How to Get Started With Faux Lettering: 20 Easy Tutorials

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  1. LetterCraft - Hand Lettering Kit

    LetterCraft - Hand Lettering Kit

    **LetterCraft is a PSD kit that makes it easy to give your typographic work a hand crafted feel. This one-step pack lets you create beautiful typographic quotes or logo mock-ups fast. Heehaw!** Check out a 60 second demo video here: https://vimeo.com/105838201 **HERE'S SOME COOL WAYS TO USE LETTERCRAFT** - Grow your Instagram following by creating beautiful and inspiring quotes fast. - Create eye catching images to display your typography work in your portfolio. - Whip up logo mock-ups that will take your clients breath away. - Craft unforgettable hero images for your website with the high resolution PSD and effects. **CHECK OUT THESE USEFUL FEATURES BUILT INTO LETTERCRAFT** - 11 built in textures including classic grunge, subtle grunge, vintage linen, halftone, old rubber and more. - Adjustable edge effects including: letter edges, ink bleed and texture intensity. - Easily add subtle ink spray textures on top of your work (in a well organized folder). - Subtle photo darkening so your work will never blend in with the background image again! - Instant "soft black" effect gives your photos a slightly faded and vintage look. - One click vignette so you can focus your audiences attention on what matters – your work. - 4500 x 3000px canvas created to fit standard photo dimensions. Just drop your photo in. No weird cropping issues. **BUY NOW AND GET $58 WORTH OF BONUSES FOR FREE** LetterCraft alone is worth $25. But when you grab LetterCraft now you get $58 worth of bonuses. Why all these valuable bonuses for free? Keep reading and I'll tell you... All summer long I've been taking photographs across the pacific northwest for a secret photo site I've been working on. Unfortunately, I have to put it on hold. As a result I have a stockpile of beautiful images I want to give you with this pack! **BONUS #1 - RETRO ADVENTURE PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION ($9 VALUE - YOUR FREE)** A collection of 9 photographs inspired by summer/fall adventures as a child. **BONUS #2 - NORTHWEST SUMMER PHOTO COLLECTION ($17 VALUE - YOUR FREE)** A collection of 37 photographs taken in the wilderness of Puget Sound this summer. Great instant backgrounds for your lettering work. **BONUS #3 - INDUSTRIAL RELICS PHOTO COLLECTION ($9 VALUE - YOUR FREE)** A collection of 12 photographs taken in the worn packaging facilities of central Washington. Great instant backgrounds for your lettering work. **BONUS #4 - RETROACADEMY DIGITAL LETTERING COURSE - AVAILABLE NOW ($17 VALUE - YOUR FREE)** Creating hand lettered work is awesome. But if you're on a busy schedule (or lazy like me) sometimes you need to get it done without leaving your computer. This lettering course will show you the process for creating faux hand crafted lettering. Includes: font recommendations, time saving software recommendations, and composition. We'll go from start to finish in creating some hand lettering. **BONUS #5 - SUBTLE PHOTO TEXTURE PSD BRUSHES ($7 VALUE - YOUR FREE)** 4 LetterCraft subtle PSD brushes. Perfect for adding ink spray effects to your letter work. --- **Get 9 FREE RetroSupply products instantly including fonts, brushes, textures and more when you sign up for the RetroSupply Co. newsletter:** http://bit.ly/retro-freebies ---

  2. The Chalk Bar Typeface

    The Chalk Bar Typeface

    A brand new typeface perfect for any project related to school, restaurants, bars & pubs and many other. It contains more than 200 fully kerned glyphs, supporting the most common languages, but also 60 symbols & 5 high resolution seamless blackboard textures so you can finish your project in no time. It is carefully crafted for a classic clean look and legibly. Have fun with it!

  3. Malibu | A Handwritten Font

    Malibu | A Handwritten Font

    Malibu is a sweet handwritten font that is perfect for logos, quotes, invitations, and more! I like to use Malibu for web headers (as can be seen in image 6) – it adds a really cool handmade touch to your sites while also looking beautiful and completely unique! **Includes three font files:** - Malibu Regular - Malibu Alternates (for a whole different set of letters + stylistic alternates) - Malibu Doodles (decorative elements A-Z) There are also ligatures for every double letter, giving you even more stylistic options to make your work look completely handmade!

