22 Best CSS Templates & Code for April 2019
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  1. Griddler Pricing Grid I

    Griddler Pricing Grid I

    SaaS (Software as a Service) style HTML5/CSS3 pricing grid that degrades well for unsupported browsers. “Best Value” indicator corner banner. Can highlight an individual column to be zoomed on page load. Includes PSD so you can change elements for your own custom look. Feature Highlight bubble. See the video here: http://screenr.com/SoK Update: August 16, 2010: Updated documentation. August 11, 2010: Refactored naming conventions in code to work better as an add-in to any host site.

  2. Fresh Buttons

    Fresh Buttons

    Fresh Buttons – CSS3 only, no images were used Please see/click “Images” above for High-Quality screenshots, Video Preview lowers down the screen quality. Precisely designed and coded Fresh Buttons. Great for any kind of website, very practical. Also perfect for learning—I’ve made lots of cross-browser research before I’ve done these, you won’t find better tutorial with such an amazing design than personally going through my code. If you are a fan of our stuff, you will love these, enjoy! Our Popular WordPress Themes Our Premium CSS3 Collection

  3. Griddler Pricing Grid II

    Griddler Pricing Grid II

    SaaS (Software as a Service) style HTML5/CSS3 pricing grid that degrades well for unsupported browsers. —”Best Value” indicator corner banner. —Can highlight an individual column to be zoomed on page load. —Includes PSD so you can change elements for your own custom look. —Feature Highlight bubble. See video preview here: http://screenr.com/mJK Update: August 16, 2010: Updated documentation. August 11, 2010: Refactored naming conventions in code to work better as an add-in to any host site.

  4. CSS3 Drop Down Menu

    CSS3 Drop Down Menu

    CSS3 Drop Down Menu is a elegant drop down menu system created with CSS3 markup. Stylings degrade gracefully for browser that do not support CSS3. Supports up to 2 levels of drop down menus. Features 10 color options: Light Grey Dark Grey Black Green Orange Pink Purple Red Blue Brown

  5. CSS Progress Bubbles

    CSS Progress Bubbles

    Make the Progress bubbles you see in online stores when your checking out or when your setting your new account up on your site. This CSS will make it fast and easy to set these up! Not to mention they are skin-able. Features Skins Easy to use Works in most browsers CSS3 with fallback Included With Purchase 2 Example HTML files Full documentation

  6. CSS3 Gallery

    CSS3 Gallery

    Features – CSS3 Gallery Purely on CSS, No Images Its a different idea of web gallery in which your images shows in the screen of a computer LCD. LCD is also drawn using pure CSS3 . Yes, it is really done using CSS3 no images here as well. There are 2 versions of gallery small + large. It works perfect in Mozilla + Chrome + Safari + Opera Ready to Test? Test it now! Follow Me

  7. 100 CSS3 Pagination Styles

    100 CSS3 Pagination Styles

    Latest Version: First release 100 CSS3 Pagination Styles is the ultimate pack of 100 predefined CSS3 styles for pagination. PSD source file is included in the package. Features Pure CSS3, 100 Predefined Styles, Including Hover States, Easy Implementation, Highly Customizable, PSD Source File Included, Cross Browser Compatible. Please note that IE doesn’t support some CSS3 attributes. This Item is Supported Support is conducted through our Support Forum. We’re in GMT +1 and we aim to answer all questions within 24 hours in weekdays. In some cases the waiting time can be extended to 48 hours. Support requests sent during weekends or public holidays will be processed on next Monday or the next business day. We Are Trusted by 100,000+ C

  8. Smart Buttons Pack

    Smart Buttons Pack

    Smart Buttons Pack is a premium CSS3 buttons pack. Features Pure CSS, no images 4 sizes 8 colors and a transparent style Easily customizable Fully supported by: Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 4+, Safari 4+

