A-Holes: The Pun That Inspired a Clever Typography Book

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    Do you know a real a-hole? We all do, I'm sure of it, but if you're a font addict, you may have a different perspective on what exactly constitutes an a-hole. Yes, that's right, we're not referring to the NSFW reference to that one part of your anatomy, but instead, the hole located in the middle of an A — the a-hole.

    Curtis Canham of CSA Creative Studio has a mild obsession with the a-hole, and as such, came up with the idea to write a book about the concept. He then took that to Kickstarter, got funded, and now that book is going to become a reality. And for those of us who love the little details in fonts, it seems like something right up our alley. It's going to explore all types of a-holes in a fun coffee table format, and to promote the project (and keep us up to date), he's started an Instagram page called — appropriately enough — Yay for A-Holes. I'm not sure if we could've put it any better than that.


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