7 Photography PrestaShop Themes & Templates

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  1. Responsive Photo Bank PrestaShop Theme

    Responsive Photo Bank PrestaShop Theme

    All photos, presented on the home page look really amazing over the white background. Especially impressive are the ones in slider gallery. Large high resolution images have nice visual effect on transition. Red price stickers appear on hovering Featured products. Cart and view buttons are in the bottom of each item. The template is SEO friendly, which is great for your future conversion.

  2. Photo Stock PrestaShop Theme

    Photo Stock PrestaShop Theme

    If you decided to sell visual content online, the best time to start is now as e-Commerce is on the peak of popularity and this tendency is only strengthening. According to designer's idea, visitor's eyes necessarily focus on imagery at this theme, as the product is more important than the environments. Navigation is accessible via main menu and footer links, which include social media ones as well.

  3. Photostock PrestaShop Theme

    Photostock PrestaShop Theme

    This clean artistic theme will facilitate in creating your positive image as a professional. Every detail is thoroughly picked out from fonts to imagery. Categories search is available for customers' convenience. Specials section is illustrated with thumbnails. Geometrical pattern in the background adds creative touch to the layout.

  4. Photo and Video Spot PrestaShop Theme

    Photo and Video Spot PrestaShop Theme

    Just cast a glance at this bright theme best suited for photo video sites. You will not find the standard tabbed navigation menu here. With contrasting white text against multi colored background, the split navigation is easy to locate and offers really cool visuals for each menu option. Rounded buttons create a clean look. When built with this template, your site will be properly displayed across multiple devices, either desktop or handheld. Organizing best sellers and new arrivals in grids and accompanying each offering with vivid price tags and stickers you can make it easier for the users to find the necessary item. Informative footer will guide users to the necessary areas on your site.

  5. Photos Store PrestaShop Theme

    Photos Store PrestaShop Theme

    Attract more visitors with the help of provoking images on the slider, clean style background and plain header. This is a design that would help you make more money, so make sure you use it.

  6. Photo and Video Content PrestaShop Theme

    Photo and Video Content PrestaShop Theme

    Everybody knows that content is the main element of each and every website. Designers put in their best skills to present it the most attractive way. It's quite logical to sell web content online, where the number of your potential customers is absolutely unlimited. Here we provide an affordable, quick, expert solution for your future visual content store. Study all stylish and modern features of this template, and become a silkstocking in the nearest future.

  7. Photo and Video PrestaShop Theme

    Photo and Video PrestaShop Theme

    When you are a photographer, you see the world not like other people. You see it through the lens of your camera. If you want to share your creative shots with the community and earn some money at the same time, consider using this template. It will feature all your works the best way. The theme has everything for your online promotion. Beautiful slider, high resolution photos, breathtaking banners and extremely user friendly navigation will make you well off very soon. The information about website owner can be placed above the footer. This way the customers will view the examples of your work and get to know more about your personality. Do the enumerated characteristics meet your requirements? Then, don't wait, click the 'Buy' button.



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