20 Essential Typography Terms for Non-Designers

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  1. Poppit & Finch Fonts & Illustrations

    Poppit & Finch Fonts & Illustrations

    🎄🎄**NEW! Christmas Extension Pack Included!** ** Over 120 new Christmassy Illustrations added :) ** ---- Having just moved to the beautiful Cornish countryside, surrounded by green rolling hills, adorable hopping bunnies and fluffy baa-ing sheep, I couldn't help but feel inspired to create something that reflects how gorgeous it all is :) Say hello to **Poppit & Finch** - A sweet little font duo with oodles of country-inspired illustrated vectors and pre-designed logo templates, easy to use, and all inspired by this little piece of heaven I've found :) **MAKE A MILLION LOGOS** The Poppit and Finch pack also includes 47 Easy-to-edit Premade Logo Templates - to get you inspired for your personal/commercial branding projects. Use them as they are, or mix and match with the huge selection of illustrations to make millions of logo combinations. --- **WHAT YOU GET** --- - **Over 330 Illustrated Vectors** ( Layered .psd for **Photoshop** , .ai for **Illustrator** and , **PNG** files ) - **47 Premade Logo Templates** ( Editable in Photoshop and Illustrator CS4 and up) - **Poppit and Finch Script** ( OTF , TTF ) - **Poppit and Finch Sans** ( OTF, TTF) - A download link to the **Watercolour wash I used for the previews above**, a Photoshop Style and a Jpeg - as well as instructions on how to use them in Photoshop :) --- **Frequently Asked Questions** --- **COMMERIAL USE** No Extended License is required to use this pack for Commercial use - you may use it to produce unlimited items/projects for unlimited sales - this includes the illustrations. - Feel free to convert the fonts to web fonts for your personal/business website. - You may not use the fonts in templates for sale/free. ( web/print/app ) **EASY TO USE** For Design Newbies, I've included a little help file to get you started and to answer any questions you might have. I also have two little videos on how to use the Logo templates and Illustrations in Photoshop to help you get started. **SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS : ** - **Fonts and Illustrations** : No special software required - they may be used in any basic program /website apps that allows standard fonts and PNG's ( Word / Pages / Canva.com / Picmonkey.com etc...) - **Logo Templates** : Photoshop or Illustrator CS4 and up. --- That's it folks! You can go ahead and get cracking :) I hope you enjoy using **Poppit & Finch** as much as I enjoyed making it! Nicky xx

  2. Sydney | Font Duo + 12 Free Logos

    Sydney | Font Duo + 12 Free Logos

    Sydney is a beautiful font duo that combines two trends (sleek sans serif caps and messy whimsical scripts) into one gorgeous package. You'll be seeing this combination a lot more in the design world over the next year – so here's a pack to help you be ahead of the curve! **DESIGN YOUR OWN LOGOS** This package includes not only your font files, but also 12 pre-made and easily-editable logo templates to make designing your own visual identity a breeze! --- **INCLUDES** - Sydney Script (TTF + OTF) - Sydney Script Alternates (TTF + OTF) - Sydney Italic Sans Serif (TTF + OTF) - Non-English Characters - 12 **FREE** Pre-made logos (.eps, .ai, .psd)

  3. Madina Script (New Update)

    Madina Script (New Update)

