Creative Interview with Ondrej Lechan

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    You can download this design for free on our Creative Market Free Goods page. Now let's talk to the designer behind this design.

    First of all, why don't you tell everyone a bit about yourself, where you are from and what you do.

    Hi everybody! My name is Ondrej Lechan and I am 26 year old freelance graphic designer from Slovakia. I do web design (mostly), logo design and other digital art when I find some time.

    How did you start out in the field of design?

    I started designing when I was 14. One day my classmate lent me his CD with some music and abstract wallpapers, which really catched me. I asked myself why couldn’t I do the same?  So I started to create 3D abstract wallpapers for my CRT monitor every day. When my collection started to get big, I decided to create a website for it. It helped me to find my first job as a graphics designer in local agency. I didn’t study art or graphics design, so I had to learn everything by myself. Specialized graphics design portals and forum wasn’t as wide-spread as they are now, so it was a little more difficult to get feedback and inspiration. After a couple of years working for this design agency I decided to freelance.

    What are your favorite fonts to use right now?

    DIN, Klavika, Museo Sans and Gotham. I also like Merriweather, Abril Fatface and Old Standard TT from Google Web fonts.

    Where do you find cool icons, brushes, etc.?

    Google mostly, Deviant Art and Smashing Magazine sometimes. But I try not to use someone else's icons and try to create my own for every project. But when I found out, that creating pictograms for every single website was really time consuming, I created my own set of pictograms. My objective is to create 600 pictograms which everybody can download. It‘s still in development but you can find a preview here and I’m going to sell it on Creative Market in the future.

    When feeling stumped, where do you turn to for design inspiration?

    Before I start creating something I browse through my collection of various designs such as drawings, flyers, vectors, photomanupulations, websites, colourlovers palettes, cd booklets, etc. I found Pomodoro technique to be very useful to me. Then 20 minutes sleeping during designing is good creative booster, especially when I don‘t have any new ideas. The best method for boosting your creativity is to get up early because everything is quiet and you have time to yourself and your ideas.

    What are your favorite resources for design?

    As I sad, I am searching on Google mostly. But for color patterns it is COLOURlovers, various webdesign galleries, Dribbble, and Behance. Smashing Magazine is great for great articles and Motion Grapher for stunning motion inspiration.

    What advice would you give to a designer who is just starting out?

    You are very lucky! Because nowadays there are a lot of resources for graphic design. Tutorials, design galleries, inspiration blogs, hi-quality articles are spread all over the internet, so you can learn faster and your skill can grow really quickly. But one advice I would like to share – do not stick to trends. They are quite treacherous, because they can kill your creativity. Trends are good because it brings modern look to your work, but use it with caution and try to add your own ideas every time when you are doing on project.



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