How To Create Characters in Illustrator: 7 Unique Vector Kits

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  1. Business Scenes Generator

    Business Scenes Generator

    This file included business vector illustration generator. **1. Characters generator:** *Main* - 2 positions (sit and stand) - 3 types of bode (normal, strong, with belly) - 3 clothes types (sit and stand) *For head* - 5 colors for all hairs on head (gray, light, brown, orange, black) - 11 hairstyles - 23 eyes styles (you can change color if you need. Default - brown ) - 4 eyebrows type (+4 position for each) - 7 glasses styles - 2 ears types - 13 beards styles - 6 mouth types - 6 mustache types - 9 noses types *About body* - 6 hands positions for each types of bodies (for stand) - 3 hands positions for each types of bodies (for sit) - 1 legs position for stand - 2 legs positions for sit **2. Office generator:** - 9 tables types - 11 chairs - 8 desk lamps - 10 up-lamp - 24 office objects (for table and shelves) - 5 computers - 6 shelves styles - 5 objects for wall - 16 types of room plants (for table and ground) - 2 presentation items - 13 background textures styles **BONUS:** - 34 yellow business icons in cartoon style - 34 color business icons in cartoon style - 4 bubbles shapes

  2. Isometric Characters Constructor Kit

    Isometric Characters Constructor Kit

    **Isometric Characters Constructor Kit** - vector library (EPS files) of characters and theirs parts (arms, legs, heads etc.) which allows you easily to create character you need, including pose, hair, clothes. --- Also there are additional objects included such as laptop, ipad, chair, briefcase etc. --- This is addon to our Biggest Isometric collections: - https://creativemarket.com/Sentavio/410087-Isometric-flat-world-collection-v.1 - https://creativemarket.com/Sentavio/512322-Isometric-flat-world-collection-v.2

  3. Custom Characters Creation Kit

    Custom Characters Creation Kit

    **Create beautiful illustrated characters in a few clicks!** This kit will allow you to create you female and male characters, move them freely to a desired pose, add different objects, patterns and floral backgrounds. The custom character creaton kit is a great design asset to help you design easily custom characters and illustrated scenes. All the parts of the characters ( heads, body, hands and legs) are separeted so they can be easily moved to create a movement to the characters. Also included animal heads so you can create human animal characters for adding more fun to your projects. There are also geometrical and floral seamless patterns included so you can change the outfits looks and backgrounds. So let’s dive in and see what is included: **Woman characters:** * 5 skin tones * 16 hair style * 5 different haur colors * 23 outfits options * 10 shoes styles * Different accessories - hats, bags, scarfs, necklaces, glasses and sunglasses * 29 hand gestures * 11 Animal heads: lioness, afgan hound, bear, bulldog, deer, fox, hippo, jiraffe, panda, rabbit, raccoon * 23 pre-designed human characters * 11 pre-designed animal characters **Man characters:** * 5 skin tones * 13 hair styles * 5 hair colors * 5 beard styles * 17 ou􀆞its op􀆟ons * 6 shoes styles * Different accessories - hats, bags, scarfs, necklaces, glasses and sunglasses * 25 hand gestures * 11 Animal heads: lion, eagle, bear, bulldog, deer, fox, hippo, jiraffe, panda, rabbit, raccoon * 22 pre-designed human characters * 11 pre-designed animal characters **Extras included:** * 100 individual floral elements * 30 seamless floral pa􀆩erns * 70 seamless geomenric pa􀆩erns * 20 pre-designed group scenes * 6 floral backgrounds * mini bonus - 6 paper seamless patterns **Technical requirements:** All files are saved in following formats * vector Adobe Illustrator AI CS * vector EPS 10 ** important note:** only the pre-designed characters are saved as PNG with transparent background. The main files, where you can create different characters are vector files and CAN NOT be used and modified in Adobe Photoshop. Please read the Instructions Guide and follow easy steps to create your own illustrated characters in a few minutes. For any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at: [email protected] Happy creations!

