20 Cool Stencil Fonts for Your Next Design Project

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  1. Meteora font family

    Meteora font family

    Meteora is a font designed for headlines by Carlos Fabian Camargo Guerrero. Its purpose is to be useful tool for solving decorative problems in graphic design which require broken letters without ascending and descending strokes. Due to its vertical and horizontal proportions these letters are compact, appealing and special to compose headlines and featured with worn look in covers, magazines, posters and advertising material. The first Meteora sketches were made by hand, photocopying and deforming letters of an old Letraset catalog, specifically from slab serif typefaces from the Nineteenth Century. Hence, uppers cases and lower cases were merged in the same height x, obtaining a narrow width, endings with some serifs and stencil cuts here and there. The amount of low contrast between thick and thin strokes brings strength and consistency with the contours apparently brokens. Thus, developed features slab serif and sans-serif proposing empty and full shapes connoting decomposition and noise; and from a rigorous process of scanning letters I set up damaged letters, but drawn with the greatest possible thoroughness and high definition in 438 glyphs per font. Finally, in regular and bold variables I included opentype features with some discretionary ligatures and a few titling alternates. In Meteora bold all glyphs are framed simulating the effect of letters cut out of paper.

  2. Roves Family

    Roves Family

    Roves Family - Limited 65% OFF -------------------------------------- Roves is a font family dedicated to exploration, adventure and the early merchants of history. The word rove means “a journey, especially one with no specific destination; an act of wandering”. the family consists of three Stencil versions each with a Regular and Bold weight as well as two Sans versions each also with a regular and bold weight, this is a total of 10 different options to work with. When combined these two fonts create great looking typography that compliment each other but each also strong enough to be used on their own. The Roves family is a display font with a great rust vintage feel to it which gives the user an authenticity when working with typographic projects. Roves has been created with the designer in mind, to create with and explore the different options with in the family. Family Cosists of: Roves Stencil (6 fonts - 3 versions x2 weights) Roves Sans (4 fonts - 2 versions x 2 weights)

  3. Lostamp font

    Lostamp font

    Hi! Here is a grunge variation of my "Loftype" font named "Lostamp". As you can see it has a stencil cuts and two versions with rough and clean contours. All OpenType features, like alternates, ligatures, swashes also exists in this fonts. **What's inside:** - OTF & TTF font files of rough & clean versions - Vector EPS v.10 with all characters *Note: This font contains only latin characters (all available characters you can see on 2nd & 5th screenshots)* Original "Loftype" font without stencil and rough effect is available here: https://crmrkt.com/vmGrN **Thank you!**

  4. TerraStamp


    TerraStamp combines the best of hand-stamped texture, geometric shapes, and stencil technique. The font contains two sets of uppercase letterforms – mixing circles, triangles, and squares for a variety of letter options. The 2-font family offers a Regular (simplified outlines, no texture) and Textured (detailed outlines with inner texture). The NimblePen download package contains two fonts – a Regular (simplified outlines, no texture) and Textured (detailed outlines with inner texture) as .ttf files, and two pre-packaged @font-face kits for web implementation. TerraStamp supports the following languages: Albanian, Danish, Dutch, English, Faroese, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Malagasy, Norwegian, Spanish, Polish and Swedish.

  5. Vtg Stencil US No. 51

    Vtg Stencil US No. 51

    Vtg Stencil US No. 51 - Regular The Vtg Stencil font series by astype is based on real world stencils. The US No. 51 design was derived from authentic stencil plates used by the U.S. Army in the 1950's and 1960's. The font includes over 380 glyphs and supports Latin Extended character set, so most of the Latin script based languages of the world are supported. --- The Download includes the astype end-user license agreement (EULA). www.astype.de/license Please read before buying a font license. If you require the font for webfont, app, ebook please contact astype. An extended license is also required for the following uses: broadcast video or film, gaming device embedding, software embedding.

