20 Lettering Artists Who Use Odd Materials

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    Lettering has come a long way from an exclusively hand-drawn and static form of art to incorporate all kinds of digital tools and animation techniques. The Procreate app has enabled letterers all around the world to perfect their art with precise styluses created by companies like Apple, Adobe, Adonit, and Wacom. A wide array of pre-designed brushes have also made digital lettering more accessible and realistic. However, there are creative forms of lettering that fall outside of the hand drawn or digital domains: words that are crafted with incredibly odd physical materials.

    Throughout this article, I'll share 20 examples of lettering artists that are pushing the boundaries of the craft and thinking entirely out of the box.

    Cake Lettering by Susan Houseman

    Cookie Lettering by Belén La Rivera

    Rock Lettering by Merilee

    Flower Lettering by Becca Clason

    Confetti Lettering by Becca Clason

    Clay Lettering by Paula Nelson

    Seashell and Sand Lettering by Paige Firnberg

    Embroidered Lettering by Cathy Heck Studio

    Balloon Lettering by Flores Ser

    Papercut Lettering by Cyla Costa

    Cheese Lettering by Enon Avital

    Lettered Denim Jackets by The Lovely Exchange Co

    Nut Lettering by Yvette Nakamoto

    Ketchup Lettering by Yvette Nakamoto

    Collage Lettering by InkAboutIt

    Lettered Tattoo Designs by Caitlin Courtney Designs

    Leather Lettering by Coffee Calligraphy

    Wood Burned Lettering by Graceful Deliverance

    Pretzel Lettering via Hand Lettered and Loved

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