8 Joomla Templates for College Websites

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  1. National University Joomla Template

    National University Joomla Template

    Learning is an inevitable need of mankind. In any society, no university can satisfy it fully without being represented on the web. Our template is certainly a good choice for your university to share the urgent studying info via an excellent and balanced website design. So, make a step toward people, which are eager to get more knowledge buy this professional template.

  2. University Joomla Template

    University Joomla Template

    The template is integrated with Twitter, which would help university popularize itself through the internet, and also with LinkedIn, which is so important for undergraduates seeking for good carrier. The designer used black and dark-blue colors to play with contrasts; nevertheless the look is solid and steady: obviously right for the educational website.

  3. International University Joomla Template

    International University Joomla Template

    Clean solid design is what you need for presenting University or any other higher education institution online. This design in calm white and grey colors sets a serious atmosphere and welcomes visitors to enter the world of knowledge. Use featured blocks for presenting the key directions of the institution, content part for general information about programs, stuff, degrees. The bullet list below is good for presenting more information about courses, etc. Social icons are placed in the center of the footer for being more visible. Easy navigation with drop down menu makes the site convenient for visitors.

  4. JSN Solid - Responsive Joomla Education Template

    JSN Solid - Responsive Joomla Education Template

    JSN Solid has the sharp layout with remarkably clean design. Exclusively designed for a school website, it is equipped with an extended style for K2 & Kunena. The users will get the most comfortable UX because of the powerful back-end and the responsive mechanism. Why should you choose JSN Solid? JSN Solid has Extended Style for K2 and Kunena That’s NOT ALL! More hot features are still waiting for you! Free Built-in Extensions in JSN Solid Free Editions of JSN PowerAdmin, JSN ImageShow, JSN Uniform and JSN PageBuilder are four built-in extensions in JSN Solid sample data. Dedicated Support JoomlaShine Customer Account Testimonials See more testimonials More Premium Jo

  5. Modern and Fancy University Joomla Template

    Modern and Fancy University Joomla Template

    If you want your university be modern, its time to launch its website on the web. Once you want this website to look modern, its time to choose this template. Through its clean and flat design youll be able to transmit all the knowledge, which is available within your educational institution. Attract more students with the help of our theme and enjoy watching the growing erudition of the next generation.

  6. LT University – Responsive College / University Joomla Template LT University is Responsive University Joomla template. This is modern and professional Joomla template used for college or university websites to help students find out whole information updated on a regular basis such as timetables, scholarships, so on. Great website can attract graduate students to your university. It is 100% responsive, clean and stylish. LT University builds on powerful framework with fully bootstrap, strong shortcodes, unlimited module positions, drag-drop layout and 4 color styles. It’s mobile-friendly! The template supports mobile devices with responsive layout. It also provides 4 boxes layout and background, help you present and choosing layout for your website.

  7. University Responsive Joomla Template

    University Responsive Joomla Template

    This web theme appears to be simple and exciting at the same time. Set up a polytechnic university or university website with this online university Joomla web design. The clean lines and consistency of design transmits a idea of your business trustworthiness. Its fresh design attracts clients' attention to the most significant specifics. Besides, purchasing this particular layout you receive 24/7 technical support and rich documentation. Use this theme to give innovative look to your online project.

  8. Yt University with simple interface, is the best choice to introduce for a university, an organization, a company and more. Yt University supports three different styles: Red, Green and Blue, it helps you to have more than one choice for your website Yt University continues to build on Yt Framework - Joomla Template Framework which are integrated framework of menus, google fonts, font size and more. Also, Yt Framework allows you to make unlimited layouts, to easily customize the template according to your own way. Yt Framework is simple, easy operation, even if you do not have experience working with Joomla. In addition to using the available tools of joomla which allow you to create topics, articles and images, the template also incorporates other major extensions: - K2 Component - Another content component with multiple functions: Component, Rate, Share, Download, ... - Yt Content Slideshows II - Showing articles with more effects - Yt So Article Slider - A simple module to slide artiles in some specify categories - Yt Gallery Plugin - Showing image in pop-up, allowing you to view images in detail Using multiple available tools in the template, Yt University will be the best choice to help you for reducing the time to develop a website. And with the Quickstart package, you will have an interface like our demo. Check it out now: # MAIN FEATURES 1. Support for Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.7 and Joomla 2.5 2. Support for many type of menu: Moo Menu, CSS Menu, Mega Menu 3. Support RTL, LTR language 4. Support Module Variations 5. Support many extensions: Yt Content SlideShowII, Yt So Article Slider, Yt Gallery, Yt Basic News, Yt Extra Params 6. Support Typography: Images Styling, Icons style, Buttons 7. Support Site Styles: Red, Green, Blue 8. Support for Window layout, Mobile layout, Iphone layout, Android layout and Handheld layout 9. Compatible IE 7+, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome 10. Support Javascript Effect for Moo Menu and Mega Menu



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