  9. CSS3 Shadow Pack

    CSS3 Shadow Pack

    The regular CSS3 box-shadow property is quite restrictive in the type of shadows that you can produce. So whenever we need to include any fancy shadows in our projects, it is Photoshop to the rescue ! But now with this CSS3 Shadow Pack you can say goodbye to Photoshop. As the title says these shadows are done entirely using CSS, and no images at all have been used. The process of applying a shadow to a container is as easy as applying a few class names to that container. In this pack you get 11 popular and attractive shadow styles. Also each shadow style has 3 shadow projection lengths and 3 shadow intensity variations, thus providing you with 99 variations in total! Changelog Version 2.0.2 (19 August, 2012) • Updated the css to mak

  10. CSS3 Toggle Buttons and Tolltip

    CSS3 Toggle Buttons and Tolltip

    Pure CSS3 buttons (except silver button). You can easly change the CSS style to create different buttons adapted to what you need. If you want, you can use “background-image” propertie for your projects like the third example. These buttons also contain a tooltip system (also easily customisable) that supports formated text, images, videos and other HTML projects. Atention:Please remember that old browsers don’t support CSS3 attributes. Update Jul 2011 This file is now fully compatible with all major recent browsers, including Firefox and Opera. Safari: Full compatible Chrome: Full compatible Firefox: Full compatible Internet Explorer: Full compatible Opera: Full compatible

  11. Elitepack Classic CSS3 Pricing Tables and Boxes

    Elitepack Classic CSS3 Pricing Tables and Boxes

    Elitepack CSS3 Pricing Tables and boxes are a collection of pure CSS3 Pricing web elements that are uniquely designed to showcase pricing features for your products or services. check out the HD video here. Documentation HERE The Elitepack Pricing Tables have a pretty clean and minimalistic design with smooth shadows and hover effects. These pricing tables can be used in any business website template or any other web project you are working on. Elitepack Pricing tables come bundled with 4 variation designs: Tabled Layout Tabled layout with detail section Pricing boxes Animated product boxes Elitepack pricing tables utilizes abstract classes meaning you can create you own colors by playing around with gradients, choosing the

  12. Pricing Tables for Websites (fully CSS based)

    Pricing Tables for Websites (fully CSS based)

    Features: CrossBrowser Support (FF3+, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE7+) Valid code by w3c CSS2/CSS3 Usage No Background Images! No JavaScript plugins! Easy to Customize Flexible Layouts Coloured & Gray variations Any resolution from 600px

  13. 96 Pure CSS Pricing Tables

    96 Pure CSS Pricing Tables

    Features: 96 Pure CSS Pricing/Hosting Tables Scale Effect CSS ToolTips CrossBrowser Support (FF3+, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE7+) Valid code by w3c CSS2/CSS3 Usage No Images! No JavaScript! Easy to Customize Flexible Layouts (2, 3, 4, 5 columns) 24 Color Variations

  14. CSS3 Image Hover Effects Vol.2

    CSS3 Image Hover Effects Vol.2

    After the success of my CSS3 Image Hover Effects, this new set of more advanced 14 effects contains a full range of awesome stuff to showcase your work in a modern and different way. Each effect comes with variants and in a separate HTML file and the documentation file will help you to integrate them on your website. Effects Included Image Zooms Image Flips Fading & Sliding Effects Content Overlays Panels with icons More advanced Shadows Custom Shapes Image Reflections Image Labels Hover Lightbox (Enlarging images) Shining Effect 3D Effects Compatible Browsers Please see the last screenshot for a detailed table showing the compatibility of each effect. Due to the nature of this item, the various browsers available m

  15. CSS3 Hover Pack

    CSS3 Hover Pack

    This CSS3 Hover pack contains more than 20 examples of Hover Effects. Few single effects and more combinations to boost creativity. All effects simulate flash and javascript with pure CSS3. Each effect on each css and html files. Features: 20+ Hover Effects CSS3 Animation CSS3 Transform CSS3 Captions Blur, Shadows, Borders, Zoom, Rotation, Tint, Fade, Flips, Slides Documented and commented Full Support for Modern and latest browsers and partial/full support for older browsers Video Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJUCk5PyzdY

  16. CSS Photo Gallery Menu

    CSS Photo Gallery Menu

    A simple Photo Gallery menu made using only css. There is no javascript or jquery. There are no click, the operation of the entire structure is made with the hover effect. it is possible to use horizontal and vertical photos. You can change the color and structure of the gallery in very simple way. HTML & CSS validated.

