5 Best .NET Code for February 2020

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  1. Virtual File Download and Counter

    Virtual File Download and Counter

    ASP.net virtual file download with Counter tool can be used to download files in programmatic way. We can not provide direct link to various extensions like- .txt, .pdf, .htm, .xml, etc. Because these files are supported by many browsers and are shown in browser directly. But if we want our website to make these file available for download then we have to choose programmatic way. Also, when we set direct link to any download file, we are not able to count how many times file is downloaded. You may use this tool(asp.net page) to solve both the purposes. This tool provides you to download browser supported files and also maintains count of the downloaded files which you can emphasize on website to show the popularity of a file to a

  2. Dynamic Email Form from Xml File

    Dynamic Email Form from Xml File

    Generate Dynamic Email Form from Xml file. Submit Form to your email. Submit Form with Network Credential. Change all Css Class.

  3. URL Short Generator

    URL Short Generator

    The URLShortGenerator is a .NET component for .NET that allows to developers using existing URL short services in their applications. Principal features: It is compatible with .NET Framework 2.0, 3.x (4.0 has not been tested yet) URL short services include by default: Bit.ly, J.mp, tinyURL, To.ly, Is.gd Include support for Bit.ly and J.mp login&APIkey parameters in web.config Include source code so you can add custom services to the component It is compatible with C# and VB projects

  4. Sitemap Generator

    Sitemap Generator

    The SitemapGenerator is a .NET component for ASP.NET that allows to developers adding urls to a sitemap their sites, including location, last modification, change frequency and priority. Principal features: Compatible with major search providers (Bing, Google, Yahoo, among others) Sitemap created according Sitemap standard (sitemap.org) Include sitemap.xml template file so you do not need to create base structure Include source code so you can add custom elements It is compatible with C# and VB projects (include demo apps for both)

  5. ImageHandler


    ImageHandler is .NET library that allows you to manipulate images on the fly. And it’s all WPF techonology!. Features (v. 2.0): Scaling Cropping GrayScale Horizontal / Vertical flipping 90 degrees steps rotation Watermarks Round corners Encryption system to hide the original image Caching Save modified images (with the core project) So, with this component, you can resize images to make thumbnails without manual generation of miniature files. You can add your own logo upon images and encrypt your urls with a simmetric alghorytm to make unachievable your original images, convert images to grayscale, flip them, rotate them, combine all these effects, and more… The package contains: A core C# .NET 3.5 project that allows you to manipula



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