Office Insta Pack [Green Edition]
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Office Insta Pack [Green Edition] Office Insta Pack [Green Edition]

The Office Insta Pack - Green Edition is a collection of templates based on office and business style images with green elements. This set features 25 photo based templates with borders and text overlays. This set also includes 19 additional templates in corrindated colors. **That's 44 total templates, ready for your insta updates, promos, and quotes!** All our templates are high-resolution square images, perfectly sized for your posts on Instagram, and can be used for Facebook, Pinterest, and more. **Photoshop NOT required** These images are high resolution JPGs and are ready for use with any editing program, from advanced editors like Photoshop, to basic paint programs, and online based programs like Canva. These are flat images, and do not contain text, vectors, or any move-able elements. --- The Pixel Perfect Library was created for the busy and inspirational entrepreneur. Yeah, the web is full of designs, images, tools and all kinds of media outlets you can use to promote your business. I took all of that, added my graphic designer experience, and created sets of color coordinated backgrounds and templates to save you your most precious resource - *time.*


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