Most Advaced Magento Mobile Responsive Templates &Themes

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  1. Mobile Heaven Magento Theme

    Mobile Heaven Magento Theme

    Can you imagine your life without a mobile phone? No, you can't and so do your customers. Some people need a moby just for communication, others to confirm their high social status. All of us have different reasons to change the outdated models for new, functional, and stylish ones. It's clear that a mobile phone store should be ultra modern, otherwise the visitors will think that you sell stationary dial phones that only old grannies use today. This template is perfect to impress your buyers. It's absolutely flat and minimalistic, with great photos and slightly subdued color scheme. All these features match the latest web design trends, so your website will always stay current.

  2. Coffee Store Magento Theme

    Coffee Store Magento Theme

    A cup of good coffee makes a day. To find it, you can enter a cozy coffee shop or visit online store with a wide range of brands. Here is a theme that can be ideal for setting up a profitable coffee business online, and you're welcome to try its edgy and sophisticated design. This visually rich layout that is completely responsive and contemporary oriented, offers the viewers a pleasant site experience of browsing the desired products. Choosing this userfriendly template, you provide the site visitors with good shopping time they will certainly enjoy.

  3. Florists Offerings Magento Theme

    Florists Offerings Magento Theme

    It's sheer misery to stay away from the people we love especially when special occasions come up, but distance isn't an excuse to forget about them. To delight sweethearts at these glorious times, it's a good idea to send them a splendid bouquet of flowers. In such a case, most of us resort to florist's online shops and, to build one, here's a theme that will be of great use for this undertaking. As its tender palette reflects romance and care, people will be overwhelmed with warm feelings once they enter your platform. Due to an elaborate design of this theme, any store will sparkle with elegance. It will create an impression that bouquets available there will impress recipients with their gorgeous look and demonstrate senders' affection in a gentle manner at the same time. For that reason, this theme is a must try option to promote flower stores on the web.

  4. Crisp and Clean

    Crisp and Clean

    Crisp and Clean Magento supports Magento CE version 1.4.1.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x,, and 1.7.02 Now fully responsive! The site will automatically change the layout when opened from a smaller screen like a mobile phone or iPad. Try it by resizing your browser, refresh your page when the new page loads. It’s what everyone wants so we listened to the people and made it a reality! Stylish simplicity and navigational clarity work together in this theme to provide exactly what the name implies: a crisp and clean user interface. White, open space makes way for the homepage’s two uniquely-designed custom galleries, both of which will instantly intrigue the viewer. Dominated by a striking three-way image slider, the h

  5. Yarn Online Store Magento Theme

    Yarn Online Store Magento Theme

    Custom made clothing is in vogue, so yarn is in demand nowadays. However, you can make your business even more profitable with the help of the online store. Have a closer look at this design. Its bright colors create such positive atmosphere that you don't want to leave the website without a purchase. Main navigation menu is enhanced by catching promo banners. Slider is placed over the blue block with a subtle peacock pattern. 'Add to cart' buttons change their green color into red on hovering. In general, the theme looks clean and professional. Isn't that exactly what you need?

  6. Fashion Store Magento Theme

    Fashion Store Magento Theme

    If you need a fashion store suitable for both men and women, choose this design with neutral color scheme. Calm beige tones look very elegant like everything classical. You don't need to worry that your store will go out of fashion as such designs are ever current. Notwithstanding template's neutral style, it can't be called tedious due to the interesting designer's solution with alternating content areas, banners, photos, product sections and even Google map at the bottom of the page. Brief texts and large legible fonts make the impression complete. We believe that this web store has all chances for success.

  7. AM Acceptus - Successfully Store Magento Theme

    AM Acceptus - Successfully Store Magento Theme

    As nowadays selling is conducted over electronic systems, with our latest template which beautifully displays to all mobile devices, you will be able to process transactions from users of PCs, tablets and handheld devices! Create an outstanding online store today with AM Acceptus and start selling without any barriers in layout or design. If you are ready to bring your business online, then get started today and enjoy your endless fortune ! AM Acceptus Magento Theme features: Amazing Magento Revolution Slider: AM Magento Theme Features Responsive web design: show up great on both Mac, Windows, iPad, Tablets, iPhone, Android and windows phones AM Acceptus Document Powerful admin control panel Includes Amazing AM Re

  8. Knives Online Store Magento Theme

    Knives Online Store Magento Theme

    Sharp, quality knives greatly simplify either amateur or professional cooks' work. Offer your knives online and enjoy the raise of your profit. Our designers have drawn a wonderful template for you. Its menu, slider and banners are placed over the beautiful background image, which helps to create the effect of elements soaring. Large, readable fonts let the buyer quickly scan the most advantageous store offers. Products in the content area are marked with 'New' and 'Sale' stickers, which give the customer additional information about the product. Even the footer of the given template is very impressive due to the black and white background photo. If this theme fits your business requirements you can purchase it immediately and start ecommerce in the nearest future.

  9. UX Pearlwhite | Fast Responsive Magento Theme

    UX Pearlwhite | Fast Responsive Magento Theme

    Compatible with Magento:,,,,, The Most User Friendly Responsive Magento Theme Everything responsive, even all tables All pages are customized: Catalog Pages, Shopping Cart, One Page Checkout, Multiple Address Checkout, Customer Account Pages and all other pages! Custom lightbox effect for main product images and terms & conditions Tabs on product page (displayed as an accordion on small screens) Super Fast Loading Time It’s not enough to just have a mobile optimised website, it’s vital that its performance meets customer expectations. The importance of speed for mobile commerce A 1-second delay in page load time equals 11% fewer page views, a 16%

  10. Christmas Gifts Magento Theme

    Christmas Gifts Magento Theme

    Christmas presents coulb be happening all year round. You can find a nice gift for your wife or a husband in spring, summer or autumn, and want to buy it. Online shops offer you such opportunity. If you want to get the pleasure of creating the one, try this readymade design with a festive atmosphere so welcoming for the audience. The layout with each gift carefully placed in a grid and added wit descriptions looks uncluttered and easy to work with. To multiply site visits and make people feel happy with nice gifts, choose this template.

  11. Responsive Mobile Store Magento Theme

    Responsive Mobile Store Magento Theme

    If you are in the course of all latest web design trends, this design will raise your interest. Its flat colored layout is really trendy and attractive. Large part of the page is occupied by rainbow banners promoting the latest phone models. Brief information about the store is right below them. Functional icon based buttons, provided for new products are supplied with tool tips for better comprehension.

  12. Responsive Mobile Store Magento Theme

    Responsive Mobile Store Magento Theme

    Sell your mobile phones online as it's extremely profitable now-a-days. Orange colors present in the layout stimulate buyer's activity. Slider demonstrates the latest telephone models. Products are presented in six column structure. Banners zoom in on hovering. Large social media icons are in the right bottom corner of the page. Footer widgets facilitate main drop down menu.



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