  17. CSS3 Drop Menu with Ribbon Effect

    CSS3 Drop Menu with Ribbon Effect

    SEE THE VIDEO PREVIEW ON SCREENR This CSS3 Drop Down Menu comes with ribbon effect, small mega menu and other lots more features. With this menu you can make as many column as you want and it also support deep level tiers. It also has contact form and expandable search box with beautiful transitions effect. Now let us take a look at all its features: Ribbon Effect Stick on Scroll Support Deep tiers Contact Form Works in all major browser (IE7+, opera, chrome, safari, FF3+) Expandable Search box Small Mega Menu Transition effect Social icons menu Easy Documentation Credits Images by OlafErnst.com Overlock Font by Google Webfonts Social icons by Creative Nerds

  18. Multi-step Indicator

    Multi-step Indicator

    This Multi-step Indicator is an implementation of the Steps Left design pattern, also known as “Progress Indicator”, “Multi-step Progress Bar”, “Wizard Steps” and “Progress Train”. From version 4.0 onwards, it is based on “Flexbox”, which rules out Internet Explorers older than 10. If you need to support “old IE” you must import the latest AND previous “modern” CSS files with conditional comments, or just use one of the included “legacy” versions. The Multi-step Indicator now gracefully handles more than five steps, and a couple of extra classes can also be used to better handle edge cases. No JavaScript is used! Lastly, a “wizard” is included, that can be used to interactively choose the colors that you like and have the Sass variables or

  19. Colorful Pricing Tables - Animated

    Colorful Pricing Tables - Animated

    This is an Colorful Pricing Table with animated hover effects and expandable extra-informations for every row in the table. Features Smooth hover animations Expandable extra informations for every row Easy to customize – change colors and content to your own wishes Color examples included

  20. Classic shape button with CSS3 background

    Classic shape button with CSS3 background

    YPX Buttons Big, legible, modern web font 20 colors, 3 background types for each color 90 scalable icons – no images required CSS3 shadows and backgrounds Displayed as a button or link Easy to use Version 2.0 of YPX Buttons is available. Changelog: Buttons are grouped by colors – now it is much easier to choose right button for your website Number of colors increased to 20 Three types of background for each color (except white) One font size Better proportions Styles for each color stored in separate files

  21. Retro CSS3 Pricing Tables

    Retro CSS3 Pricing Tables

    Retro CSS3 Pricing Tables are a user-friendly, flexible and easy to integrate solution to build your custom pricing tables. They were build with pure CSS3,this means that no images have been used apart from table background texture. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this item. I hope you enjoy it. If you like this item, please spare a minute to rate it. Features Fully Customizable Responsive Layout Pure CSS3 12 Colors Ribbons Tooltips Compatible Browsers Some features on IE8+ will not work! IE 8+ Firefox 3+ Safari 4+ Chrome 4+ Opera 10+ Version Ver. 1.0 – Initial Release

  22. Multicolor :: Pure CSS Pricing Table Pack

    Multicolor :: Pure CSS Pricing Table Pack

    Multicolor is a set of table designs created to fit every website. The package contains a number of differently styled pricing tables. Each of them comes in a set of predefined color schemes, but as it is created with Pure CSS you can easily customize it to fit your website color scheme. Main Features 6 different designs 16 predefined color schemes Pure CSS+HTML (no images, JavaScript or jQuery) Can be easly styled to any color you need Unlimited number of columns Degrades Gracefully Good compatibility (IE 8+



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