Free Illustrator Cheatsheet: A PDF Guide to the Pen Tool, File Form...

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    Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular design tools around the world. Many designers rely on its unique tools to create, enhance, and export vector artwork. While there are interesting alternatives coming out every day, Illustrator offers robust features that, enhanced with fully-compatible Creative Cloud apps, set a very high bar in the graphic design tool space.

    If you're just getting started with Illustrator, or need a refresher on how different tools are used, download this free PDF cheatsheet. This straightforward guide introduces you to the Illustrator workspace, lists some of the most popular tools, explains how to use the pen tool to
    create different kinds of lines, and describes some of the features that make the tool really unique.

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    As always, we hope this resource improves your workflow and simplifies the process of learning and using Illustrator. What's your favorite Illustrator feature or tool? Let us know in the comments area below.

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    Free Illustrator Cheatsheet

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    Download it here

    Learn the basics of this powerful design tool.

    A handy PDF guide listing tools, shortcuts, and unique Illustrator features.


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