  4. Featherly Hand Lettered

    Featherly Hand Lettered

    **This is included in my SHOP BUNDLE here:** https://creativemarket.com/PhotographyLogos/3110842-Shop-bundle-fonts-logos-patterns **I had to do it :-) - A hand lettered version of featherly is here!** As always with featherly, it's perfect for anything to do with romance, weddings and love but this hand lettered version can give you an even more authentic, handmade look to your designs. There are 26 left and right swashes. No alternates with this one though. Hence the lower price. The otf file incorporates the swashes and ligatures but for those of you who don't use glyph panels there is a separate ttf font file for the swashes - just type A-Z for the left and a-z for the right. Browse the images to see how it looks! Included in the download: -featherly handlettered.otf -featherly handlettered.ttf -featherly handlettered swashes.ttf Most of the supporting fonts used in the designs shown can be bought in my **Hand Lettering Font Bundle** here: https://creativemarket.com/PhotographyLogos/553821-Font-Bundle-Instant-Hand-Lettering

  5. Serendipity Handwritten Font

    Serendipity Handwritten Font

    Say hello to **Serendipity** - A font that you were meant to find, and is now destined to be with you :) An elegant cousin of Saturday Script, Serendipity is a lovingly handwritten brush script , with an air of grace and flamboyancy. **Serendipity** is special in that one word can be written in a million different ways - thanks to the large selection of extra letters that it has built in. It comes with 2 sets of alternate lowercase letters, a set of alternate uppercase letters as well as a set of double letter ligatures - all for you to play with, and make your words look exactly how you need them to look. No special software is required to access any of the standard or alternate letters - the extras letters are provided in the form of 3 extra fonts for your convenience :) **For designers who do have opentype capable software**, the handy all-on-one opentype fonts are included:) The alternates are accessible by turning on 'Stylistic Alternates' and 'Ligatures' buttons on in Photoshop's Character panel, or via any software with a glyphs panel, e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CC, Inkscape. **WHATS INCLUDED :** - **Serendipity.otf **- containing upper & lowercase characters, full set of punctuation and numerals, with opentype features with stylistic alternates and ligatures. - **Serendipity_Wide.otf** - An broader version of the font for a slightly different feel. - **SerendipityOne.ttf** - For folks without opentype capapble software, the standard Serendipity font with the first set of letters. - **SerendipityTwo.ttf** - As above, a font with an alternate set of upper and lowercase alternate letters. -**SerendipityThree.ttf** - As above, a font with an alternate set if lowercase letters. - ** SerendipityLigatures.ttf** - A font with just the double letter ligatures. - A **"Wide" version** of all of the above fonts is also included. - **Webfonts and OTF and TTF files** for all fonts are included. That's it! If you have any questions at all , feel free to pop me a private message , I'm always more than happy to help you along :) Happy creating! Nicky x --- **Frequently Asked Questions** --- **Q: Can I use this font commercially? For example, for use on physical of digitally flattened items I make for sale?** **A:** Yes, you absolutely may. You may use this font on designed items for sale - for unlimited sales, unlimited projects - No Extended License is required. **Q: Can I use this font to make my business Logo and collateral ( business cards, stationery, packaging, branding etc)?** **A: **Yes you absolutely may. **Q: Can I use this font on my business or personal website?** **A:** Yes you absolutely may. **Q: Can I use this font for web or pdf templates for sale, mobile apps or web apps?** **A:** For this you will require different licensing - feel free to pop me a message with your requirements and I'll help you along:) For a more indepth explanation on the Standard License, you can have a look at https://creativemarket.com/licenses. You can also just pop me a private message if you are unsure of anything at all. **Q: What is the Serif Font you use with Serendipity in your previews?** **A:** The font is called "Playfair Display" - a free google font, you can download here : https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Playfair+Display --- **Photography used in Previews from Creative Market :** --- - Wedding Couple - Pavel Melnik Photography : https://crmrkt.com/WElxW - Save the Date Couple - Tori Leigh : https://crmrkt.com/vb52o

