8+ Maintenance Services PrestaShop Themes & Templates

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  1. Fresh Air PrestaShop Theme

    Fresh Air PrestaShop Theme

    This clean template was created for air conditioning stores. It comes in two colors - blue and red. Company logo is very simple, yet elegant. Main menu of the Air Conditioning PrestaShop Theme is supplied with tooltips. Slider images show the most technologically advanced air conditioning solutions. Banners announce the best deals available at the moment. Products section has tabbed navigation. Each item is supplied with star rating. 'Add to cart' buttons are big and touch friendly. Latest articles from company blog are also featured on the home page.

  2. Tools Market PrestaShop Theme

    Tools Market PrestaShop Theme

    Tools PrestaShop Template is a fully responsive design based on Bootstrap, which is fully customizable for all kinds of stores on various devices. Clean and minimalist layout is intended to draw customers' attention to products. Theme color switcher was added to make it easier to apply all necessary changes to the layout, theme color and fonts. Products were supplied with the quick view option. Additionally, cloud zoom feature lets users lake a closer look at each item that you sell. The main page allows to filter products by Popular, New arrivals, Best Sellers, and Specials with just one click.

  3. Home Family Services PrestaShop Theme

    Home Family Services PrestaShop Theme

    As a rule, people are inclined to keeping their houses clean, tidy and comfortable. But not all of them have special skills or time for that. That's why they search for professionals that will do the job instead of them. The best place to find such companies is www, so if you work in the sphere of home and family services, you'd better launch your website. Otherwise, how the customers will get to know about you? Here we have a ready made design for the company rendering home and family services. It looks clean, fresh and eye candy, so we believe that you'll have no problems with the clients. The most difficult thing to do is taking the first step. Make it now and maybe tomorrow you'll wake up a well off businessman.

  4. Packing Products PrestaShop Theme

    Packing Products PrestaShop Theme

    If you sell packing materials and want to make your business bright and cheerful on the web, choose this template. The red and black color combination emphasizes what's really important. A tabbed navigation in the content area lets you feature an incredible number of items keeping the home page clean and uncluttered. A slider also showcases company products quite appealingly. There are three content blocks above the footer. You can use them as you like. The footer is absolutely black, so white and red text is perfectly legible on it.

  5. Building Supplies PrestaShop Theme

    Building Supplies PrestaShop Theme

    Cozy rooms are a dream of any house owner, but making a comfortable place to live requires a lot of building supplies. To make a reasonable purchase of these items, manufacturers have to assure customers that their offerings can help them renovate their homes beyond recognition. With this in mind, the template demonstrated here has been designed. First and foremost, it'll come in handy to uplift spirits of website visitors for a new purchase due to red elements of its palette. People will also get an impression that the promoted materials won't only create a cozy atmosphere in their buildings, but will also add modern elements to them. This template will leave people excited to make their house as strong as a castle and as contemporary as tomorrow.

  6. Cool Breeze PrestaShop Theme

    Cool Breeze PrestaShop Theme

    Clean, fresh air is extremely important for our health. Air conditioners save us from heat, dust and exhaust and our pure, airy template conveys this spirit of cleanliness and healthy lifestyle. The combination of white and green colors is easy for visitors' eyes. Slider images are very appealing. Site navigation is enhanced by the illustrated sidebar. All product photos have descriptions at the bottom. If a great online user experience is important to you, buy this template and start with the best one.

  7. Conditioning PrestaShop Theme

    Conditioning PrestaShop Theme

    New design experiments always attract the users. Color solution of this template is far from being common. Flat elements together with vibrant colors are a real feast for the eyes. Slider and banners have no images in their design, only pure, legible text. This trick makes the message clear to the visitors and doesn't distract them from Featured products in the content area.

  8. Air Conditioning Store PrestaShop Theme

    Air Conditioning Store PrestaShop Theme

    White and blue colors of this template make cooling effect on the user. Slider gallery demonstrates the best available air conditioner models. Banners, advertizing store discounts, zoom in on hovering. Featured products are supplied with descriptions and two call-to-action buttons. The icon based one have nice roll over effect. Main menu and cart have drop down options.

  9. Home & Family Services PrestaShop Theme

    Home & Family Services PrestaShop Theme

    This home and family PrestaShop theme can make the shopping experience enjoyable on your site, regardless of the device used. Sidebar categorization provides quicker navigation through pages with different kinds of merchandise. By means of a social login option, you can facilitate the procedure of customers' authorization on your site. To connect with you instantly, they can use an online chat. In terms of visual aesthetics, the theme is spiced up with orange and green accents. A built-in switcher allows you to swap these colors for those matching your brand identity. Many UI elements have shades, which can add a sense of depth to your website interface.



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