available to us." With this thought, shop owner Dustin Lee kicked off an inspiring talk

25 Nautical Fonts Inspired by Sailors, Sea, and the Navy

What is it about the sea that has always inspired people from all walks of life? From humble fishermen to the grandest of royals – countless

Vintage Script Fonts With a Bold, Handmade Feel

If you're working on a project that's distinctly vintage, you'll want to find a typeface that helps boost that aged aesthetic. The

20 Lettering Artists Who Use Odd Materials

Lettering has come a long way from an exclusively hand-drawn and static form of art to incorporate all kinds of digital tools and animation

A Collection of Stunning Affinity Designer Brushes

Affinity Designer is a vector graphics editor that works on both Macs and PCs. If you are a creative professional working with Affinity

Mailchimp Templates: Beautiful Layouts to Design Polished Emails

Sending emails is a great way for businesses to maintain and delight their customers. Fortunately, many independent designers around the

7 Little-Known Photoshop Features To Speed Up Your Workflow

Photoshop has been around for a very long time, in software years at least — with its first public release coming as early as March 1989.

20 Fall Fonts That Evoke Autumn, Foliage & Harvests

Fall is a great time to infuse your designs with warmer color palettes and rustic, welcoming typography. The ongoing transformation of

15 Procreate Brush Stamps to Embellish Your Lettering Designs

Procreate has taken the world of hand lettering by storm. This popular iPad app (now also available for iPhone), has put hundreds of

How to Make Your Own Newspaper: Templates & Tips

So you’ve just been tasked with starting a company newspaper, or it’s on you to whip up a student newspaper project: where do you start? Of

Tri-fold Brochure Templates to Speed Up Your Photoshop & InDesign W...

Marketing collateral still serves an essential purpose. Trifold brochures, an elegant step up from one-sheet flyers, reinforce your brand,

Impressive Business Card Mockups to Showcase Your Work

When you're showing off your design work the presentation needs to be as slick and creative as your composition. These business card mockups

15 Eye-Catching Pinterest Templates to Make Your Boards Stand Out

If you’re looking for inspiration or new products to buy, Pinterest could be your new go-to social media platform. And it’s not just

20 Travel Fonts to Add a Touch of Adventure & Wanderlust

With so many travel-inspired blogs, brands, and content sites sprouting everywhere you look, independent designers around the world have

Get on the Fast Track with These 20 Racing Fonts

Typography is interesting in that one can instantly change the mood or evoke a certain feel simply by picking the perfect lettering style.

25 Vintage Grungy Stamp Fonts For The Perfect Letterpress Effect

Signatures, letters, dates, and labels are just a few common uses of rubber stamps. Aside from enhancing cards, textiles, and signage,

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