10 Creative Wallpapers and Backgrounds

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    A creative and unique background or wallpaper can set your website, or design project, apart from others. We often forget that the framework or background for a website or project can really set the tone for our audience. What type of emotion do you want to convey to your audience? How do you want your website, presentation, or project to make them feel? These are all important factors to consider when you're deciding which background to use for your computer, website, blog, paper project, or digital design.

    We've gone through and selected some of the most creative and beautiful wallpapers and backgrounds for a variety of projects. Here, you'll find everything from watercolor backgrounds to retro backgrounds and everything in between. Let us know which is your favorite, and if you end up using one, let us know so we can showcase it here on our blog.

    Watercolor Backgrounds

    Watercolor Gradient BackgroundsPin It

    This pack comes with 30 amazing textured watercolor gradient backgrounds. I love the different items in this set, and what's even better is that they come in both high resolution TIFF and JPG files.

    Colorful Abstract Backgrounds

    cover6-fPin It

    This pack of 8 abstract backgrounds is full of color and fun. Perfect for paper or digital projects!

    Blur Abstract Backgrounds

    preview-fPin It

    This collection of abstract blurred color backgrounds is a lot of fun, and will definitely help your website or blog standout.

    Cosmic Backgrounds

    cosmic_backgrounds_preview1-fPin It

    These cosmic backgrounds are totally out of this world. If you love outer space, science fiction, or just like looking at the stars, these cosmic backgrounds will take your background to a new place.

    Bokeh Backgrounds

    fPin It

    I'm completely obsessed with this set of 21 Bokeh Backgrounds. I find them perfect and colorful.

    Blur Color Backgrounds

    blur-fPin It

    This set of 12 blurred color backgrounds will add a sense of mystery and intrigue to your computer screen or website backdrop. I love the way these colors blend together.

    Deep Space Backgrounds

    01_space-fPin It

    Are you a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, or Firefly? If so, these deep space vector backgrounds and banners are perfect if you need a wallpaper or background for your website or project.

     Backgrounds for Designers and Developers

    cm_image_1-fPin It

    If you're looking for some high quality backgrounds that are more than just gradients, this set of 30 backgrounds was designed with subtle variations in light and color to compliment any interface work you do.

     Pattern Backgrounds

    preview-fPin It

    Are you looking for a set of backgrounds that have light and delicate patterns? This set of 10 background designs features patterns delicate and subtle enough they can be used in presentations, as desktop wallpapers, and on webpages without distracting your audience.

     Retro Backgrounds

    retro-background-set-preview-image2-fPin It

    Sometimes we all need a little bit of retro, and this set of 4 retro backgrounds will add just enough funk to your paper and digital design projects.


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