9 Design Prestashop Templates & Themes

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  1. Flooring Store PrestaShop Theme

    Flooring Store PrestaShop Theme

    Floors are extremely important for general home appearance and comfort. They should be durable, match the room style, be eco friendly and simple in maintenance. When people choose the flooring surface they can be rather picky. And it's difficult to blame them for that as all house inhabitants will look at the chosen flooring for quite a long period of time. We hope that our template will convince the buyers that your flooring is the best solution, manufactured specifically for their dwelling. Don't you think that it looks professional and trustworthy enough?

  2. Leo Express Decor PrestaShop

    Leo Express Decor PrestaShop

    Details Leo Express Decor is a prestashop responsive theme support multi store. If you are a merchant who is in business for lots of areas, Leo Express Decor is the right choice because you can to manage unlimited number of sub shops from the same back-office.Leo Express Decor is template in this October . The eCommerce responsive Leo Express Decor Template for Halloween celebrated and it is a great choice to sell all goods such as Gi

  3. Interior Furniture Store PrestaShop Theme

    Interior Furniture Store PrestaShop Theme

    Design plus inspiration this is how creative interiors are made. Whether you look for a daring apartment appearance or something classic, online stores can always help you choose whatever you want. To set up the one is not a problem when you use an appealing and functional design like this one as its basis. Its clear structure is perfect for the search of a suitable apartments. The fusion of visually modern edge and userfriendliness offers its viewers a pleasant experience. Get this theme to give your site a modern feeling and increase its sales.

  4. Art & Photo Gallery PrestaShop Theme

    Art & Photo Gallery PrestaShop Theme

    A brilliant solution for an artist, photographer or photography studio willing to sell photos and artworks on a specially designed website with horizontal navigation overlay. Homepage of the template shows many images of different formats that attracts the customers’ attention immediately.

  5. Pos Auriga - Fashion Responsive Prestashop Theme

    Pos Auriga - Fashion Responsive Prestashop Theme

    Auriga is a Responsive Prestashop Theme designed for fashion world, such as cloths, jewelries, accessories and many others fashion types… Megamenu Customer brings a huge support with big database containers, logical arrangement. It comforts customers and help them navigate from any where in the store. Static blocks with beautiful images, css3 effects make this theme become nicer and fresher. Visually, a slideshow with large size image and impressive transitions will make you surprise for its boost sales efficiency. Auriga theme use Bootstrap – an aplication of Twitter. It helps layout of website more logical and cleaner. With 4 available colors : red, blue, green, pink; probably, your website will be congruent with your stor

  6. Tile Stone PrestaShop Theme

    Tile Stone PrestaShop Theme

    If you sell tiles and stone, your web store should possess solid, trustworthy and timetested appearance. You will find all of the just mentioned features in our professionally designed template. Sharp corners, soft color hues, accurate lines, simple geometrical shapes all these features create the desired effect. Banners, placed around the slider make the navigation visual and give customers useful information about special store offers and discounts. Get this serious template and it will help you create a credible company image.

  7. Lighting Interior PrestaShop Theme

    Lighting Interior PrestaShop Theme

    Lighting is very important for home interior. It not only dispels the darkness, but also decorates the interior and makes it extremely cozy. The author of this theme made it in black and white colors, which creates a perfectly clean and accurate layout. Slider features the most beautiful chandeliers and lamps available at the store. Banners help to make the navigation more visual and simple as the result. Some items in the content area are marked with 'On sale' and 'New' stickers, which draw visitors' eye to them. Choose this online store and spur your business to activity.

  8. Visual Content PrestaShop Theme

    Visual Content PrestaShop Theme

    In this template a creative logo warms visitors up as soon as they enter the store. Large, highresolution slider photos speak about the highest quality of online store products. Images in the content area look great against the white background. Flat, square 'Add to cart' buttons look very contemporary. Newsletter subscription form, additional navigation links and contact information can be found in the footer. Choose this stylish store and start selling your visual content worldwide, 247.

  9. Online Grocery Store PrestaShop Theme

    Online Grocery Store PrestaShop Theme

    Featuring pleasant to the eye, mouthwatering green, yellow and orange hues, this theme will be the perfect fit for a food related website. If you are planning to sell grocery on the web, then you shouldn't pass by it. Thanks to the grid based organization of content blocks, the theme looks clean, scannable, and easy to navigate. The product categories menu moved to the left makes it easier for the user to come up with the necessary items in no time. The responsive nature of this product makes it possible to browse your store from both desktop and handheld devices, with confidence that all content will be properly displayed.



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