25 Best Random JavaScript & jQuery Codes for April 2019
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  1. Generic Popups (jQuery)

    Generic Popups (jQuery)

    “Generic Popups” script lets you create different kinds of Popups; such as Tooltips, Message Boxes, Alerts, Prompts tc. with support for complex structures. The functionality of the plug-in is similar to that of jQuery, therefore, the learning curve is relatively easier.

  2. Live Swear Words Filter - Filters as you type

    Live Swear Words Filter - Filters as you type

    This useful jquery plugin instantly filters swear words that you define yourself as you type. The implementation is simple and elegant and allows the grouping of controls to filter. Why use this plugin ? Simple and elegant implementation Custom swear word list Filters as you type Uses jquery selectors thus allows grouping

  3. Shiny Notification Boxes

    Shiny Notification Boxes

    Video Features 8 Beautiful colors: green, yellow, orange, red, pink, dark blue, light blue and white. 7 Awesome effects: blink, fade in, slim, fixed, link, title and bold. Animated using jQuery. No images are used, everything is CSS. A PSD is included. Example <div class="notification_green"> <strong>Success!</strong>The message has been sent. </div> Important InformationCSS3 is used for the gradients and shadows but Opera will just render one background color. The gradient background does work with IE because it uses filters. This item is also compatible with Chrome 7 & 8.The notification boxes are just div’s with classes so it is very easy to implement. There are only 2 files to include in the HEAD: no

  4. Pricelr! - Ultimate Pricing Tables Solution

    Pricelr! - Ultimate Pricing Tables Solution

    code generator included unlimited rows and columns multi purpose 12 color styles 18 ribbons fluid layout fancy tooltips fancy effects WP compatibile trivial to adjust and implement Changelog v1.2 - August 5th 2011 * minor bug fixes * latest jQuery compatibility fix v1.0 - February 1st 2011 * initial release

  5. jDashboard


    Update Version 2.1 – 12/12/12 jDashboard now works on the iPad! (tested in iOS 3.2-4.2) You can now set columns to have different percentage widths. The documentation includes some example SQL to create a table for storing the dashboard layout information. Description jDashboard is a jQuery Plugin that gives you an easy way to create a dynamic widget area. The widgets can easily be re-arranged and collapsed/expanded, and the layout is saved either in a MySQL database, or with HTML5 local storage (falling back to using cookies) so your users don’t need to start over when they come back to their dashboard. In live preview, you may need to remove the frame(top left link) for the cookies to work. Features *

  6. Content Swapper (jQuery)

    Content Swapper (jQuery)

    “Content Swapper” is a JavaScript class that helps organize content on a single page in a way that navigating through it becomes very easy and user-friendly. It does so by swapping content based on a Fragment Identifier link (e.g. #some-id) that refers to an anchor element on the same page which has an attribute string equal to the fragment value (e.g. id=”some-id”). This script can be very useful for creating help files, faq pages, presentations etc.

  7. Shiny Tooltips

    Shiny Tooltips

    You can add tooltips to elements which appear when you mouseover them.Video Watch ScreencastFeatures 8 Beautiful colors: green, yellow, orange, red, pink, dark blue, light blue and white. For text, links, images and buttons. Animated using jQuery. No images are used, everything is CSS. A PSD is included and a detailed documentation Important InformationCSS3 is used for the gradients and shadows but Opera will just render one background color. The gradient background does work with IE because it uses filters. This item is also compatible with Chrome 7 & 8.There are only 2 files to include in the HEAD: tooltips.min.css and tooltips.min.js. You also need jQuery.This item comes with a very detailed documentation with lots of examples. A P

  8. everyTip » Jquery tooltip Plugin

    everyTip » Jquery tooltip Plugin

    EveryTip is a Jquery plugin that will read out any element’s title tag and converts it into a individual styleable dynamic tooltip. You can apply it on any element you want e.g.: img, a , li, span, div and so on. The plugin automatically detects all elements of your specified type on the whole page and add’s a tooltip to it. It also supports inside HTML, so you can display all HTML tags inside a tooltip. Comes in a lightweight and crypted version.

