6 Art Store ZenCart Themes & Templates

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  1. Art Photography ZenCart Template

    Art Photography ZenCart Template

    It's time to use all benefits of ecommerce. Start selling your images online. Believe us, it's a good place to do that. Our template with a huge and impressive slider will help you launch your online store right away. Beautiful images are almost everywhere on this page. Messages on banners are written over dazzling photos as well. It will be easy for customers to find the items they wish as all of them are carefully categorized in the left sidebar. You see 'Add to cart' button only on hovering the images in the content area. A smart hack, isn't it? It helps to keep the page clean and makes it more dynamic at the same time. Does this design look like the one you imagined? Then, click the 'Buy' button.

  2. Image Stock ZenCart Template

    Image Stock ZenCart Template

    Internet is the right place to sell visual content as it expands your product market to the global scale. The combination of green and white colors is pleasant for the eye and doesn't distract the user from items you offer. Three simple clear payment plans are below the slider, showing large quality examples of your products. Convenient categories division is in the left sidebar.

  3. Quality Images Store ZenCart Template

    Quality Images Store ZenCart Template

    If you decided to sell video content online, here is a good option for your future store look. Navigation and product presentation are worked to minor details. Large, high resolution photos are demonstrated in slider gallery. Smaller ones are arranged in the content area. Categories links supplement main menu. Banners divide store items into three subtypes.

  4. Images for Various Projects ZenCart Template

    Images for Various Projects ZenCart Template

    Your creative quality images will be available for greater number of users via this functional online store. Slider displays larger versions of them. Featured photos in content area have hover effect and are supplied with descriptions, prices and orange call-to-action buttons. Visitors can also use categories search in the right sidebar.

  5. Images & Illustrations ZenCart Template

    Images & Illustrations ZenCart Template

    The oversized slider displaying quality high-resolution images will help you capture customers' attention. The page is supplied with categories search. Items are arranged in three columns. Search form is in the left sidebar.

  6. Image Store ZenCart Template

    Image Store ZenCart Template

    Show your collection of images to the world with our state-of-the-art template. Contrasting colors of design blocks work well for marketing purposes. Images in content area have hover effect. All items are supplied with Details link, price and description. Widgets in the sidebar contain multiple image categories and make the search easier.



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