Forget Roses: Unique Valentine's Day Bouquets for the Creatives In ...

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    Lovers and friends have been gifting roses for ages. We get it: they're beautiful, thoughtful and ... well, safe. However, if there's something us creative types run away from is "safe". Instead, we love gifts that provoke surprise, intrigue and inspiration. Go ahead, blow us away with something we weren't expecting. Knowing that Valentine's Day is right around the corner, we decided to search for the coolest alternative bouquets available. Some are DIY and others are ready to purchase and send. Enjoy!

    Unicorn bouquet

    Valentines_Day_Bouquets-12Pin It
    via Thinkgeek

    So succulent

    Valentines_Day_Bouquets-17Pin It
    via Succulently Urban

    The force is strong with this one

    Valentines_Day_Bouquets-13Pin It
    via ThinkGeek

    No such thing as too many pens

    Valentines_Day_Bouquets-7Pin It
    via Jetpens

    Balloons galore

    Valentines_Day_Bouquets-5Pin It
    via BalloonsIT

    Will love for jelly beans

    Valentines_Day_Bouquets-1Pin It
    via Crafty Sisters

    Donuts. Enough said.

    Valentines_Day_Bouquets-19Pin It
    via Celebrate Woman Today

    All the Emoji feels

    Valentines_Day_Bouquets-8Pin It
    via Cookies by Design

    For kids age 4-99

    via MOCPages

    For bacon lovers

    Valentines_Day_Bouquets-10Pin It
    via Bite, Eat, Swallow

    The ultimate bro-quet

    u deserve tiger bro-quetPin It
    via Behance

    Two words: Perler Beads

    Valentines_Day_Bouquets-6Pin It
    via Pinterest. Find the Perler Beads kit here.

    3D-printed roses

    OK I know we said "forget roses", but these are 3D — they belong here.

    Valentines_Day_Bouquets-3Pin It
    via Brit & Co.

    Feeling fancy?

    Valentines_Day_Bouquets-18Pin It
    via Houzz

    Try something different this year!

    Surprise your significant other with a gift that he/she will never forget. Once you decide, don't forget to add a sweet card that they can keep long after the bouquet has expired. We have some creative suggestions:


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