Quiz: What Should Be Your 2016 Design Resolution?

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    What should be your New Year's design resolution?

    As 2016 begins, which new design direction will you be ready to head in?

    To do more design!

    We know you've been saying it over and over again, but this is the year you're actually going to start creating more! It doesn't matter what, but only that you do. So, what are you waiting for? Dust off your supplies and get to work!

    To not be afraid of "fun" handwritten fonts!

    We know what you're thinking, but no, we're not encouraging you to use comic or gil sans. However, this IS the year to break out of your ordinary typeface habits. Try to incorporate something a little funkier into your designs and see where it goes. We all love tradition, but even the best designers need to spice up their work now and then!

    To trust your inner voice and stop second guessing yourself!

    You had it right the first time. Well, ok, maybe the second but the point is YOU had it! You're incredibly talented and passionate about your work, but sometimes you let the opinion's of others have too much an impact on your work. Accept constructive criticism but stick to your guns because that's what we all want to see!

    To do what you want to do and not what everyone else is doing!

    Break free of the trends and the fads! You're an tremendously creative person who doesn't need to follow the leader. That's because you are the leader! So go ahead and think outside of the box, heck, why not throw the box out. You're a trailblazer!

    To only work on projects you believe in!

    While we certainly respect doing something because it makes sense, sometimes we take on too many safe jobs. You're a wonderful designer who people love to work with, in part because you may have a hard time saying no. You're generosity and kindness are great virtues but don't let that get in the way of doing what you want to do. Put your foot down and love what you do!

    What's your workspace look like?



    A mix of both

    Do you care what others think of your work?



    It depends on the person

    Are you currently involved in any projects you don't like?

    Unfortunately, yes

    No, I only take projects that I want to work on

    There is something I don't love but it's OK

    You work better with ______

    a strict deadline

    a firm, but flexible deadline

    no deadline

    it depends

    Pick a color:







    Can you work around others or do you need to be alone?

    I can work with people around

    I need to be completely alone

    It depends on the project

    Finally, pick a font:







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