    Thanks for checking out **Madina Script**! A fabulously fun yet elegant script font with tons of energy, allowing you to create beautiful hand-made typography in an instant. With extra bouncy curves & loops, **Madina Script** is guaranteed to make your text stand out - perfect for logos, printed quotes, invitations, cards, product packaging, headers and whatever your imagination holds. What's really awesome is that Madina Script comes with a **complete set of lowercase alternates**, which allows you to create even more authentic custom-feel text. Another great feature is the **bonus ornaments font**, which allows you to add some really unique and elegant finishing touches to your script text. ★ **New Update • Madina Clean!** Madina Script has now been updated to include 2 styles; a rough, textured brush version, and a totally clean & smooth version. This gives you the option to completely switch the style of your font at the click of a mouse, whether you're looking for a more rustic, hand-made style, or a silky smooth finish. **Here's what you get in the download;** --- **1. Madina Script** • A handwritten script font containing upper & lowercase characters, numerals and a large range of punctuation. **2. Madina Script Alt** • This is a second version of Madina Script, with a completely new set of both lowercase characters. If you wanted to avoid letters looking the same each time to recreate a custom-made style, or try a different word shape, simply switch to this font for an additional layout option. **3. Madina Script Ornaments** • This includes 30 hand-drawn elements, including end-swashes for first and last letters, olive branches and flourishes. (*Please note that not all end-swashes will perfectly fit every letter when first typed, but a little position-tweaking should allow you to add some really unique styles to your Script text with this ornament pack. Tip: Click on the preview image showing the a-z letters for a character map of the ornaments font!*) **4. Madina Clean, Madina Clean Alt & Madina Clean Ornaments** • Clean versions of the above 3 fonts, with the rough brush texture removed and replaced with a completely smooth edge. - Fonts are provided in **TTF** & **OTF** formats. I recommend installing the TTF files, and the OTF only if necessary. There is no difference in function with either format. - Fonts include **multilingual support** for the following languages; English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Norweigen, Danish, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Polish, Indonesian, Filipino, Malay --- Well that just about covers everything, I really hope you enjoy it and please don't hesitate to drop me a message if you have any issues or queries :) Come and say hello over on Instagram! www.instagram.com/setsailstudios ~ Sam

  4. Heritage Font Combinations

    Heritage Font Combinations

    Proudly presents our latest product 'Heritage Font and voster font! both of these font consist with 2 different style ‘script and sans’ . These two lovely fonts would be perfect to combine in your design. with vintage style. The fonts are great for product logo,wedding card logo, clothing brand logo,Vintage design and much more. **Heritage Font equipped with :** - Uppercase,lowercase,numeral,punctuation & Symbol - Stylistic alternates - Stylistic Set01 - Stylistic Set06 - Swash - Ligatures **Voster Font equipped with :** - Uppercase,numeral,punctuation & Symbol - Stylistic alternates - Discretionary Ligatures & Ligatures This font can run on any software but works better if using design software that have program to access all special characters ( Stylistic Set01 - Stylistic Set06, Swash, Stylistic alternates, Discretionary Ligatures & Ligatures ) such as adobe illustrator, photosop cc, in design, corel draw etc. How to get access alternate glyphs from open type fonts check this link : http://adobe.ly/1m1fn4Y But if you want to use separately, i already finished the opentype characters version so you can simply install the files, after that you can easily change and chose what character you want to use.. Here I updates those Open Type separated files and updated files with PUA Encoded (Use character Map for WIndows OS, use Font Book for Mac OS). **check other products from harder type foundry available at Creative Market :** - Lambreta Typeface + Extras : https://crmrkt.com/kj2EXV - Gullever Font : http://crtv.mk/i001i - Roister Typeface : http://crtv.mk/a0YFy - The Georgios : http://crtv.mk/cyQ7 - Dear Saturday Font : http://crtv.mk/a0Pj7 - Harrlems Font + Bonus : http://crtv.mk/q0Oly - Ballarea Typeface Special Price 70% Off : http://crtv.mk/r08X7 - Ballet Script : https://crmrkt.com/OR8qp ** Check this a New Product :** - **Lambreta Typeface + Extras** : https://crmrkt.com/kj2EXV If there is a problem, question, or anything about my fonts, please sent an email to [email protected] Thanks for looking at our new product,enjoy!

