20 Stunning Circus Fonts to Design Labels, Signs, and Cards

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  1. Humoresque Layered Mini Font

    Humoresque Layered Mini Font

    Meet **Humoresque**, a wisecracking sign painter mini-font family. You may have seen it before if you've checked out *Artisan's Tool Chest* - http://crtv.mk/p0FcO . The "Revival" lettering set has been refined, boosted, and programmed as a font that you can install and use for all of your Victorian-revival style projects. Humoresque draws inspiration from modern hand-lettering and turn-of-the-century decorative type. It's great for bold displays and headlines of wit and whimsy. --- **IMPORTANT** Humoresque works best- and is more easy to layer- in OpenType savvy apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. The **User Guide** may be viewed here: http://bit.ly/CFHumoresqueUG --- **So what do I mean by "Mini Font?"** Humoresque has a more limited character set than many fonts (check out Display 2) but includes a nice selection of extended latin characters and extra currency symbols. (Click Display 2 for more characters!) With 12 weights and extended Latin, it's more of a Mega-mini font. **Layer it!** Humoresque has **12 weights** that you can layer in countless ways. (Check out Display 4 and 6). All weights (except 00 Plain) include an additional stylistic alternate character set for layering. Open your Character Panel (Photoshop) or OpenType Panel (Illustrator) and select the Stylistic Alternate option to type with the effect only minus the main layer shape. **12 Weights** - 00 Plain - 1 Decorative - 2 Center - 3 Chisel - 4 Filigree - 5 Dots - 6 Woodcut - A Inset - B Engraved - Hatched Shadow - Line Shadow - Shadow **Layering Humoresque** (Works best in Photoshop / Illustrator) Instructions with images provided in the User Guide PDF. - **Layer 1** - Choosing one of the 3 shadow weights, type some letters. In your Character Panel (Photoshop) or OpenType Panel (Illustrator) select the "Stylistic Alternate" option to change the text to the shadow only minus the main layer shape. At this point you can select any color. - **Layer 2** - Duplicate that type layer and move it to the front (in layer order). Select that type layer, deselect "Stylistic Alternates" and change the font to the 00 Plain Weight. At this point you can select any color. - **Layer 3** - Duplicate that type layer and move it to the front (in layer order). Select that type layer and change the font to one of the two lettered weights (A Inset or B Engraved; alternately you can skip to the steps in Layer 4). In your Character Panel (Photoshop) or OpenType Panel (Illustrator) select the "Stylistic Alternate" option to change the text to the effect only minus the main layer shape. At this point you can select any color. - **Layer 4** - Duplicate that type layer and move it to the front (in layer order). Select that type layer and change the font to one of the six numbered weights (1 Decorative, 2 Center, etc). At this point you can select any color. --- Please let me know if you have any questions about the font by sending me a private message. User guide and character maps included! Webfonts also included. *Credits:* Violin illustration in display 3: http://crtv.mk/a0IRn // Music in display 5 "Rage over a lost penny" by Ludwig Van Beethoven: imslp.org // Scissors illustration in display 7: http://crtv.mk/f0XB6

  2. Fictoria Typeface

    Fictoria Typeface

    Introducing new vintage display typeface it's call Fictoria. Inspired by antique and vintage advertising tins package. Come with 4 style and OpenType features with Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternate. To access the alternat glyphs, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS and Adobe Indesign. You can use this font for various purposes.such as logo, t-shirt, posters, lable, greetingcard, letterhead, book cover, and many more. --- This is what you'll be get: - Fictoria.otf - Fictoria Hatch.otf - Fictoria italic.otf - Fictoria Hatch italic.otf - Fictoria Badges Ai and EPS (BONUS) great vintage mock up by Opus Nigrum (https://creativemarket.com/OpusNigrum/241978-25-OFF-American-Rustic-Photos) Hope you enjoy it. Thank you

  3. Nusantara Layered Typeface

    Nusantara Layered Typeface

    Nusantara Typeface is a family that is inspired from a vintage sign board. Archipelago consists of eight securities or style. All can be combined at the same time depending on your needs when designing. For more details, you can see in the mockup. Alternates guides : http://adobe.ly/1m1fn4Y Layered guides :https://www.fontfont.com/news/what-can-layer-fontfonts-do Thank you! Enjoy and happy designing.