  9. JavaScript Bandwidth Tester

    JavaScript Bandwidth Tester

    WiseLoop JavaScript Bandwidth Tester is a jQuery plugin that allows you to do a network speed test against your internet server. The script is server platform independent and can check many server types (like Apache HTTP, Apache Tomcat, IIS, nginx, Oracle HTTP, jetty etc.) as long as the server supports POST and GET commands. No PHP, Java, ASP or other server-side scripting needed! This is a pure JavaScript broadband tester run by the web browser. Based on the download speed, this jQuery plugin can also compute a reference internet cost that the user should pay for. The graphical user interface has localization support and its design is highly customizable by using CSS themes and plugin options. Other WiseLoop top software products: Main

  10. jQuery Simple Content Sorting Plus Plugin

    jQuery Simple Content Sorting Plus Plugin

    Overview This plugin creates a simple content sorter for your content and allows you to control your content with pagination! Simple Content Sorting provides a clean and easy way to beautify your interface by providing a slick client side sorting mechanism. You heard correctly, no page loading happens as the sorting takes place since its all done with javascript. Features Complete Pagination Functionality The ability to sort and paginate your content quickly A Clean Sorting Interface Flexible Sorting Functionality Simple Plugin Implementation and Usage Supports Unlimited Filters Several Effects Options Minimal Amount Of Code Supported Languages Arabic Bulgarian Catalan Chinese (Sim

  11. PowerContext


    PowerContext makes it easy to add right-click context menu functionality to any web application. A context menu can help make a web application feel even more like a native application. Features 3 Different Styles included, or create your own with CSS Supports keyboard control Always stays in viewport (menus never open outside of the visible area) Supports and infinited amount of sub-menus Create menus with HTML or a JavaScript Object Literal Enable disable items or entire menus Add and remove items and let the menu refresh Add separators between groups of similar items Show non-menu items like images or forms Supports right- or left-click control Multiple elements can share menus Menus automatically resize based on menu contents Build m

  12. jScroll: Stylable jQuery Scrollbar

    jScroll: Stylable jQuery Scrollbar

    jScroll is a stylable scrollbar built using the jQuery JavaScript framework. At only ~8kb, it is both lightweight and packed full of features. It can scroll any sort of HTML, and has heaps of features, such as: vertical/horizontal scrolling, automatically resizing scroll handles, support for mousewheel. It is also very easy to create your own theme. You can set the amount to scroll with the mouse wheel/arrows, and can interface with its easy to use API in order to change an option(s) on the fly and/or scroll the scroller (as shown in the examples). You can set the scrollbars to only show when the scroller is hovered over, and when horizontal/vertical scrolling is no longer needed, they will even hide themselves! Check ou

  13. jQuery Cookie Compliancy

    jQuery Cookie Compliancy

    Looking for the Wordpress version? Click here! New Features We have launched version 1.1 of our Cookie Compliancy script! It now supports two ‘opt’ methods. You can either use ‘opt-in’ where users explicitly have to accept cookies before they’re used or you can use ‘opt-out’ which automatically opts users into cookies and they must explicitly click disallow to remove the cookie-related scripts. You now also have the option to define a page where users are sent if they ever decline cookies. Does this affect you? It will affect almost every website that operates within the EU. This is not restricted to EU-only domains such as .fr, .uk and .de but any website that operates in the EU. Even if your website is based in the US, on

  14. ControlWheel


    Control wheel is a lightweight jQuery plugin what helps you to create knob style interfaces. With it’s easy to use method you can create a knob interface with ease. All modern browsers, smart phones and tablets are supported.

  15. ChilliLoader - preloader with style

    ChilliLoader - preloader with style

    ChilliLoader is a lightweight jQuery plugin what preloads your site with style. The plugin shows a well designed spinning loader with a stylish background to your visitors while your site loads. You can completely customize the ChilliLoader for your needs, choose the background from 4 existing variations or add your own design, choose the spinning loader from 8 color variations. It’s easy to use and supports any modern browser, iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. It’s works like this: Your site will be blocked until your site loads. Your site visitors will see a well designed loading animation until your site loads. Features: Multiple customization options available Easy to use Works on any web

  16. PullOuts - jQuery Slide-out Widgets

    PullOuts - jQuery Slide-out Widgets

    PullOuts is a stand-alone script based on a popular WordPress plugin – “PullOut Widgets”, and can be used on any website that supports HTML and JavaScript. PullOuts allows to grab any piece of content from a web page and display it as a pullout widget. Whether it’s a block of text, images, shopping cart, login, search or subscription form, a video or any other content – you can make it a pullout. Easy to use code generator will help you to set your widgets in seconds. Flexible settings: multiple triggers to active your pullouts, unlimited colors, hundreds of icons and dozens of animation effects will enhance your website and amaze your visitors. PullOuts Features Flexible pullout widge