  6. Crystal Sky Font Set

    Crystal Sky Font Set

    Add a little sparkle to your designs with **Crystal Sky**! A clean & classy signature-style font set, perfect for creating authentic hand-lettered text quickly & easily. With exaggerated strokes and an extra bouncy baseline, Crystal Sky has an unmistakable charm; perfect for logos, headers, company or personal branding, product packaging, cards & handwritten quotes. --- Crystal Sky is packed full of great features to give you plenty of customisation options; **Lowercase Alternates** • Crystal Sky comes with an entire alternate lowercase glyph set. This is accessible simply by turning on 'Stylistic Alternates' in any software with OpenType capabilities. For anyone having trouble accessing the alternates via this method, I've included them as their own separate font file - just install this as normal and select 'Crystal Sky Alt' in your text-tool :) **All-Caps Version** • Have you ever noticed that script fonts tend to be a bit tricky when it comes to typing in all-caps? That's why I've included a totally separate set of A-Z letters - designed to work in harmony with each other during those moments when you need to hit your caps-lock button and go a bit wild! **Bonus Doodle Pack** • Need a bit more visual appeal to your text? I've also included a bonus vector pack which includes 32 hand-drawn doodles, these are the perfect companion to Crystal Sky for when you need to add some light-hearted fun to your design. **Large Glyph Set** • Crystal Sky comes with a large range of glyphs including punctuation, numerals, international language support, ligatures & additional extra glyphs for some lowercase characters. - Fonts are provided in **TTF** & **OTF** formats - Vector pack provided in **AI** & **EPS** formats --- Thanks for looking & I hope you enjoy it! As always, please don't hesitate to drop me a message if you have any issues or queries :) Keep on dreaming. ~ Sam Keep up to date with my work over on Instagram :) www.instagram.com/setsailstudios

  7. Ball Pen Handwritten Font

    Ball Pen Handwritten Font

    **BUNDLE ALERT!** - **Ball Pen** is now included in my **Handwritten Font Bundle**: https://crmrkt.com/qXkmA3 --- **Ball Pen** is a unique handwritten font. Its unique flow and easy signature style makes it perfect to use for logos, signatures, quotes, badges, labels, packaging design, blog headlines or simply use it in your next design project. Ball Pen comes with upper and lowercase Basic Characters, Numbers, Marks and Punctuation. Diacritics are also available for Western and Central European Languages. As a feature you have also the standard Ligature, Alternates and Swashes. --- **What will you get:** - Ball-Pen Regularfont in TTF, OTF and WOFF formats - Ball-Pen Extra font in TTF, OTF and WOFF formats - 10 Beautiful logos in PSD, AI and EPS formats --- Additional fonts used: - Lato - Playfair Display --- If you need help or have questions don’t hesitate and drop me a message, I will be glad to help you! Happy design! Vlad

  8. Motherline Vintage Toolbox (UPDATED)

    Motherline Vintage Toolbox (UPDATED)

