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    Let's talk about tattoos and type. I have a lot of friends with them, and, in what may be shocking for you to hear, I have quite a few of them myself. Most of mine are either related to some personal tragedy or incident in my life, or just a giant octopus, but I've thought a lot about getting something design-related recently. And when I found out about TypeTatts, a project by Brazilian designer Will Jr. on Behance, I was hooked. The clash between the traditional tattoo style and the modern font design makes these tattoos a unique approach to body art. Frankly, I may have a new ink idea or two.

    TypeTatts A for HelveticaPin It

    TypeTatts B for GaramondPin It

    TypeTatts C for RalewayPin It

    TypeTatts D for PlayfairPin It

    The idea is to combine old school tattoo art with modern day (and some older, but still classic) typefaces into one cool design. It's almost like Sailor Jerry meets Helvetica, which is quite literally one of the designs. When it's all put together, it looks pretty sweet.

    TypeTatts e is for MerriweatherPin It

    TypeTatts f is for FuturaPin It

    f is for Futura tattooPin It

    b is for Garamond tattooPin It

    That said, I sure am glad that none of these are Comic Sans. That would've been a mistake.

    via Design Taxi


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