  6. Hogwild


    Hogwild™ uses OpenType features to substitute a unique pair of glyphs when any upper or lower case character is keyed twice in a row. Purchase and use of this product is subject to terms of the Aerotype Software License Agreement http://www.aerotype.com/license.html

  7. Georgina - A Stencil Hybrid Font

    Georgina - A Stencil Hybrid Font

    Georgina is a new clean, retro touched stencil which can be used for almost anything. And you can combine! The lower case has all the regular characters and the upper case has the stencil - so you really can design a unique headline in a very fast way.

  8. Gora Stencil – Reg & Bold

    Gora Stencil – Reg & Bold

    Typeface «Gora» — a cute, original extended Slab Serif. This package include 2 stencil weights: Regular, Bold. «Gora» includes many features: ligatures, fractions, numbers, subscript and superscript numbers, arrows, and currency symbols. Multilingual. Excellent choice for headlines and small amounts of text, logos and illustrations, labels and packaging. **In package** - Gora-Stencil.ttf - Gora-Stencil-Bold.ttf **Type features** - Ligatures - Fractions - Superscript - Subscript **Other purchase options of the font «Gora»** - Regular, Bold → https://crmrkt.com/5xqqk - Rough → https://crmrkt.com/Od88p - Full pack → https://crmrkt.com/3w009

  9. Cera Stencil Basic Black

    Cera Stencil Basic Black

    The Cera Collection is driven by pure geometry and contains bestselling **Cera** plus its stenciled counterpart **Cera Stencil**. Cera Stencil Basic Black — **50% off until 24.12.2015** — , equipped with one striking weight and useful dingbats plus arrows, is a good companion for setting clean but interesting headlines in Basic Latin languages. Assymetrical stencils are creating a dynamic tension the general placement of stencils is emphasising the handwritten origin of the supported scripts. ------ The pan-European Cera Stencil PRO is supporting Latin, Cyrillic and Greek script. With over 980 glyphs per weight Cera Stencil cares about localized letter shapes plus ordinals and provides matching OpenType Features. Have a look at the PRO version at www.typemates.de

  10. Hastings - Fill and Stencil

    Hastings - Fill and Stencil

    Hastings is a hand drawn sans-serif font inspired by the sea. Comes as two styles: Fill and Stencil. Also includes numbers and punctuation (including ampersand).

  11. Leixo Stencil [Family]

    Leixo Stencil [Family]

    Leixo is a fancy stencil with a lot of features to use. You can use lower and upper case to create a mixture of a stencil touched multifunctional headline. To use the ligature, just type "theliga" and you will get a unique designed pre-set eyecatcher. And there are even more ligatures! The full version includes numbers, symbols and language support with more than 320 Glyphs!

  12. Sergeant - Hand Drawn Stencil Font

    Sergeant - Hand Drawn Stencil Font

    **Introductory Rate of $12 - Limited Time Only (20% off)** Sergeant was inspired by my love for stencil letters. I wanted a font that was inspired by a classic stencil, but also felt very hand drawn. It's perfect for your hand drawn logos and branding. This font comes in .TTF format and includes 10 numbers, Various Glyphs, and 26 letters. This font is best when used with my other hand drawn fonts: Oak & Ash and Pearl District. Grab it now for the Introductory rate of $12. --- Follow me on Instagram to get the latest updates on new typefaces and chances to win free stuff: http://instagram.com/jamesnicolas5 Textures made with Dusty's Print Shop from Ian Barnard https://creativemarket.com/ianbarnard Thank you

  13. Blacktroops Stencil

    Blacktroops Stencil

    Stencil version from The Blacktroops Family. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check the other version here: 1. Blacktroops Basic : http://crtv.mk/c08yR 2. Blacktroops Rough: http://crtv.mk/g0Hqx 3. Blacktroops Inline: http://crtv.mk/d08jA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Or buy the complete font family ( 4 fonts ) and save $10 here: http://crtv.mk/d08j7

