5 New Fonts and What They Say About Your Website

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    It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of typefaces with regards to how a website, logo or company is perceived. Fonts are essential pieces of information that communicate to readers the style, philosophy and personality of a business. Anyone in the design world is quick to point out the immediate irritation that Comic Sans creates, or how the clean and crisp appearance of Helvetica makes it popular with newspapers and magazines. There are millions of typefaces available, and choosing one that suits your application is paramount. Here are five new options that may spark inspiration in your web development process.


    Fancy, curvaceous and playful, the Alek font has a lot going for it. Many decorative fonts are overly ornamental and difficult to read, but Alek manages to be both fancy and practical. The elegant design complements stylistic websites, but it should only be used to enhance titles, headers, sub-headers or special features, as opposed to making up a bulk portion of text.

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    With an antique appearance that’s bold and aggressive, the Gin typeface offers a lot of personality in a clean design. The letters are written in capitals alone, making a striking statement that befits logos and home pages, and it can appeal to lovers of flat design, due to the vintage look. Gin also begs for equally fearless color choices. Think black and white, red and yellow, and navy and gold.

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    Modern, clean and readable is the look most websites want these days. Fortunately, the appealing geometric curves of Nanami are the perfect option when you need a font that works as well for large sections of text as it does headers or logos. Though it’s simple, the Nanami font is not bereft of personality. Plus, the readability is unmatched by anything more decorative.

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    Looking for a stylized, aged typeface that stirs up images of comic books, antique signs and zombie movies? Appareo has a gritty, distressed appearance that is ideal for any of these applications, and it helpfully comes with graphic elements that make this design trend all the more functional for a website, application or product.

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    One more modern option that’s perfect for all those typeface posters with inspirational messages: Transat. It’s a little bit old-fashioned and a little bit modern, giving readers a confident and trustworthy impression regardless of the content. Transat looks fantastic on responsive web pages, so whether your readers are using a laptop, iPad or smartphone, they’re all equally engaged.

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    The font is the first introduction to your style that readers and clients see. No matter how great the content or products, they will first be judged by the clarity, personality and interest your typeface creates. Choose wisely!


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