  5. Buttermilk Farmhouse Type & Graphics

    Buttermilk Farmhouse Type & Graphics

    **REQUIRED SOFTWARE: Adobe Illustrator or a similar vector-editing program! ** If you're anything like me, you're absolutely in love with all things farmhouse! That gorgeous, rustic style is just about everywhere lately, and I just can't get enough! ❤❤❤ 🐄🥕🍎🐖 So, in honor of this elegant trend, I've created, **Buttermilk Farmhouse -** a rustic, delicate calligraphy script that can be used on everything from signage to branding to editorials. Don't be shy, give this baby a test drive and see what you can do! --- **WHAT YOU GET:** - **Buttermilk Farmhouse Regular** (OTF & TTF) - An organic, farmhouse-inspired font, complete with decorative end characters, ligatures, catchwords and select alternates. - **Buttermilk Farmhouse Italic** (OTF & TTF) - An italic version for your creative pleasure. - **85 Hand-Illustrated Farmhouse Vectors** (AI & EPS) - **14 Ready-Made Logos** (AI & EPS) - **Plus a BONUS sans serif font from my arsenal.** *(Used in the logos).* --- **Important Stuff** *(Definitely read me!):* - **Fonts NOW HAVE Language Support:** **AÀÁÂÃÄÅCÇDÐEÈÉÊËIÌÍÎÏNÑOØÒÓÔÕÖUÙÜÚÛWẂŴẄẀYÝŸỲŸÆŒßÞþ** - You will **NEED A GLYPHS PANEL to access the alternates**, as they are in blank character slots. You can find a Glyphs panel in programs like Adobe **Illustrator, Inkscape or Photoshop CC.** - There are NO PNG or PSD files included. The vectors can be opened with vector editing software, and have been saved as legacy versions (so, you'll be fine as far back as CS2). - **Please Note this font is NOT smooth. It's made to mimic calligraphy, so the edges are textured. Unfortunately, I don't have a smooth version of Buttermilk Farmhouse.** - I really don't know anything about the Silhouette Cameo or the Cricut machines. As I understand it, they're not great at cutting textured fonts, so buyer beware. If you have a question about file types, accessing alternates or printing, please contact the respective companies. - To manipulate the logos, you'll need either Illustrator or Inkscape, and to avoid any font substitution problems, just install all the font files BEFORE you open the AI/EPS files. Cool? - For giveaways, previews and maybe a good chuckle, follow me here: https://www.instagram.com/makemediaco/ --- If you have any questions, please give me a shout! All right, now go make something awesome! Callie

  6. Argent CF: expressive serif font

    Argent CF: expressive serif font

    **Argent is dashing and expressive**, with a pronounced x‑height and evocative, flowing letter­forms. Featuring true italics, wide language support, a host of OpenType features, and lots of character, Argent a tribute to the past and a step into the future. **Updated to Version 3.2.2** with new features, including improved italics, an improved superbold weight, oldstyle numerals, Cyrillic alpahabet, small caps, and more - plus the usual assortment of bug fixes and improvements. - Six weights and italics, plus an extra superbold weight - Ligatures, small caps, oldstyle numerals and other OpenType features - Latin and Cyrillic multilingual support - OTF file format, plus WOFF/WOFF2/EOT - Long term support, free features and bug fixes - Featured in Behance's Typography Served collection --- If you have any questions about licensing, need help with a typeface, or would like to request a new feature, contact me at connary.com. **Thank you!**

  7. Didonesque Ghost 4 Fashionable Fonts

    Didonesque Ghost 4 Fashionable Fonts

    *Didonesque Ghost* is a collection of 4 fashionable fonts that will enhance any project that requires a touch of class. These fonts turn the contrast right up to 11 – giving each weight a ghost-like appearance by means of their ultra light, hairline stems and serifs. The extreme contrast makes *Didonesque Ghost* a very stylish typeface that is perfect for very large display purposes, branding, corporate identities, headlines, advertising, wedding invitations and much, much more. How do you envisage using *Didonesque Ghost*? --- Package contains 4 OTF fonts: - Didonesque Ghost Light - Didonesque Ghost Regular - Didonesque Ghost Bold - Didonesque Ghost Ultra Each font contains over 750 glyphs with multilingual support (Latin only). Other Open Type features include old-style figures, small caps, petite caps, ligatures, discretionary ligatures and stylistic alternates. --- *Please click on the larger images to appreciate the detail and quality of these fonts.* --- PLEASE ALSO CHECK OUT OTHER FONTS IN THE DIDONESQUE FAMILY: - Didonesque Display – https://crmrkt.com/vaq10 - Didonesque Poster – https://crmrkt.com/oyQ1O - Didonesque Lite – https://crmrkt.com/jgbA3 - Didonesque Stencil Elegante – https://crmrkt.com/peQ1Dz --- Image Credits: https://crmrkt.com/bDD7B | https://crmrkt.com/zeRyw5 | https://crmrkt.com/m1x5r

  8. Edinburgh | A Classic Serif

    Edinburgh | A Classic Serif

    Edinburgh is a timeless and classic serif typeface that looks incredible in every context. Perfect for logos, branding, invitations, and more, Edinburgh will quickly become a staple in your font book. It looks gorgeous in all caps with a wide-set spacing if you want to try a classy look, or beautiful on its own in capital and lowercase letters for something completely timeless. Pair with a sans serif font like Proxima Nova or Denver to complete the look! **Includes** - Upper + lowercase letters - Numbers + punctuation - Non-English characters coming soon!

