Pinterest Templates: Tigress

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Pinterest Templates: Tigress Pinterest Templates: Tigress Pinterest Templates: Tigress Pinterest Templates: Tigress

This pack contains 8 Pinterest or Blog Graphics Templates in the TIGRESS theme in CANVA format. They are easy to use and professionally designed to convert. These templates are perfect for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers who want a professional and cohesive design for their blog and Pinterest graphics. Just open the files in Canva, make a copy and then replace the demo content with your own! Do you want these templates in Photoshop format? Available here: Coming Soon --- ** These templates were designed in the TIGRESS theme, so match perfectly with our TIGRESS Squarespace Template and other social templates. ** ** TIGRESS Squarespace Template: ** - ** https://creativemarket.com/bigcatcreative/2868701-Squarespace-Template-Tigress ** ** TIGRESS Instagram Post Templates: ** - **Canva Format: ** https://creativemarket.com/bigcatcreative/2971683-Instagram-Post-Templates-Tigress - **Photoshop Format: ** Coming Soon ** TIGRESS Instagram Story Templates: ** - **Canva Format: **https://creativemarket.com/bigcatcreative/2975919-Instagram-Story-Templates-Tigress - **Photoshop Format: ** Coming soon --- **What you need:** - A FREE Canva account *These templates are also available in Photoshop format, check them out here:* Coming Soon --- **What's included:** - 8 Pinterest or Blog templates in Canva format at 735px x 1102px (Pinterest recommended size) - A welcome document with instructions - A Canva basics tutorial video - The fonts are all included within Canva --- **How it works:** The process is really easy, especially if you already know how to use Canva! Just download the PDF and follow the instructions to watch the tutorial video and open your templates in Canva (and make a copy!) from there you can edit colors, fonts, images and layout to make them perfect for your brand. --- *Due to the fact that our products are digital, they cannot be returned or exchanged. We cannot issue refunds after the purchase is made. By purchasing the templates you agree to these Terms and have read and understand the requirements for the templates. You cannot use your download of this kit for multiple people (e.g. you and a client), if you wish to do so, you must download another copy: one kit per person/client. If you have any troubles or questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]eative.com*


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