A Collection of Bold Egyptian Fonts with Unique Slab Serifs

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  1. Cowboy Rodeo™

    Cowboy Rodeo™

    Cowboy Rodeo is based on an old Slab Serif font from the late 1800s

  2. Peckham


    Peckham, designed by Daniel Hernández, is a contemporary and versatile slab serif of 8 weights (and matching italics)—ranging from an elegant Thin to a heavy Black—with strong serifs that give it a playful look while preserving the overall geometric structure of the font. Peckham comes with the standard Latinotype set of 395 glyphs resulting in a language support for 94% of the languages using the Latin alphabet. The font also includes stylistic alternates (A, R, Y, a) which provides extra versatility. The name of the font reminds us of the city that witnessed the birth of Vincent Figgins (1766). Figgins became known as the type designer who first included slab serif fonts in a commercial catalog. Peckham pays homage to classic typefaces yet looks very contemporary. Digital editing and corrections by Alfonso García.

  3. Ultra Pro

    Ultra Pro

    **A Classic & Contemporary Uberbold.** Ultra Pro is an ultra bold slab typeface with nods to wood type styles like Clarendon and Egyptian. Its powerful and dramatic letterforms are both serious in form but friendly in appearance yet it is still easily legible. Perfect for power headlines and titling for impact, the SmallCaps and extensive figure sets only work to further expand the usefulness of the typeface across a wider gamut of design options. *See the 5th graphic for a comprehensive character map preview.* **Ultra Pro Opentype features include:** - **SmallCaps**. - Full set of Inferiors and Superiors for **Limitless Fractions**. - **Tabular, Proportional, and Oldstyle** figure sets (along with SmallCaps versions of the figures). - **Stylistic Alternates** for Caps to SmallCaps conversion.

  4. Revers


    Revers is a rough, grunge slab serif based on newspaper headlines from the 1950s. Language support includes Western, Central and Eastern European character sets, as well as Baltic and Turkish languages.

  5. Artegra Slab

    Artegra Slab

    Artegra Slab is the latest addition to the Artegra superfamily. It contains 54 fonts with over 1000 glyphs per font in condensed, normal and extended widths. With Cyrillic and Greek sets it supports more than a hundred languages. It’s based on the perfectionist geometric shapes of Artegra Sans, which makes it beautiful to look at and easy to read. Opentype features: Small Caps, Ligatures, Unlimited Fractions, Ordinals, Superscripts & Subscripts, Language Localizations for Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Moldovan and so on.

  6. Achille FY Black

    Achille FY Black

    Achille FY Black The entire family is NOT INCLUDED in the purchase. This Slab serif typeface is characterized by its curved & angular serifs which give it a special character. Not too rigid, no too round, its well balanced shapes make itself both legible in small size and powerful in big for headlines, with its robust structure. Designed by Gregori Vincens - Gia Tran - Alisa Nowak - Bertrand Reguron - Valentine Proust **Typeface creation award - Club des Directeurs Artistiques 2012**

  7. Eponymous - 10 Slab Serif Font Pack

    Eponymous - 10 Slab Serif Font Pack

    *Exclusive Creative Market price* – save $50 (full family price is $129 when purchased elsewhere). --- *Eponymous* is an Egyptian-style typeface with chunky, scalloped serifs. It is available in five weights in both roman and italic. Make use of the Open Type features that are part of *Eponymous*. For a start, you can implement some stylistic alternates, so, if the main characters don’t quite suit your concept, try activating Stylistic Set 1. There’s also a full set of small caps included. You can mix and match these characters with regular lowercase to create some interesting unicase typography. Of course, all characters have complementing diacritics, enabling multi-language support. **Key features:** - 5 weights in roman and italic: - Light | Regular | Medium | Bold | Black - Full set of small caps with diacritics and figures - 30+ alternate characters - Full European character set - 600 glyphs per font --- *Vinyl records image credits:* UK Photos - Europa Photos at Creative Market https://creativemarket.com/UKPhotos-EuropaFotos

  8. CA Cape Rock

    CA Cape Rock

    Cape Rock is foremost an impressive display font. Created with a fat Clarendon in mind, its bold and distinctive forms add spice and personality to every design requiring a strong display aesthetic. A large number of ligatures and custom ending characters are included in this OpenType font and can be accessed automatically or manually in most modern design applications. Designed by Stefan Claudius + Thomas Schostok Full PDF specimen: http://goo.gl/Q9Ekd

  9. Newslab Family

    Newslab Family

    Newslab is a slab serif font – designed by Daniel Hernández –which is the result of the combination of three different typefaces: Andes, Sánchez and Roble. Harmony among every feature of the typefaces makes Newslab a neutral but imposing font. The Newslab font family consists of 16 variants and 8 weights, with italics. Well-suited for editorial projects, logotypes, posters, etc. Regular and italic variants are available for free.

  10. Sánchez Niu

    Sánchez Niu

    Sánchez Niu is a redesign of Sánchez—one of the first font families by Latinotype designed in 2011. This new version includes improvements that make it work well with longer text. Such improvements have not had a major effect on the look of the font, though. We have adjusted the original proportions and added a number of new characters as well as OpenType features such as small caps, oldstyle figures, tabular numbers and stylistic alternates. Sánchez Niu contains a set of 720 characters that support 219 languages. The font is well-suited for long text, headlines and logotypes, and it has been optimised for web usage. Sánchez Niu comes with two free fonts—Regular and Regular Italic! Corrections, digital editing and review by César Araya, Rodrigo Fuenzalida and Alfonso García.



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