  4. Edmond & Bonus

    Edmond & Bonus

    Edmond is new typeface from decade type foundry Hand-lettered look adds a real human touch to things and comes along with upperase, numeric and limited punctuation freebies : http://crtv.mk/pq10



    Lakester is a layered type family. Comes with 4 font system that can be layered to create different effect (regular,shadow,inline,inline 2) . Inspired by vintage american west poster, loaded with 300 glyphs. This family best for logotype, gig poster, letterhead, dropcap, titles, and any artworks. *UPDATE :POSTERS AND VECTOR INCLUDED IN PACKAGE **BLACK FRIDAY SALE 50% OFF**

  6. Gooberville Typeface

    Gooberville Typeface

    A quirky sans-serif display font, Gooberville echoes mid-century American postcards, with hints of circus sideshow flair. Perfect for logos, headlines, album covers and other branding materials. Web fonts included for use online or in an app. Gooberville comes with nearly 400 glyphs, in three styles: Solid, Rough, and Outline. Multilingual support for all European languages. All my fonts come with lifetime updates, and discounts on future variations.

  7. Hustlers Clean & Rough

    Hustlers Clean & Rough

    Hustlers™ was inspired by carnival, circus and tattoo signs shop from the late 1800's, It works well with normal size text, but it works even better for large displays, short words, or even just to incorporate a few or single characters in a design.

  8. The Witch Typeface

    The Witch Typeface

    Inspired by the font of late 1800's, **The Witch** is a kind of layered font family with four styles. Regular, Outline, Gradient and 3D Extrude. Vintage atmosphere is very thick felt at this font. Circus, Carnival, coffee, cigarettes, and the barber is the objective of this font. Fonts can also be used only with one style only. It would be very interesting if it is used for your design themed vintage, retro, and others. Enjoy! Happy Designing!

  9. Gentleman Clown

    Gentleman Clown

    This handsomely crafted font is insanely cheap. It includes three versions of the font with different weight and fill levels. It also has all the numbers and basic symbols for everyday usage. It is uniform enough to work well at smaller sizes like 18-24pt but unique enough to dominate a design. It's perfect for industries like craft beer, artisan eats, hipster and badge design. Get all three for a low intro price of only five bucks. We at ScrewLoose Design know that not every designer has a budget for an arsenal of $20-$30 fonts and want to offer quality products for a reasonable price. We just want to make the clutter beautiful. So grab this font and get out there.

  10. Dusty Circus™ 5 Layer Font System

    Dusty Circus™ 5 Layer Font System

    Dusty Circus™ is a five layer stacking display face designed to be infinitely morphed. The metrics are set identically in the individual and family set, to provide for typographic ease (although we seem to prefer an offset appearance). Great for a vintage western feel or a modern aesthetic. In addition, note that it is very easy to omit a layer and add multiple copies of other layers to produce a 3D bevel on the fly, or inline styles with flair and substance. LTD is a short set for non-commercial use only and combines two of the layers with many features/glyphs removed. Go here to see LTD: https://creativemarket.com/baselinefonts/9132-Dusty-Circus-LTD

  11. Crazy Circus typeface

    Crazy Circus typeface

    Introducing a vintage look label typeface named "Crazy Circus". It's made in strong and vintage label style. Typeface is good viewed on any labels design. **Features:** - EPS10 files with all graphics stuff from screenshots - OTF and WOFF font files - 5 fonts in complect with special effects, plus aged version - You can mix texture and shadow effects (look at 4-th screenshot) **Thank you!**

  12. Chesterfield Typeface

    Chesterfield Typeface

    **Chesterfield™** was inspired by carnival, circus and tattoo signs shop from the late 1800's, It works well with normal size text, but it works even better for large displays, short words, or even just to incorporate a few or single characters in a design. and don't forget, we put the Hipsterious Vector Shapes as the bonus in the pack that worth for $10, so why wait? go download it now! enjoy!

  13. Historica Typeface

    Historica Typeface

    Historica is a font inspired by the late 1800s typography. The type font used to create posters, banners, and other media in a circus show, magic, carnaval, and others. Historica is made for those who want to learn the history of the entertainment world during the 1800s. Historica is a solution for those who want to make the design theme of vintage, retro and custom culture. Enjoy!