    **UPDATED** **VERSION:** **100++** **LOGO** **TEMPLATE** **ADDED** **PSD** **AI** **EPS** --------------------------------------------------------- Please introduce, **Motherline** **Vintage** **Toolbox!** Yes, it is a toolbox. The reason why we named it as a toolbox is because this item is not just consist of a bunch of handcrafted vintage fonts, but you can also have tons of logo / badge templates and hand drawn nature illustrations which is perfectly matched with the fonts. --------------------------------------------- What will you get in this toolbox are : - **Motherline** **Reguler** : a monoline vintage script typeface which is created based on manual hand lettering with many features such as ligatures, stylistic set alternate, swashes, etc with total **650++** **GLYPHS!** which is obviously support multi language characters! Provided in both OTF and TTF. - **Motherline** **Bold** : The bold version of the Motherline Reguler, looks awesome to be used as logotype, badge, emblem which is needed a strong and bold text. - **Motherline** **Rough** : The rough version of the Motherline Reguler, suitable to use especially for grungy and gritty textured design. - **Motherline** **Blocks** : The textured version of the Motherline which is also great to use to add some depth for vintage lettering. - **Motherline** **Sans** : A complementary sans type font which is perfectly matched with the main font. - **Motherline** **Sans** **Rough** : The rough version of the Motherline Sans - **55++** **Logo/Badges** **Templates** : This toolbox is provided with 55++ ready-made logo/badges template with editable text which help you to create your logo or lettering quotes in a sec! - **80++** **Nature** **Vector** **Illustration** : These vector illustrations were created hand drawn and it will make your vintage design looks even more awesome! Here's our new product that you might interested to be used with this font https://creativemarket.com/letterhend/1174024-Adventure-Logo-Bundle-FREE-FONTS (please note that the logo bundle contain the free version off motherline typeface, so it just has very standard glyph and no stylistic set alternate) ------------------------------------------------ Please feel free to comment if you have any thoughts or feedback. Or simply send me a PM or email me at [email protected] Thanks for purchasing and have fun!

  9. Yonder - Hand Drawn Font

    Yonder - Hand Drawn Font

    Check out my newest font "Arbour" - http://crtv.mk/r0MhJ LIMITED TIME OFFER - Get this font and 10 other fonts in my Massive Bundle available now on my shop!! - http://crtv.mk/t0HaZ Introductory Rate of $15 - Limited Time Only Yonder is a new font to add to the Hustle Supply Co product family. I created this font in response to the huge demand I see for typefaces of this style. It couples very well with script fonts and gives each piece a sense of character. Look no further for a playful typeface that will give your design the overall aesthetic that is so popular today. This font comes in .OTF format and includes 10 numbers, Various Glyphs, 26 letters with 10 alternates that promise a hand drawn look. Grab it now for the Introductory rate of only $15. You may use this for commercial use and you may convert this font into a web font, all for only $15! :) Check out my newest typeface, Wayfarer! It pairs with Yonder very well. http://crtv.mk/dzhX

  10. Celestial Fonts & Vintage Pattern

    Celestial Fonts & Vintage Pattern

    Celestial Typeface is handmade Victorian handlettering, which is combining modern and classic typography with some awesome features. Yes we back to early 1800s, bring classic touch on this decade. --- **Celestial Features** - Uppercase - Lowercase - Numerals & Punctuations - Old Style Tabular - Vintage Ornament - Accents (Multilingual characters) **Open Type featuring** - Ligatures - Contextual Alternates - Stylistic Alternates - ss01 - ss02 - ss03 - Old Style Tabular for numbering ** Bonus** - Celestial Pattern (Ai CC) - Celestial brush (Ai CC) - Catchword - Outline Decorative Stroke (editable) --- There are more than 329 glyphs in the font including Stylistic sets, Ligatures, Contextual Alternates etc. OpenType features with Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternate in some characters that allows to make victorian look. this is suit for : wine packaging, labeling, logo, classic shop, coffee shop, movie title, etc --- To access the alternate glyphs, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS and Adobe Indesign. **Tutorial channel to access open type features** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVmlwLVht3w to extended lisence propose to my email : [email protected] --- **New one Old School English** **https://creativemarket.com/ramandhani/741522-Nouvele-Louisela.** --- more preview on behance : https://www.behance.net/gallery/30654009/Celestial-Typeface follow my ig : https://instagram.com/ramandhani_nugraha/ Thanks



    Vintage Break is a high resolution letterpress font that’s vintage and authentic with a touch of grunge.

