15 of the Most Spectacular Supermoon Eclipse Photos We’ve Seen so Far

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    The most recent lunar eclipse was an awesome opportunity to capture breathtaking shots. While many of us just had our smartphones to capture the action, others brought their A-game with DSLR cameras and advanced lenses. These 15 photographers did a stellar job recording the last supermoon eclipse we'll see until 2033.

    Some of the photos you'll see are corrected for color or contrast, and others are creatively manipulated by combining different shots. We've embedded these shots directly from Flickr so that you can check out what camera was used, as well as settings like aperture and ISO. Enjoy!

    Lunar EclipsePin It

    Supermoon 2015Pin It

    Super Blood Moon Time LapsePin It

    SuperBloodMoonEclipsePin It

    Lunar Eclipse RisingPin It

    The Infamous Red MoonPin It

    our supermoon or superbloodmoon or whatever it's calledPin It

    Super blood moon over Arendal, NorwayPin It

    Eclipse_Lunar2015-6Pin It

    Super Moon, 28th September 2015, 6D #superbloodmoon !Pin It

    MaxLightPin It

    Super Harvest MoonPin It

    IMG_8584Pin It

    MergedPin It

    SupermoonPin It

    Know any other amateur or professional photographers who caught great shots? Mention them in the comments below!


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