  9. Manhattan | A High Class Serif

    Manhattan | A High Class Serif

    **If you love Manhattan, check out Bronx – an outline + offset extension made just for Manhattan!** This minimalistic and classy all-caps serif typeface features sleek lines and thin serifs. Perfect for gorgeous logos & titles, Manhattan will pair beautifully with many fonts and work well with whatever project you're working on. *Non-English characters available via the Glyphs panel* **Includes** - uppercase letters - numbers & basic punctuation - pairs well with Baskerville - non-English characters

  10. Lucy Rose

    Lucy Rose

    **Lucy Rose is a typeface built with character, designed to be customised and explored. She is a joy to play with, offering all the benefits of custom typography without the price tag or difficult designer!** --- She is a project of passion. Blood, sweat and tears have gone into creating this wonderfully expressive typeface. A hybrid of serif and display. It’s an all caps typeface, with strong and sleek letters, which create a brilliant foundation for the flourished alternatives to rest. The result is beautiful interlocking and totally unique designs. It features over 100 stylised alternatives, offering an infinite opportunity to customise and create logos, headlines and titling. It’s original form is elegant yet stately and is well suited to editorial, books, advertising, branding and packaging. - She is truly a designers dream! This font looks great paired with - *Seravek* and *Oswald* **Lucy Rose includes:** - *All caps font* - *Tall version* - *108 stylistic alternatives* - *All punctuation and numbers* - *Foreign character support* **I really hope you enjoy using it as much as I have!** --- *P.S.* To access Lucy Roses alternatives you need software with a glyphs panel. (I.e. Adobe Photoshop CC2015, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign.)* **How to access all stylistic alternatives in Adobe Illustrator:** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5XTaWYwWA4 **How to access stylistic alternatives using Character map in Windows:** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BScPsiubM1k *Ellen*

  11. Fragile - A Delicate Typeface

    Fragile - A Delicate Typeface

    **Fragile - A Delicate Typeface** Fragile is a delicate typeface that's perfect for creating gorgeous headlines and designs with personality. Based on vintage letterforms from the '60s and '70s, Fragile makes an excellent typeface for vintage graphics, and the clean lines and ball terminals give a sleek, elegant look to logos, wedding invitations, editorials, and more. Create gorgeous headlines with an all caps design, or try the lowercase for a delicate look that's simply beautiful. **Download Fragile for your next project today.** *What's included?* - Uppercase Characters - Lowercase Characters - Discretionary Ligatures - **Multilingual support** for various languages including: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, and more. *Fragile* comes with Opentype features including discretionary ligatures. These features can be turned on in the Opentype panel of your Adobe program, or they can be chosen directly from the Glyphs panel. Follow my shop for upcoming updates including additional ligatures and language support, and for another elegant sans serif typeface, check out Fiona: **Fiona**: https://crmrkt.com/lgbjzN Happy Creating!

  12. Tokyo | A Designer Font Duo

    Tokyo | A Designer Font Duo

    **NEW UPDATE:** Now includes non-English characters and WOFF2 file formats! --- **Need the floral elements for your next amazing project? You can snag them, a beautiful script font, logo templates and more in the San Clemente pack:** https://creativemarket.com/jenwagnerco/2263395-San-Clemente-Script-Spring-Florals --- Tokyo is a bold sans serif font duo with both solid and outlined font files. The outline font automatically offsets, making it really simple to layer these fonts together perfectly. Simply duplicate your "Regular" layer and switch the setting to "Outline", and the type will automatically offset up and to the right for you! If that's too tricky, we've just added a "Tokyo Merged" style that combines the two for you! Perfect for displays, headers, invitations, save the dates, weddings, and so much more, Tokyo will become a playful staple in your font library! --- Check out some cool samples made with Tokyo here: http://www.jenwagner.co/blog/2017/2/27/tokyo-a-designer-font-duo --- **Includes** - Three font files (Regular, Outline, + Merged) - Uppercase Letters - Numbers + Punctuation - TTF, OTF, WOFF2