  12. OldBarrel Vintage Typeface

    OldBarrel Vintage Typeface

    Here is a classic look label typeface named "OldBarrel". It's made in strong and dynamic label style. Font is perfect for any labels design of whiskey, rum or brandy. **Features:** - EPS10 files with all graphics stuff from screenshots. - OTF and WOFF font files. - 4 styles of font, named OldBarrel Regular, OldBarrel Rough, OldBarrel Shadow and OldBarrel Shine. - You can mix these styles how do you like. Because in complect 3 of the additional fonts - OldBarrel Rough FX, OldBarrel Shadow FX and OldBarrel Shine FX. *For example: type your phrase in Regular, copy and past at same position and change font to Rough FX. Copy and paste at the same position and change font to Shadow FX. You will get roughed OldBarrel font with shadow! And you can change color of each element!*

  13. Smoothline Script

    Smoothline Script

    **Get this font in Handwritten Fonts Collection for only $15** - https://creativemarket.com/areatype/2042996-Handwritten-Fonts-Collection **Smoothline Script** is a modern calligraphy font, with characters dance along the baseline and elegant touch. With almost 421 glyphs. Opentype features with stylistic alternates, ligatures and multiple language support. Can be used for various purposes.such as logos, wedding invitation, heading, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, lable, news, posters, badges etc. To enable the OpenType Stylistic alternates, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X6-X7, Microsoft Word 2010 or later versions. **How to access all alternative characters using Adobe Illustrator:** - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzwjMkbB-wQ Smoothline Script is coded with PUA Unicode, which allows full access to all the extra characters without having special designing software. Mac users can use Font Book , and Windows users can use Character Map to view and copy any of the extra characters to paste into your favourite text editor/app. Thanks and happy designing :) Enjoy!

  14. Miss Magnolia

    Miss Magnolia

    **Personality-pack your designs with Miss Magnolia; a bouncy script filled with Southern charm.** Perfect for greeting cards, branding, stationery design, social media, packaging, magazine layouts, prints and more! --- Utilize all caps for a completely alternate style, or mix and match lowercase script + all caps for creative designs. Miss Magnolia has a variety of unique, coded features to create compelling, handmade outcomes: 2 stylistic alternates, 6 initial characters, 1 end character, 3 discretionary ligatures and 10 standard ligatures. **Multilingual support is included for Western European languages. Please test your characters in the font previewer below before purchase.** OTF is included for the full, Miss Magnolia font. (Need access to a TTF? There's a download link included in the info text file) Miss Magnolia was inspired by the song of the same name by Matt Costa, have a listen here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKz32SBzdMw - For more inspiration, check out my instagram! https://instagram.com/everytuesday - For design tutorials, online courses, design freebies and goodies, head over to my blog, https://every-tuesday.com Happy Designing! *Need a webfont? The Miss Magnolia webfonts with unlimited pageviews permission is included in the Every-Tuesday extended license available here: https://every-tuesday.com/miss-magnolia-extended*

  15. Hipsteria + Bonus

    Hipsteria + Bonus

    Hipsteria is a fun and unique script typeface. Inspired by traditional script lettering that typically used in vintage-themed designs. Hipsteria suitable for any project that requires the natural hand lettering feel as the core design elements; such as logo, wedding invitation, greeting card, poster, etc. Hipsteria consists of 367 glyphs and a bunch of alternative characters that divided into several OpenType features such as Ligature, Contextual alternates and stylistic alternates that allows you to mix and match pairs of letters to fit your design. You can access all those alternate characters by using OpenType savvy programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. This item also consist of Hand Drawn Vector Symbols available in Adobe Illustrator and Vector .EPS format. Files Included : - Hipsteria (OpenType.OTF) - Hipsteria (TrueType.TTF) - Hand Drawn Vector Symbols (AI and EPS) Mail support : [email protected] Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/artimasa Twitter : https://twitter.com/artimasa Thank you!

  16. The Trickster Font Duo + extras

    The Trickster Font Duo + extras

    The Trickster is a display font with lots of alternatives and brushes plus a complementary font and another one with swashes. INCLUDED: The Trickster Display Otf The Trickster Display Ttf The Trickster Regular Otf The Trickster Regular Ttf The Trickster Swashes Otf The Trickster Swashes Ttf To access all OpenType Stylistic alternates, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw and Microsoft word. How to access all alternative characters using Adobe Illustrator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzwjMkbB-wQ How to access all alternative characters, using Windows Character Map with Photoshop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go9vacoYmBw The font has PUA Unicode (Private Use Areas - font specific code), so that all the alternative characters (with flourishes and swirly lines) can be easily accessed in full through Windows and Mac and you can load them into applications such as Cricut Design Space and Silhouette Studio. For every questions or help, please contact me at [email protected] Thank you!

