Weekend Cache: 12/28/12

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    Howdy folks! This week we bring you the art of writing properly (17th century style), an oral history of the best TV show that's ever been, a new look at a 150 year old style of photography, and much more. For your holiday weekend reading pleasure, here's a collection of interesting links, videos, and other things you should probably click.

    Interesting things

    The Year's Best Ideas in UI Design - fastcodesign.com
    Creating a Great Place to Work - maxlynch.com
    Animated GIFs by Richard Perez - skinnyships.tumblr.com
    The Web We Lost - dashes.com
    True Innovation - nytimes.com
    "The Best TV Show That's Ever Been" - gq.com

    Moving things

    Cool looking things

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    The Proper Art of Writing (1655)

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    The Last Spike by Eric Nyffeler - The Momentus Project

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    SpiderMin by Mario L. Giordano (Happy 90th Birthday Stan Lee!)

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    Tard and Pokey by Erin Hunting

    Awesome marketplace things

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    Have a great weekend and a Happy New Year!


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