  14. Circus Freak font

    Circus Freak font

    Circus freak was partly inspired by the old American chromatic wood type from the late 1800's, and my desire to create a chromatic typeface. It has four styles that can be layered one on top of the other to get a chromatic colour effect reminiscent of vintage letterpress printing. The four styles include - Circus freak Regular - Circus freak Lines - Circus freak shadow - Circus freak shadow stroke You can also add an inner or an outer stroke to any of the layers to get even more effects. **Free textures included** In fact, I created 4 letterpress textures to be used with the typeface. You can see a demo https://vimeo.com/192240961. It's old style western sensibility and thick slab serifs will add a dramatic period look to any design project. It includes language support for eastern, central and western European countries, in total it has 345 glyphs. The font includes - Uppercase characters only - Numbers and punctuation - Symbols - Support for Eastern, Central and Western European languages - 4 Different styles - 4 Letterpress high-resolution textures If this font was a celebrity it would be more Ronald Reagan than Donald Trump. Although Trump is scary—and creepy. --- If you have any questions just ask. --- Check out my other fonts—http://bit.ly/1SqAL3l

  15. Cabrito Inverto

    Cabrito Inverto

    Life’s always more fun when you reverse the stress. The same goes for the new member of the Cabrito family. Cabrito itself is a recently developed slab serif made for the kid’s book The Clothes Letters Wear. Cabrito proved to be more popular than I thought, and I promised I would create an inverted style for this new addition to the font world--a variant that would pair well with the original or even stand well on its own. And so now, here it is. Cabrito Inverto, which features the reversed stress of the strokes from a font’s “normal” traits. Inverted stress fonts are most often associated with cowboys and the Old West. The inverted stress gives it a happy-go-lucky appearance, not to be taken too seriously. It's a pleasantly rounded, not-so-strictly geometric typeface with handwriting-inspired forms. Whew, that’s a mouthful! Inverto’s bundle of alternates is accessible in any OpenType-enabled program. It contains a workforce of alternates, swashes, and alternate titling caps to embellish the font. Also bundled are swash alternates, aged design and style figures, and compact caps. Peruse the PDF brochure to examine out these solutions in action. OpenType-enabled purposes such as Adobe suite or Quark will allow ligatures and alternates. This font family also includes the glyphs for 72 different languages. Cabrito Inverto does pair well with Cabrito. There is even an extra font weight, Black, for when you want to punch it up a bit. Jeremy Dooley designed Inverto to be a welcoming, day-to-day font family. Use it to express friendliness on just about anything, from candy to food to children’s toys. Cabrito Inverto's one-of-a-kind visual appearance brings a bundle of fun to the party. Buy Cabrito Inverto to give a boost to your designs every day of the week.

  16. The Freaky Circus font

    The Freaky Circus font

    Introducing "The Freaky Circus" typeface with vector graphics bonus. The font and graphics has dirty handmade textured effect. Images are made in vector eps files (v.10). The Open Type font includes 15 automatically replaceable ligatures. You can also variate between wide and narrow letters using capital characters. **Whats inside:** - Font files (OTF, TTF, WOFF) - Vector EPS files (with all stuff from screenshots) *Note: this typeface has only latin letters (all characters are shown on second screenshot)*

  17. Mystery Tour Display Font

    Mystery Tour Display Font

    Just want **Mystery Tour Sans**? No problem! https://crmrkt.com/Pd19d Mystery Tour is a americana-inspired, layered display face that comes with a bonus sans serif. Change the colours in the click of a button! This font is great for packaging, cover design, posters, logos, basically any time you need your message to pop. Both Mystery Tour & Mystery Tour Sans also come included with multilingual support for the following languages: *Breton, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Estonian, English, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, Scottish Gaelic, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh.* --- Included with your purchase: - Mystery Tour Clean (OTF) - Mystery Tour Decorative (OTF) - Mystery Tour Shadow (OTF) - Mystery Tour Sans (OTF) --- At $15, what are you waiting for? Grab Mystery Tour today! Also be sure to check out the rest of the shop for more great design resources! http://creativemarket.com/vintagetypeco

  18. Latinidad


    This font will show up only in apps that are compatible with color bitmap fonts, like Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1 It comes as a special OpenType .otf font file, in which each character is encoded with two image formats: OpenType-SVG and SBIX. Learn more about color fonts & their support in third-party apps on www.colorfonts.wtf

  19. Shelton Slab

    Shelton Slab

    Shelton Slab is a typeface with an eroded, printed look, representing beautiful uppercase wood type characters. The letters seem to be from different alphabets to support the wood type feeling. Every uppercase letter has an alternate character placed in the lowercase slot. Shelton Slab has an extended character set to support Central and Eastern European languages and also contains arrows and some other special glyphs available through the OpenType contextual alternates feature.



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