  4. Unlimited Avatar Creator Kit

    Unlimited Avatar Creator Kit

    Avatar Creator is constructor made to design new avatar characters ready for your designs. You can create Male or Female avatar character from blank or by using existing character (included over 50 characters). Set includes: - 50 Avatar icons - 50 Hair Styles - 50 Facial Expressions Add to your newly created avatar: - Facial Hair - Accesories - Color skin tones - Hair colour BONUS - 25 Premade Avatar Included for Free --- Files included: AI, EPS, SVG --- **You will receive:** - 1 Ai file easy to customize in Illustrator – you will be able to change text, color, size (Suitable for printing and all image programs). Information for the interaction of respect and mutual understanding. - 1 EPS file easy to customize in any design program. - 1 Help file included - 512 x 512 px icons easy to resize and adapt to your designs --- We guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with this pack. Our commitment to quality ensures you get the best you possibly can, every time. Whether you’re trying to impress a client or attract more views, you can be sure you’ll get the job done. Related Avatar Icon Pack https://creativemarket.com/Dighital/824987-50-Avatar-Icons --- Looking for more icons? You can check out some of our new icons at our graphics store! https://creativemarket.com/Dighital ---

  5. Creative Character Generator

    Creative Character Generator

    **Business and creative character generator.** This funny and unusual generator in cartoon style will help you create different scenes and characters. You can make in few clicks female and male characters, couples, businessmen, modern and creative people, comic scenes, funny and memorable avatars. Included in this product: - 5 unique people characters - 3 positions for each character (default - standing, dancing, walking) but the position of arms and legs can be changed separately) - 100 patterns - swatches for clothing design - 6 colors default, but you can add any color - 5-6 different hairstyles for each character - 3 eyes styles for each character (opened, laughing, closing) - 2-3 mouth styles for each character (smile, broad smile, special lips for women) - 2-3 glasses styles for 3 characters - 3 facial hair styles for mans (beard, stubble, mustache) - 3 skirt types for one female character - 2 tie types for one male character Files in the archive: - Vector layered files CS - CS6 + EPS10 with characters - Vector AI swatches file + 2 Vector AI CS, CS6 file with editable swatches - PDF file with instruction *This file does not contain a separate illustration with avatars* Experiment, play with style and color, create, add your details, smile :) --- If you have any questions or product improvement suggestions, just send me a message

  6. Christmas Family Portrait Creator

    Christmas Family Portrait Creator

    The Christmas Family Portrait Builder is the perfect tool built your 5"x7" Christmas Card or 8.5"x11" Print in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop! There are options for EVERY STAGE OF LIFE including over 63 female hairstyles and 30 male hairstyles. I've included newborn babies, toddlers, kids, teenagers, and adults at various life events. I've thoughtfully designed a Career Woman, a casually dressed Woman, a Bride, a Pregnant Woman, a New Mom, etc. I've applied the same stages to the Men. In Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, you can design simply by switching layers on or off to build your design. I've also included transparent, high res PNG files that you can import into Canva. With this purchase, you receive the following files: 1. Master Portrait Builder PSD (Adobe Photoshop) 2. Master AI (Adobe Illustrator) (with elements on separated Layers) 4. Separate PNG files (with transparent background). 5. Two Christmas Card Templates AI and PDS Your Download is Available for 24 Hours Upon PurchasePlease message me with any questions. --- **FACEBOOK GROUP** Please join the Design Tribe Facebook Group! We are an engaged community of designers and creative entrepreneurs sharing design feedback and online business strategies. https://www.facebook.com/groups/DesignTribeLaurenLesley/ --- **EMAIL LIST** Sign up for the email list to get freebies and occasional updates from my shop! https://laurenlesley.com/email-list --- **REVISIONS** If you need a revision, please fill out the form at laurenlesley.com/revisions For a more organized shopping experience, please visit my website at laurenlesley.com. In my shop, there are 32 different girls in a mix of skin tones: 8 brunettes, 8 blondes, 8 red hair, 8 black hair. The hair styles include straight, curly, long, short, up in a bun, or down. You'll definitely be able to find the right avatar super fast. If for any reason, you can't find a girl that looks like you please PM me. --- Let's connect on Instagram or Pinterest @LaurenLesleyStudio https://www.instagram.com/laurenlesleystudio/ If you have any questions, please message me! xo, Lauren --- LEGAL USES (Standard License): Websites, blogs, social networks, web banners, newsletters, business cards, mobile applications, tablet applications, and advertisements. ILLEGAL USES: Any kind of resale of the original illustration without purchasing the Extended License. Uses that are defamatory, or contain otherwise unlawful, offensive or immoral content. EXTENDED LICENSE: May resale designs and artwork up to 500 units.

  7. Vector People

    Vector People

    *Welcome to Darumo Shop!* Introduce you our set of vector characters that can be very useful for creating stylish and awesome designs. Perfect for motion animation, websites, promo, prints or whatever you need. Each character is resizable and recolorable. **The set contains:** - 10 male characters (4 poses for each one) - 10 female characters (4 poses for each one) - **Bonus!** 10 chairs and 10 pieces of furniture If you need more furniture and interior scenes please take a look at TRICKY scene creator! https://creativemarket.com/Darumo/1760321-TRICKY-scene-creator --- If you have any questions, please let us know. Many thanks!



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