  17. Oak & Ash - Hand Drawn Font

    Oak & Ash - Hand Drawn Font

    **Introductory Rate of $12 - Limited Time Only (20% off)** Oak & Ash was inspired by my first hand drawn font, Parker. http://on.be.net/1nKYvDW If you liked Parker, you'll love Oak & Ash. This is a cleaned up version with some alternates as capital letters. It's perfect for your hand drawn logos and branding. This font comes in .TTF format and includes 10 numbers, Various Glyphs, 26 letters with 5 alternates. This font is best when used with my other hand drawn fonts: Sergeant and Pearl District. Grab it now for the Introductory rate of only $12. --- Follow me on Instagram to get the latest updates on new typefaces and chances to win free stuff: http://instagram.com/jamesnicolas5 Textures made with Dusty's Print Shop from Ian Barnard: https://creativemarket.com/ianbarnard Photo on the logo mock up provided by John Thatcher: http://instagram.com/johnthatcher Thank you

  18. New York Handwritten Font

    New York Handwritten Font

    Introducing **New York** handwritten script font --- A handwritten script font containing upper & lowercase characters, numerals, punctuation and a ton of ligatures. - Fonts include **multilingual support.** - A lot of ligatures and alternative letters. - Provided in TTF, WOFF and EOT formats Enjoy! --- If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email [email protected]

  19. Moonstruck Handwriting + Extras

    Moonstruck Handwriting + Extras

    **Introducing Moonstruck!** A quick and sassy handwriting font, made with a dry Tombow Fudenosuke. Use Moonstruck on branding, magazines, product packaging, editorials, advertising campaigns, book covers and more! **WHAT'S INCLUDED?** --- 1). **Moonstruck Handwriting** (OTF & TTF) - A hand-written typeface with upper and lowercase characters, multilingual support, ligatures, alternates and end characters. 2). **Moonstruck Slanted** (OTF & TTF) - An extra italic version of Monnstruck, containing ligatures, alternates and end characters. 3). **Moonstruck Swashes, Arrows and Circles** (OTF & TTF) - A bonus set of 29 hand-drawn extras to accent your work for an authentic, handwriting feel. All characters can be accessed with a standard keyboard (No Glyphs Panel required). --- **INCLUDED LANGUAGE SUPPORT:** - English, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Estonian, Finnish, French, West Frisian, German, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish & Swedish. --- Alrighty then, I hope you enjoy. Have fun! And I'd love to see what you create, so feel free to show off your work! If you have any questions, problems or need additional language support, please let me know. As always, I'm happy to help! :) Callie

  20. FRESSH typeface

    FRESSH typeface

    Meet **FRESSH**, the clean, refreshing hand-drawn typeface! Like a cold glass of lemonade, FRESSH is home-made with love, while being crisp and tangy :) You'll love it! Pair it with loopy scripts, or modern serif typefaces to create different styles!

