MEGA animation & photo bundle
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MEGA animation & photo bundle MEGA animation & photo bundle MEGA animation & photo bundle MEGA animation & photo bundle MEGA animation & photo bundle MEGA animation & photo bundle MEGA animation & photo bundle MEGA animation & photo bundle MEGA animation & photo bundle MEGA animation & photo bundle

*Hello!* Let me introduce a new incredible and huge bundle **"Mega animation and stock photo bundle!"** In this *unique* bundle are collected **9** amazing cinemagraphs and high-resolutions photo collections.This huge bundle contains **150 animations (cinemagraphs)**, **473 high-resolutions photos** (~5000x7000px), **63 mockups**. This is ideal for your business, branding and social media. If you want to save 250$ Get this deal now! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **BUNDLES INCLUDED:** **Animation & photo bundle. 01** https://creativemarket.com/unamatison/2427251-Animation-photo-bundle.-01 **Animation & photo bundle. 02** https://creativemarket.com/unamatison/2479021-Animation-photo-bundle.-02 **Animation & photo bundle. 03** https://creativemarket.com/unamatison/2663465-Animation-photo-bundle.-03 **Animation & photo bundle. 04** https://creativemarket.com/unamatison/2728688-Animation-photo-bundle.-04 **ANIMATED Instagram Photos+FREE FILE** https://creativemarket.com/unamatison/1982926-ANIMATED-Instagram-PhotosFREE-FILE **ANIMATED Instagram photos "Feminine"** https://creativemarket.com/unamatison/2184496-ANIMATED-Instagram-photos-Feminine **The secret garden.Photo bundle+bonus** https://creativemarket.com/unamatison/2238438-The-secret-garden.Photo-bundlebonus **Animated Instagram Story bundle** https://creativemarket.com/unamatison/2349277-Animated-Instagram-Story-bundle **ANIMATED Winter Instagram Photos** https://creativemarket.com/unamatison/2087664-ANIMATED-Winter-Instagram-Photos --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Links to tutorials:** **HOW TO ADD YOUR TEXT ON CINEMAGRAPH:** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0p1l6RKHKk **HOW TO INSERT DESIGN IN THE MOCKUP** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_786UIAAwRc&t=14s **HOW TO PUT YOUR DESIGN INTO SMART OBJECT IN CINEMAGRAPH:** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RATueggup74 **HOW TO PUT VIDEO IN MOCKUP WITH SMART OBJECT** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-BrS_wsBAE&t=15s --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Please note** Your photos and cinemagraphs will not contain a watermark and text. After purchase you will receive a pdf-file with a link for downloading from the dropbox. Downloading may take a while since the files take up 12 GB. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Returns & exchanges** Since it is a digital commodity so unfortunately it can not be exchanged or returned. If you not sure whether this product will fit you please contact me before purchase. Also if you have problems with product after your purchase contact me immediately. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy and subscribe to my store to be aware of the latest updates and new products in my store! Una :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- keywords: collection,cheap bundle,animation bundle,cinemagraph bundle, bundle,mega bundle,huge bundle,lifestyle bundle,instagram bundle,mockup,mockup bundle,cinemagraph,fashion, cinemagraph bundle,frame mockup,background ,stock photo bundle, blush photos, photo bundle, animated, instagram, social media templates ,blogger ,female, creative, girlboss ,pretty instagram, branding mockup,blog,beauty, modern feminine ,lifestyle ,instagram templates, animated instagram ,template ,animation ,stylish, photoshop ,instagram blogger, influencer bundle ,unamatison, spring ,summer, winter,autumn,spring photos, summer photos,winter photos, photos for instagram, instagram bundle, instagram photo bundle ,animated instagram ,photos, motion, styled stock photography, mockup images ,styled stock photo bundle, mockups, styled stock bundles ,product mockup, flatlay photo ,flat lay, feminine styled stock, feminine stock images ,styled images, stock photos, stock photography ,social media photos, pretty images, social media images ,female branding, feminine photos ,feminine branding ,bosslady ,lady boss,branding stock photos ,branding images ,branding photos ,women in business, feminine images ,cs6, flower ,flowers, coffee ,woman ,office ,business ,desk,beach,sea,home ,leaves ,floral, lifestyle photos ,lifestyle stock photos ,entrepreneur, cinemagraphs,video


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