9 Insanely Creative Packaging Designs

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    I've done a lot of things as a designer, but the one task I've never had is designing packaging for a product — well, not one that's not my own, anyway. And although we've featured lots of great (and some maybe not-so-great) packages before, the crew at Creative Bloq went above and beyond, finding 60 great examples of packaging design, both real and otherwise. Check some of our favorites out and their brief stories below.

    Spine Vodka

    Spine vodka packaginPin It
    Admittedly, this project doesn't exist in the real world, but it should. Designer Johannes Schulz came up with the concept of Spine Vodka, a luxury brand that has a spine inside of the bottle itself. As he says, the product has a "backbone," and since it's transparent, everybody can see what's inside. Fascinating concept, right?


    svbscription packagingPin It
    The deal over at SVBSCRIPTION is that they want to make products for the stylish man, and for their premiere subscription package, they hired Ro and Co Studio to create a wooden holder for their goods. The results are pretty spectacular, and I know I'd love to get one of these in the mail (although nobody I know would ever accuse me of being stylish).

    Origami Tea Bags

    Origami Tea BagsPin It
    Here's another idea that I wish was real, but certainly is cool. I mean, the tea bag has been around for centuries. How can you make it interesting? Make it unfold upon dropping it into the water. That's rad.

    Juice Skins

    Juice skinsPin It
    These juice boxes are quite literal, but if you want one, you're going to have to head to Japan. The three flavors shown here are the only ones currently available: strawberry, banana and kiwi.

    Festina Watches

    Festina Watches packagingPin It
    I love this one. Obviously this is packaging for a watch, but looking right at it you already know the details, right? It's a waterproof watch, obviously, and not much more needs to be said. In my opinion, this one is perfect.

    Kombucha Dog

    Kombucha Dog packagingPin It
    I will freely admit that I've never tried kombucha in any form, but these bottles by Kombucha Dog may make me rethink my stance. They put pictures of adoptable dogs on them, and that is a cause I can appreciate.


    Thelma's PackagingPin It
    thema's packagingPin It
    Who doesn't like warm cookies right out of the oven? And if you own a cookie company, why not use that idea for your packaging? Frankly, I think it's brilliant, and it makes me want one right now.

    Poilu Paintbrushes

    Poilu Paintbrushes packagingPin It
    Take a close look at these ones. Yes, it does seem obvious that the hairs on the paintbrushes are stand-ins for mustaches, right? Sure. But if you look a little deeper, you'll see that in some cases there's a second, smaller brush that simulates a goatee. Brilliant.


    Toscatti packagingPin It
    Now at first glance, you might think this was an ad for paint, but that's not the case. Toscatti sells kitchen products, and each container type and size is color coded using Pantone shades. Killer idea, right?


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