3 Fun Printables to Help You Stay Organized

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    The new year is well on its way, and it's not unlikely that you've resolved to be more organized this year. And while it's been said that creative minds are rarely tidy, if you're anything like me, you may find that you get your best work done when your space is clutter-free and your to-do list is clearly defined.

    Truth be told, my organizational skills are a constant work in progress. Read: If you told my husband that I’m writing a post about organization, he wouldn't stop laughing until 2018. Nevertheless, I’m a believer in self-improvement, and so I've put together three printables to help you stay on track with your organizational goals.

    1. Faux Chalkboard Labels

    The struggle is real: paper clutter seems to multiply before our very eyes, and it becomes too easy to lose those important documents (think tax information, signed client contracts).

    This printable is a quick and easy way to organize your papers- all you’ll need is your printer, and some self-adhesive paper. (Or you can totally use a gluestick or rubber cement if that’s not available).
    Use these to label your binders, folders or boxes, and never misplace an important document again!

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    2. Weekly To-Do List

    This is a simple printable weekly planner which helps you put to paper your most pressing weekly tasks. Call me old-fashioned, but despite the huge variety of apps and gadgets available today, to me there's nothing better than an actual pen crossing out the things I've accomplished that day. Each completed task is a small victory.

    One helpful tip I've picked up over the years it to try to limit your daily goals to no more than four or five per day. More than that is usually overwhelming, leading you to avoid your tasks altogether, which we can all agree is not the desired outcome. So, if good ol’ analog methods tickle your fancy, go ahead and print this planner. You can choose to print a bunch of copies and use one weekly, or better yet, choose the more eco-friendly way, and print one- all you need to do is laminate it and use a wipe-off marker.

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    3. Inspirational Poster

    For me, making my workspace lovely and inspiring is always a right step in motivating me to keep it tidy and organized.

    This printable helps you do both: spiffy up your space, while reminding you to keep things in their place. You can look at this poster and almost repeat it as a mantra, “Tidy desk, tidy mind. Tidy desk, tidy mind.”
    Tape it up on your wall with colorful washi tape, or frame it above your desk.

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    Let me know in the comments below what your tips are for staying organized this year. I’d love to know!

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