  17. iX Framework Javascript Widget Framework

    iX Framework Javascript Widget Framework

    iX Framework is a comprehensive javascript widget featuring: grid tree panel tab panel windows button menu fields accordion column layout datasource viewport. Features: Powered with powerful jQuery Grid datasource grid type inline editing capabilities grid navigator button column renderer to customize each column (color, font, etc) column header drag and drop to change it’s position sort data by clicking column header lots of API and properties to play to Tree tree with datasource support icon for tree nodes change the default icon for tree nodes by CSS lots of API and properties to play to Panel Panel with toolbar P

  18. jQuery CSS3 Price Table Plugin

    jQuery CSS3 Price Table Plugin

    Features CSS3 driven animation. 8 color styles of badge and button, 29 animation styles. Optional badge, the layered png of the badge are included. Optional animation style of each rows, you can defined a global animation and customize each row in a special animation too. FAQ and source files are included, free update in the future. Recommendations For You jQuery OneByOne Slider Plugin:

  19. jNotify Plugin

    jNotify Plugin

    A simple to implement, customize and style plugin to display unobtrusive notifications on your webpages, much like Growl. This plugin features common alerts, dialog prompts, error and success messages.

  20. Smooth Scroll Manager

    Smooth Scroll Manager

    Smooth Scroll Manager enables a direct interaction with a scrollable area (for example a div). You can insert images and text inside scroll area. Just drag inside a container and it will smoothly scroll in a desired direction. If you release a mouse button, it will not stop immediately but instead decelerate, with respect to a force of a drag. SmoothScroll does not depend on any javascript framework, but you can use it along with any of those frameworks. Smooth Scroll Manager works in all major browsers including IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari, Firefox (1.5, 2, 3, 3.5) and Opera (9.64, 10).

  21. Dot Trails Pro

    Dot Trails Pro

    Dot Trails Pro allows you to instantly make quality, modern text limits on any page of any site in just one line of code. The possibilities are endless for working this into any of your projects: Read More buttons on your WordPress themes, product reviews, user comments and ratings, shorten links with a display more info button… You can use this script in tons of different ways and its fully customizable! Features Limit length of text in any page element and apply … Toggle shortened text / full text NO HTML editing required! One line of code to use! Use unlimited number of times on same page! Works on any site – Great for WordPress ‘Read More’ buttons! Comes with two animation styles: fade and slide You can set elements to

  22. jQuery Flying Popup

    jQuery Flying Popup

    Flying Popup plugin for jQuery – now also responsive * Check also WordPress Flying Popups for managing popups in your WordPress site. * The recent version gives the possibility to make popups responsive. Just set the width in % (and/or height if needed), like width: '80%' and popup dimensions will be automatically adjusted to current screen size LAST UPDATE: 16 March 2020 Allows to show floating HTML popups that follow page scroll/resize (also static HTML popups can be shown when desired). Popups can fly in from outside of the screen (from every direction). In popup you can also show any kind of forms, play videos NEW in 2.0 – ‘exit intent’ and follow cursor options There is an option to show popup on ‘exit intent’ – user moves the cu

  23. Google Analytics jQuery Event Tracking

    Google Analytics jQuery Event Tracking

    This is a Google Analytics implementation for jQuery with advanced Event Tracking functionality. Features Asynchronous tracking code loads nice in background. No more website load delay while Google Analytics loads. Track all jQuery events. Event tracking with jQuery feeling. No more struggles with _gaq. Bind ANY jQuery event to ANY Google Analytics command. Implementation is as easy as: $('#element').ga('click', ['_trackEvent', 'Click', '#element']); That’s it! You also don’t have to worry that Google Analytics is fully loaded because this plugin maintains its own queue and executes all Analytics commands when the code has finished loading. This means for you that there’s no need to wrap $.ga calls in any “page loaded” code (though it

  24. SPlaceholder Plugin

    SPlaceholder Plugin

    SPlaceholder plugin create Placeholder on input text, When you focus or blur on it, the default text will be hide with the animation that you specified on options, and if the input is empty, it will put again the default text with the same animation. they are many options to customise animation, also you can add a callback function to blur or focus event.

  25. Notifications


    Features: Cross browser fixed positioning that allows notifications to stay in sight even when the browser is resized 4 different position presets including: top left, bottom left, bottom right, & top right Stackable notifications that allow multiple notifications at one time Easy to use and very customizable Works in all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox) Supports static notifications for messages that you need to stay visible until user interaction occurs Ability to change notification lifetime’s on the fly Only 1 line of code and you can display a notification on your page! Great for CMS’s like Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal Please feel free to let me know



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