  13. Visby CF Geometric Sans Font

    Visby CF Geometric Sans Font

    **Visby is a geometric typeface** inspired by the stark beauty and crisp air of the Arctic. Friendly and charismatic in lowercase; sophisticated and authoritative in uppercase. Hard lines and sharp corners mesh with smooth, rounded letterforms, while humanist nuances add warmth. - Eight weights and obliques - Recently redrawn and improved glyphs, kerning, and more - OpenType features - Latin and Cyrillic multilingual support - OTF file format, plus WOFF/WOFF2/EOT - Long term support, free features and bug fixes --- If you have any questions about licensing, need help with a typeface, or would like to request a new feature, contact me at connary.com. **Thank you!**

  14. Denver | A Romantic Sans Serif

    Denver | A Romantic Sans Serif

    Denver is a romantic, timeless, and minimalistic all caps sans serif font that looks stunning in every context. With three different weights, it's perfect for magazine layouts, invitations, headers, or even large-scale artwork. *If you love Denver, check out Los Angeles - a similar sans serif with upper and lowercase* --- **Update:** Fixed kerning and adjusted letter bowls + curves **Includes** - capital letters - numbers & basic punctuation - non-English characters - three weights

  15. Sinclaire | A Classic Sans Serif

    Sinclaire | A Classic Sans Serif

    **Sinclaire, A Classic Sans Serif Typeface** --- Create beautiful logos, wedding invitations, headers and more with Sinclaire, a classic and versatile sans-serif typeface with an Art Deco style. Sinclaire is a modern sans-serif with a vintage flair that pairs nicely with vintage illustrations and floral graphics. Load up Sinclaire for vintage graphics, headlines, or any project that requires a classic sans serif with a bit of class. Download **Sinclaire** today for your next project. *What's Included?* - Uppercase Characters - Numerals & Punctuation - International Character - Two Weights - Regular & Bold (OTF) For more of my typefaces, follow my page and check out some of these popular fonts below: - Fragile: https://crmrkt.com/B9OErx - Sans Serif Typeface Collection: https://crmrkt.com/qVz0M3 Happy Creating!



    **NORTHWEST** is a 6 font family. It consists of 3 weights of its crisp slab-serif with softly rounded edges, and 3 textured companions of the same. This font arose of a personal desire for a clean modern font with a retro style. This font will launch at **$16** this month for all you awesome early supporters out there! ---- **This Purchase includes:** OTF & TTF: - NORTHWEST - Bold - NORTHWEST - Light - NORTHWEST - Regular - NORTHWEST - Bold - Rust - NORTHWEST - Light - Rust - NORTHWEST - Regular - Rust WEBFONT WOFF: - NORTHWEST - Bold - NORTHWEST - Light - NORTHWEST - Regular - Sorry. Rust version is not webfont friendly. ---- NORTHWEST can be used for both Commercial and Personal projects. I'd love to connect with you guys & feedback is welcome. Find me at http://tiradosupply.co & http://dribbble.com/iamtirado

  17. Floure Typeface + Extras

    Floure Typeface + Extras

    Introducing **“Floure Typeface”** **Floure** is a new slab serif typeface with mid-19th century styles with strong, unique and vintage rough shapes, that can handle a lot of design projects. Together or apart, the slab fonts are perfect for an authentic retro feel on your **branding, advertising, poster design, book covers, headlines, prints, merchandise, websites,magazine, album covers, quote designs and more.** **EXTRA SET OF ALTERNATE LETTERS :** To create a beautiful combination, floure typeface comes with some alternate lowercase characters available as a separate handy font. **OPENTYPE FEATURES :** Floure Typeface has also been coded to include some of double letter ligatures and of course the stylistic set of lowercase alternate characters. --- **What’s Included :** - Floure OTF - Floure TTF - Extras (Vector Bonus AI format) --- Floure Typeface includes **Multilingual Support.** **Guide to access all alternates :** http://adobe.ly/1m1fn4Y Beautiful photos by www.freepik.com I hope you enjoy with **Floure** and can’t wait to see what you make :D

  18. Munky font

    Munky font

    Introducing Munky, a big bowl full of a slab serif goodness. It's got a cheeky playful look with large heavy serifs. Its shapes have a few kinks here and there. I would say that adds to its charm—and it does. It's great for headlines and titles but is also very legible in sentence case. It works great for branding and packaging, books, invitations and anything where you want a laid-back vibe—without being too childish. If the font were a celebrity it would be more John Candy than John Malkovich. **Munky font includes;** - One weight bold - Upper and lowercase - Numbers - Punctuation & Symbols - Western European characters - Central European characters - South Eastern European characters - OTF --- **Check out** my other fonts—http://bit.ly/itsmesimon

  19. Slab Lungo - Vintage Serif Slab

    Slab Lungo - Vintage Serif Slab

    **Slab Lungo is vintage slab serif display typeface. ** Great for posters, logos, packaging, invitations, website titles, T-Shirts and more. It contains .ttf and .otf font files. For personal and commercial use.