  14. Secca Stencil

    Secca Stencil

    Secca Stencil You never got more "stencil" for your money! Have fun. --- **Language support:** Secca Soft supports up to 82 different Latin based languages such as Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Kazakh, Swedish, Croatian, Slovak, Finnish, Danish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovenian, Irish, Estonian, Basque, Luxembourgian and other scripts. --- ***The Download includes the astype end-user license agreement (EULA). www.astype.de/license Please read before buying a font license.** If you require the font for webfont, app, ebook please contact astype. An extended license is also required for the following uses: broadcast video or film, gaming device embedding, software embedding.*

  15. Acherus Militant 80% Off

    Acherus Militant 80% Off

    --- Acherus Militant is stencil version of Acherus Grotesque. Militant has 3 stencil style for different design purposes. As a sportive typeface solution you can think Acherus Militant as an option. --- - PDF Specimen: *https://www.fontspring.com/tools/asset/jljqwgblam02osha706pltfwaz0kello/acherus_militant_-_specimen.pdf* - For more details: *https://www.behance.net/gallery/46296841/Acherus-Militant-Typefamily* - Also light and bold is free on: *https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/acherus-militant* *Discount will end on March 31th 2019.* ---

  16. Raleigh - Premium Font + Alternate

    Raleigh - Premium Font + Alternate

    A font for your inner-epicness. A futuristic yet modern stencil-esque font that’s great for big titles and small subtexts. Combine with images to really wow them humans. **Font file includes** - Regular - Italic - Bold - Bold Italic - Bonus Alternate Version (lowercase) - .OTF - .WOFF

  17. Old Glory Typeface

    Old Glory Typeface

    Old Glory is an elegant font inspired by the forms of blackletter and script. Each letterform can also be used as stencil as well as each character has been broken apart. This typeface also comes with web-fonts which can easily be incorporated into any web project.

  18. Maritime Champion Stencil

    Maritime Champion Stencil

    Make no mistake, Maritime Champion is not simply seaworthy. This peacoat grubbing, all hands on decking, accordion serenading font is not for the faint of heart. He's all caps all the time. Even the lightest of his four stencil weights is enough to anchor a Man-o-War in any Caribbean maelstrom. This is a small part of a 14 font family for sale here https://creativemarket.com/kylewaynebenson/26745-Maritime-Champion that includes six weights, and a Shoreline style that comes in four weights. It's an all caps family that includes lots of language options and opentype fractions.

  19. Surplus Pro - 2 Styles

    Surplus Pro - 2 Styles

    Surplus Pro was inspired by the classic vintage military stencil. I wanted a typeface that could be a solid base for any military inspired project. --- **Includes:** - OTF - Two Styles - Regular and Rough - Uppercase Display Font - Numbers

  20. Mind the Gap font

    Mind the Gap font

    Mind the Gap was born out of the frustration of the love/hate relationship I have of the daily commute. I'm not sure if it's just a London thing or if it's the same in New York City, Paris, Madrid, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Mexico City, Moscow, Tokyo and Berlin. It was created by hand cutting letter stencils and spraying them with black paint. This gives it an industrial almost military look and feel. It's deliberately not perfect I wanted it to be dirty so it looks more real and has a bit of personality. It includes one stylistic alternative for uppercase and lowercase A-Z. Plus an additional stylistic alternative for A,B,D,O,P,Q,R and a,b,d,e,g,o,p,q and three alternatives for numbers. That means is you can change out repeated glyphs with alternatives. You can watch a quick demo on how to do this in Photoshop CC—https://youtu.be/YeUek2nZJu4 **Includes;** - One weight - Uppercase and Lowercase - Numbers - Punctuation & Symbols - Stylistic sets - Western European characters - Central European characters - South Eastern European characters - OTF Take it for a spin at http://simonstratford.com/mind-the-gap-font/ --- **Check out** my other fonts—http://bit.ly/itsmesimon



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