Designers Reenvision Bathroom Icons as Gender-Neutral

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    Standards in the United States are ever-evolving, and one fierce issue that continues to fuel headlines is the question of transgender bathroom use. Which single-sex bathroom should a transgender person use? While the debate remains fiery, Fast.Co has set some concepts in motion for a world with gender-neutral restrooms. They went to six designers from four different studios and asked them to design their own gender-neutral bathroom icons. Here you can see what they all created:

    So who are these designers? Well, we decided to do some digging to find out.

    Vivi Fing

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    is a designer that works at PS New York, and was born and raised in China. She attended Pratt Institute in NYC, and graduated with honors. She also created three of the drawings in this project, all of which are pictured above.

    Geoff Cook and Min Lew

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    Geoff and Min are partners at Base Design, a firm that has locations in New York, Brussels and Geneva. Geoff was one of the founding partners at the New York location, and has an extensive background in fashion and beauty. Min has an MFA from Yale, and also teaches at the School of Visual Arts.

    Krista Oraa

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    Krista is a Design Director at Siegel+Gale, a brand strategy and design firm based in Los Angeles, but with offices across the world, including New York City, where Krista calls home. She's also married and has one child.

    Sam Becker

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    Sam is an Executive Creative Director at Brand Union New York, who works with branding and identity design. He also runs Sam Becker Design, and is also a writer at Brand New (one of our favorite sites!).

    Jonathan Notaro

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    Jonathan is both a Creative Director and founder of Brand New School, and has worked with major brands including Budweiser, Toyota and Apple. He's also received quite a few accolades, including notes from the Art Directors Club, PromaxBDA, and the Clios


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