  20. Ourstory Font Duo

    Ourstory Font Duo

    **Ourstory Font Duo** Ourstory is textured brush font, contemporary approach to design, handmade natural with an irregular baseline. Also with additional Ourstory Sans and Swashes Extra. Harmony to be combined with Ourstory Script. Suitable for use in title design. Such as apparel, invitations, books tittle, stationery design, quotes, branding, logos, greeting card, t-shirt, packaging design, poster and more. Ourstory Font includes a complete set of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as multi-language support, numbers, punctuation, ligatures. Thanks so much for looking and please let me know if you have any question.

  21. Adelicia Script

    Adelicia Script

    **Top 100 Products of 2015, 2016** - https://creativemarket.com/best-of-2015 - https://creativemarket.com/offer/top100 **Get this font in Font Collection for only $29** - https://creativemarket.com/Seniors/1021190-Font-Collection-28-Fonts Adelicia Script is a stylish calligraphy font that features a varying baseline, smooth line, classic and elegant touch. Can be used for various purposes.such as headings, signature, logos, wedding invitation, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, lable, news, posters, badges etc. **Adelicia Script features 565+ glyphs and 264 alternate characters.** including initial and terminal letters, alternates, ligatures and multiple language support. **Files included:** - Adelicia Script Clean (otf, ttf) - Adelicia Script Rough (otf, ttf) - Adelicia Script Slant (otf, ttf) - Adelicia Script Slant Rough (otf, ttf) - Web Font (eot, svg, woff, woff2) **View all glyphs here:** - http://s1.postimg.org/4exc8ibi7/All_Glyphs.jpg To enable the OpenType Stylistic alternates, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X6-X7, Microsoft Word 2010 or later versions. **How to Access Alternate Characters in Photoshop CC.** - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFlMwARHusY **How to access all alternative characters using Adobe Illustrator:** - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzwjMkbB-wQ **How to use stylistic sets font in Microsoft Word 2010 or later versions:** - https://youtu.be/x1A_ilsBsGs - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVJlZQ3EZU0 There are additional ways to access alternates/swashes, using Character Map (Windows), Nexus Font (Windows), Font Book (Mac) or a software program such as PopChar (for Windows and Mac). **How to access all alternative characters, using Windows Character Map with Photoshop:** - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go9vacoYmBw **Need help?** If you need help or advice, please contact me by e-mail "[email protected]" **Thank you for your purchase!**

  22. Bonbon Script -25% off!

    Bonbon Script -25% off!

    Sale -25% off! **Bonbon is a delicious script family of three weights and matching ornaments** With the total number of over 850 glyphs per font Bonbon is loaded with alternates: there are at least four alternates for each letter. Turn on Swash, Contextual, Stylistic or Titling Alternates to easily access the variants in any Open Type savvy program or manually select them from Glyph palette. Turn on Small Caps to activate a complete set of clear yet lively capital letters designed to go with the font.  For the best results combine Bonbon with Bonbon Ornaments, a set of 180 swooshes, swashes, ornaments and pictograms to complete your designs.

  23. Saekana Script

    Saekana Script

    **Saekana Script** is a bold script. Saekana a beautiful for logotype, website header, fashion design,wedding card design and any more. Saekana comes with **two style rough and clean.** It contains a full set of lower & uppercase letters, a large range of punctuation, numerals, and multilingual support. **Whats Include :** - Saekana Script OTF & TTF - Saekana Script Swash OTF - PUA encode - Bonus Swash and border - Multilingual support : (Danish,Finnish,English,,Spanish,Dutch,German,Icelandic,Italian,Norwegian,Portuguese,Indonesian, Swedish) **Commercial use** is fully allowed for this font! Don't worry about an extended license. Everything you probably need is included in the standard license. https://creativemarket.com/licenses **To access the alternate glyphs, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Indesign and Corel Draw.** More information about how to access alternate glyphs, you can see it on this link ( http://goo.gl/1vy2fv ) **Dont forget to see my best seller product :** - Bellisia Script (40% OFF) : crmrkt.com/XE0080 - Rosaline + BONUS : crmrkt.com/pVaBEg - Brownhill Script : crmrkt.com/R87xm - Black Animal : crmrkt.com/NE53X - Aveline Script : crmrkt.com/xDvW5 If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me.Thank You!

