50 Amazing Pinterest Accounts Every Typography Lover Needs to Follow

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    Got something that you like? Just pin it. And if you don't want the world to know about it, just make a private board, and keep it all secret. Seriously, it's not only an excellent tool for professionals, but also a fun way to find new things.

    Take typography, for example. If you want to find some examples of quality work, you just have to hop on Pinterest and type "Typography" in the search field. Don't want to go through all that hassle? Then check this out: we've assembled a list of 50 Pinterest boards that you need to check out. They're all packed with the best of the best, and if you like checking out type and design, here's where you start.

    Oh, and of course, you can always check out Creative Market on Pinterest, particularly the Fonts and Script Fonts boards.

    Words & Letters

    There are 960+ collaborators on this board made up of 10.6k pins. Seriously. There's a LOT going on here.

    Dodo - Logo & typography

    Another solid board with multiple collaborators. It's packed with a wide variety of designs.

    Dejan HolmstrandLogo & typographyFollow On

    Charlene Hendrickson

    Charlene doesn't have a ton of boards to run through, but what she does have is packed with quality, particularly Word Graphics. Good stuff in there for sure.

    Charlene HendricksonWord GraphicsFollow On

    Danae Thompson

    As you can probably guess by the title, there's more than just good typography in this board. But what she does have is pretty cool, and it works in some branding aspects, too.

    Danae Thompsond e s i g nFollow On

    Jess Lee

    From the intricate to the simple and everything in between, this board has it all.

    Becky Rodriguez Graphics

    Posters, logos, badges, and tips of the trade all dominate this board, and all of them work nicely together.

    Becky Rodriguez GraphicsTypography & LetteringFollow On

    Blanca Huang

    What's great about this board is its focus on posters. There are a lot of good ones in here, with a wide variety of different styles.

    Blanca HuangTYPOGRAPHYFollow On


    There are a ton of good ones in here, with a particular focus on posts from Thetypefight.com. I knew nothing about them before, but now I do, and I love it.

    thebacklitbrainTypographyFollow On

    Nadya Niaz

    Based on her description — "My future career is my greatest passion. As it should be :)" — I'm guessing that Nadya is new to the design world. It's good to know that she's picked out some quality typographic examples to serve as inspiration.

    Nadya DiazGraphic Design EVERYTHING Follow On

    Alvin Szeto - Poster Designs

    A solid board is deep, and that's what Alvin has gathered here. The cool part is seeing posters from other countries that still have strong typographic elements.

    Alvin SzetoPoster DesignsFollow On

    Alvin Szeto

    That's right, Alvin gets two entries on this list because of his awesome collection. Seriously, go pin some of these now. I did.

    Alvin SzetoLettering & TypographyFollow On


    How many pins are on this board? Over 1,000. And it has 22.3k followers. Maybe you should hop onboard, right?

    MiagrphxTYPO | LetteringFollow On

    Carlo A. Flores

    2.3k pins on typography. Get ready to get lost in some type.

    Carlo A. FloresTypographyFollow On

    Kelli Matheny

    I dig the variety in this one. There's some cool twilling things in there too, which is rad.

    Kelli MathenyTypographyFollow On

    Alice aFOX

    Lots of posters for all of your print needs.

    Alice aFOXTypographyFollow On

    Lucas Czarnecki

    Just like it says on the tin, this man loves his type, and isn't shy about showing off cool examples.

    Lucas CzarneckiBest Modern TypographyFollow On

    Grain and Filth

    Here's another one with a ton of pins packed with goodies.

    Grain and FilthMakin' LettersFollow On

    Ajay Devar

    8.6k pins on typography? Get ready to lose your afternoon/weekend.

    Ajay DevarDesign InspirationsFollow On

    Kenzie McFeely

    Clean, simple and to the point.

    Kenzie McFeelytypographyFollow On

    Soces Debate

    Amazing examples of hand lettering in this board.

    Soces DebateHand LetteringFollow On

    Martine Strøm

    A great amount of pins (1.8k) combined with a mix of all forms of the art make this a killer board.

