11 Weird and Crazy Fonts You Should Definitely Own

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    Fonts are an extremely versatile tool, In recent years, designers have bent and stretched our ideas of what fonts can be used for, and this collection of crazy, untraditional fonts is in honor of that trend. From maps to textures, arrows to LEGO, these fonts are anything but ordinary.

    1. Mapglyphs

    Have the world at your fingertips with this font. Each letter gives you a simple map glyph. There are a whopping 301 different globes, continents, countries and states to choose from. You'll never have to search the web for a vector map again.

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    2. BLOKK

    I really love this one. BLOKK gives you an easy way to mock up text on a page, it will save you time and effort when creating the initial layout for a new website. The bonus here is that it doesn't have the potential for confusing clients that comes with traditional "lorem ipsum" copy.

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    3. Castor Catchwords by Albatross

    One letter per keystroke? That's nonsense. This font gives you entire words in a cool, vintage style. It's perfect for adding flair to headlines and infographics.

    4. Castor Catchwords Dividers by Albatross

    The same concept as the font above, only with handy, horizontal dividers built in. Both fonts are included as part of the Castor font family, which you can purchase as a collection for a discounted rate.

    5. Wallflowers II by Laura Worthington

    Complex, repeating background patterns are extremely useful, so why not put them in a font? That's exactly what Laura Worthington has done here and the result is superb.

    6. Simple Social Icons Web Font by Caiocall

    Icon fonts are without a doubt the most useful, versatile, and widely distributed non-traditional fonts. With this one, you can stop wasting time searching social media company websites for vector logos and instantly drop them into your design with a few simple keystrokes.

    7. Font Select ICON by Davidiscreative

    This is a really cool font for adding a hand-drawn look to a design. You could even use it when you actually want to mark up some revisions to a document. You'll find lots of arrows, circles, and editor shorthand.

    8. Blocky by Paulina Buzniak

    With Blocky, you can add a playful element to your next project. The design is obviously a nod to a popular children's toy that is perhaps these days used and collected by as many adults as kids!

    9. Sketchnote Dingbats by Rohdesign Studios Shop

    Mike Rohde wrote the book on Sketchnoting (several books actually), and this font contains some of his best little dingbats to help you pull off a sketchnote vibe in your digital artwork.

    10. Charcuterie Ornaments by Laura Worthington

    These fancy ornaments look like they came straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. They can be used for a variety of documents and designs because they're simple enough to work with any details you could add. There's also a whole family of ornaments to chose from.

    11. RNS Pictografica Dispositivos by RNS Fonts

    Robocop, floppy disks, turntables, the 80s called and they want their icon font back. But they can't have it, because it's awesome and we're keeping it.

    What'd We Miss?

    The web is positively overflowing with quirky fonts and wed love to hear about some of your favorites that aren't on this list. Let us know in the comments.

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