  24. JAF Herb

    JAF Herb

    **Design:** Tim Ahrens, 2010 JAF Herb is based on sixteenth-century cursive broken scripts and print­ing types. It features connect­ing letter­forms that are rather tightly spaced. The idea for JAF Herb was to develop a typeface with the prop­er­ties of black­let­ter, without evoking any negat­ive connota­tions. The design retains the complex, humane char­ac­ter of fraktur without appear­ing conser­vat­ive, aggress­ive or intol­er­ant. Read more about JAF Herb on http://justanotherfoundry.com/herb --- - **File type** OTF - **For** installing on your computer - **To create** printed matter, PDFs, static images - **Glyph set and OpenType features** see http://justanotherfoundry.com/pdf/JAF_Herb.pdf

  25. Algo FY Regular

    Algo FY Regular

    **Algo FY REGULAR** The entire family is NOT INCLUDED in the purchase. About the entire family: Algo FY is a singular font family with broken ductus and blackletter aspect. Clearly inspired by calligraphic shapes, each of the three weights have been especially designed as if the tool has changed. With its special articulations and its differentiated instrokes and outstrokes, Algo FY is a sculptural, rustic, primitive and dynamic font family. The alternating game between concave and convex shapes gives this typeface a spontaneous and unpredictable style, with a strong personality. — Each weight shows finest details on each part of the letters. If there exist letters which are even more notable than others, you should have a look on the g with its short final curve or to the Black Q with its beautiful junction of its main part and its tail. Also the dots from i and j are different. Light and Regular are for text setting, while the Black style should be used for titling and headlines. Algo FY will fit with every project you want to give a strong and singular personality. About Michel Derre… Typographer, graphic designer and letterer at the begining of his carreer, Michel Derre practices and teaches calligraphy since the eighties. After six months of tenacious collaborative work, we are proud to release his first font family! Algo FY was co-created by Michel Derre & Fontyou Team. Images: ©Shutterstock

  26. The Mariam story (update)

    The Mariam story (update)

    **The mariam story** is new font from Rvq Typefoundry, new black letter font elegant and vintage feel character set. To create the beautiful combination, just mix the uppercase and lowercase then mix with the alternative glyphs. **Product Content :** - The mariam story (OTF Format) - Mariam rough (OTF Format) - Vector Bonus (AI and EPS format) **Features :** Character Set A-Z -Numerals & Punctuations (OpenType Standard) -Accents (Multilingual characters) -Stylistic Alternates **The mariam story** is suitable font for many creative products & designs. Thank you for purchasing and happy designing :)

  27. Artedoms


    Artedoms typeface is new font with classy, elegant and vintage feel character set. Artedoms typeface includes a full set of capital and lowercase letters, as well as multi-lingual support, currency figures, numerals, punctuation & bundling with vector bonus, ornaments & badges ( AI and EPS ). Artedoms is suitable for any project that requires a medieval feel such as logo, wedding invitation, greeting card, poster, clothing, book cover etc. Happy designing :)

  28. Blaze & Glory Typeface + Extras

    Blaze & Glory Typeface + Extras

    Blaze & Glory Typeface is the first commercial typeface from Zerowork Studio. With classic, elegant, vintage, and clean feel. Come with 2 styles regular one and drop shadow style. Also with some catchwords and ornament to adding more aesthetics of your designs. **Blaze & Glory Typeface included :** - Blaze & Glory Typeface.otf - Blaze & Glory Drop Typeface.otf - Blaze & Glory Ornament.ttf - Blaze & Glory Ornament Drop.ttf - Vector Bonus (AI and EPS) **Blaze & Glory Typeface Supported :** - Character Set A-Z - Numerals & Punctuations (OpenType Standard) - Accents (Multilingual characters) - Stylistic Alternates ( http://adobe.ly/1m1fn4Y ) Blaze & Glory Typeface is suitable typeface for various purposes like logotype, signage, label, poster, dropcap, titles, letterhead, book cover and etc.



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