    Martine StrømTypography & letteringFollow On

    The Neon Museum

    Just like you'd guess, there's a lot of great neon typography examples in this one.

    Thumy Phan

    There's more than just typography in these 2.7k pins, but it's all good.

    Emiel Geradru

    A colorful board packed with text.

    Emiel GerarduQ U O T E S - T Y P O G R A P H YFollow On

    Hecton Eciro

    The focus here seems to be on hand lettering, with a few other options mixed in there.

    Hecton EciroLettering & TypesFollow On

    Zongo 3000

    With a few exceptions, almost all of these pins are in muted tones.

    Zongo 3000type n letteringFollow On

    Photoshop Roadmap

    Naturally, many of these are Photoshop based, but that may work to your advantage.

    Photoshop RoadmapTypographyFollow On

    .Quintin Cooke

    You'd think this was a NSFW category, but instead it's all about business cards with some very cool text tricks.

    QBC FetishFollow On

    Guilherme David Segobia

    There are a ton of brush stroked and hand drawn text in here.

    Guilherme David SegobiaTypeFollow On


    I dig this one so much that I followed it myself. That's saying something.

    KaraLettersFollow On

    Inspiration DE

    A wide variety of typographic effects are found here, from the simple to the complex and everything in between.

    Inspiration DETypographyFollow On

    Graphic Design Junction

    Motivational sayings rendered with great text.

    Graphic Design JunctionTypography DesignFollow On

    Darren Leahy

    If you want to tweak your text in Photoshop, Darren's got your back with a board full of tips. (His other boards look pretty handy, too.)

    Darren LeahyPhotoshop Text EffectsFollow On

    Masao Kosaka

    One word: Bold.

    ajtm tvTypography_1Follow On

    Thomas Sturm

    Yes, this is about fonts, but there are lots of great typography examples in these 1,000+ pins, too.

    Graphic Design Junction

    They're so close to 1,000 pins you can taste it.

    Graphic Design JunctionTypography DesignFollow On

    Payton Noel

    It's not packed, but the quality is high, which is rad.


    There's a good mix of stuff in here, and his other boards are also pretty solid.

    InoshiroDesignTypography | FontsFollow On

    Chris Locke

    There's a NSFW post at the top as of the time of this writing (for bad language), but otherwise this board is killer.

    Chris LockeType stuffFollow On

    Oh Happy Day!

    So energetic!

    Oh Happy Day!TypeFollow On


    Descriptions are everything, and this one has tons of hand-lettered signs and designs.

    Allison | Painted SummersHand-LetteringFollow On

    Carolina Krieger

    A quality mix of fonts and typographic designs right here.

    Carolina Kriegertypographic.-Follow On

    Type Gang

    With over 2.7k pins, this is a board and group that knows their stuff. Seriously, these are stellar pins in a wide variety of styles.

    Type GangTypographyFollow On

    Young Sinatra

    I mean, the dude has crowns in his name. How can I not link this board?

    ♛ Young Sinatra ♛TypographyFollow On

    Zsófia Paszternák

    There are only 14 pins here, granted, but they're all solid as a rock.

    Zsófia PaszternákTipographyFollow On

    Shelby White

    What I like about this board is the focus on typography, but the flexibility in mediums. There's a lot of adjacent design stuff in here, too.

    Youkyung Na

    1.7k pins and 34.7k followers can't be wrong.

    Youkyung NaTypographyFollow On

    Tina Logar Pasatta

    There's some good stuff in here, including a few tips and tricks to help out the newbies.

    Tina Logar PasattaTypographyFollow On

    Positively Present

    This is another cool and colorful board with a nice collection of typographic styles.

    Positively PresentTerrific Typography + LetteringFollow On

    Kirsten Whipps

    I'd be remiss (and kicked out of the house) if I didn't mention my wife's Great Logos board. It's packed with lots of typographic elements, and she's pretty cool, too.

    Kirsten WhippsGreat logosFollow On

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