  21. Stone Harbour Brush Font + Extras

    Stone Harbour Brush Font + Extras

    **COMMERCIAL USE ALLOWED**- The Standard License on Creative Market allows Commercial Use of fonts and add-ons :) Unlimited Sales, Unlimited Projects with only a few exceptions - See https://creativemarket.com/licenses --- Introducing **Stone Harbour!** ...a punchy new Dry Marker Script ..with loads of attitude and extras. **Please Note : To access all the alternate letters for this font you will need software with a glyphs panel - such as Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 , Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign.** I had SO. MUCH. FUN. making this font, and even MORE fun testing it out - I got started and just couldn't stop! - which is why this pack has so much inspiration for you guys :) Seriously - as soon as this baby is uploaded - I'm off to go play more :) I'm hoping you guys experience the same thing when you unwrap it and get stuck in! :) --- **SO HERE'S WHAT'S IN THE PACK:** - **Stone Harbour font **(Regular + Italic) Stone Harbour is an all uppercase font - the uppercase being the main letters, the lowercase has alternate letters, and then there are 141 EXTRA alternate letters accessible via a glyphs panel for your designing pleasure :) - **Stone Harbour Swashes font** - 18 dashing swashes to add punch to your designs. - **12 Die Hard Splatters** - available as Photoshop CC Brushes, PNG's, Ai and PSD files. - **12 Bonus Free Photos** - to get you started - use as a background to your Branding/Instagram Shots/Design Projects. **QUESTIONS?** - Does the font include accented characters? : Yes, it does. Stone Harbour supports the following languages: Cornish, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, French, Galician, German, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Malagasy, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Portuguese, Romansh, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss German. - Can I use this font in Word? : Yes you can - but sadly you won't be able to access the 141 extra characters. - Can I use this for Commercial Projects? : Yes - you may use for both Personal and Commercial Projects - you can see the font EULA for Stone Harbour here : http://bit.ly/1NHs8ls -Can I use this font in my App Product? You will need an addition App License for this use - feel free to contact me for details and pricing :) --- Thats it! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! Happy Creating!! Nicky xx

  22. Robinson Typeface

    Robinson Typeface

    **Part of the Vintage Collection:** https://crmrkt.com/l2j8K Robinson is a font inspired by vintage newspaper titles. It's great for having a bold and attractive title followed by smaller text. It was made specifically with magazines and posters in mind. It includes: - 18 Styles - Uppercase multilingual letters, numbers and punctuation - Meticulous kerning pairs and rounded corners - Bonus paper texture Please check out the screenshots for some of the style previews, thank you!

  23. Atone - Brush Font

    Atone - Brush Font

    Atone is a brush font with English uppercase letters, alternate letters, numbers and punctuation. Some letters have alternate versions which you can toggle with Caps Lock, as seen on the second screenshot. Thank You!

  24. Heartsoul Font

    Heartsoul Font

    **Heartsoul** is handwriting scripted font, it is brush typeface with a very naturally hand written look & just the right amount of texture.You are welcome to use it for various purposes: logo, wedding invitation, headings, signatures, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, labels, posters etc. **Heartsoul Extra** includes 21 hand-drawn swashes, 5 catchwords which will add punch to your designs. **Files included:** - Heartsoul.OTF - Heartsoul Extra.OTF **No extended License is required **- Commercial use is allowed with all fonts on Creative Market - just be sure to read any restrictions here : https://creativemarket.com/licenses Need to test out a word in this font? Just type it into the box below, and see what it looks like :) I would love to connect with you on social media if you are looking for some inspiration or freebie. Whether you'd like feedback on my work, or just want to chat, it's always my pleasure to hear from you: - https://www.instagram.com/graphicboxsalome/ - https://www.behance.net/dengwei1367cd6 Thanks so much for looking and please let me know if you have any questions.

  25. URW Urban

    URW Urban

    Each character has been provided with an individual pattern, which was created by our designers with a special stamp technique. To create a vivid typeface, there is a stylistic alternate for nearly every character. In this way the grotesque has a modern, unconventional look. URW Urban reflects a metropolitan lifestyle and is perfect for themes like party, music, sport and film.

  26. The Historia Urban Font

    The Historia Urban Font

    **UPDATE - The Secondary Version (Solid Version)** Introducing **The Historia**! an urban / vintage and natural handpainted font. Suitable for any design needs, branding, urban design, modern advertising design, Art Quote, Book/Cover Title, special events, custom mug, pillow, t-shirts, any brush lettering needs and more. The Historia comes with upper and lowercase Standard Characters, Punctuation, Numerals. And some glyphs variation of the OpenType features such as Standard Ligatures and Stylistic Set. Includes a range of multilingual support. Don't forget to check our best seller font : - Sinisuka : https://creativemarket.com/neSia/585512-Sinisuka-Swashes - Riverhack : https://creativemarket.com/neSia/719270-Riverhack Thank you for your purchase! and hope you're having fun with The Historia ! Happy creating! **Typia Nesia Studio** Malang - Indonesia



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