5 Best PHP Help & Support Tool Scripts for March 2019

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  1. ComTech - Computer Repair & Servicing Website

    ComTech - Computer Repair & Servicing Website

    ComTech is a Dynamic Website for Repair Shop or Servicing Business. Its Made with PHP Laravel, Its Secure, Strong, Responsive & Fully Dynamic. its Built to be beautiful, fast and powerful. its comes with one-click installer thats help to install our system within 5 minutes without any technical knowledge. Its usefull for Computer shop, laptop care, any types of servicing center or shop, Mobile Repair Shop and more… System Overview: Fully Responsive Design. One-click Easy Installation. Multiple Language & Social Link. About & Service menus. Team & Team Member Profile. Blogs & Contact. Powerful Admin panel. Secure Responsive Dashboard. FrontEnd Settings. Banner Settings. Our Team Settings. Testimonial

  2. WePay - B2B Money Transfer Platform

    WePay - B2B Money Transfer Platform

    WePay is an financial services and communications System Platform Build with Laravel. Its Fully Responsive and Easy to Use Agent to Agent Money Transfer Platform. you need to complete a “To Send Money” form and pay the agent the amount you want to send, plus fees, in cash. To pick up the money, the receiver will complete a “To Receive Money” form at any WePay agent location and provide proper identification. The agent then pays the transfer amount to the receiver. Agent Panel: ☲ Responsive Frontend. ☲ Platform Information. ☲ TESTIMONIAL Section. ☲ Easy To Use Dashboard. ☲ Agent Commission Summary. ☲ Total Balance Summary ☲ Manage Transaction. ☲ Send Money Anywhere. ☲ Receive Money. ☲ Sending Log. ☲ Receiving log. ☲ Withdraw Balance.

  3. Airlines - Cabin Crew & Air Parts Management System

    Airlines - Cabin Crew & Air Parts Management System

    Airlines Is Easy to use Flight, Cabin Crew & Airparts Management software Developed with PHP Laravel for companies of all sizes. This software is designed to fulfill the needs of Aircraft. effectively Included: Aircraft Management, Air Parts Management, Air Crew Management, Route & Others.. Key Features: ☵ Responsive Design. ☵ Secure Login. ☵ Informative Dashboard. ☵ Aircraft Management. ☵ Air Parts Management. ☵ Expired Parts List. ☵ Used Parts List. ☵ Crew Type Management. ☵ Total Crew Listing. ☵ Flight Route Management. ☵ Aircrew Management. ☵ Route Management. ☵ Crew Route Management. ☵ Total Fly Report. ☵ Notice Board. ☵ Route Chart. ☵ Auto Notification Alert Bar. ☵ System Settings. Demo Access: Admin Access: http

  4. Online Doctor Prescription Generator

    Online Doctor Prescription Generator

    Online Doctor Prescription Generator is an web based software for a doctor who have his own chamber . Doctor can easily generate a prescription without writing any papers . This is automatic tools what will store all prescriptions and patients data in software database. Also can print out online prescription. Most downloads from US doctors , UK doctors . Very easy to install , no need to know any programming language . It is a simple prescription writing tool . If you like our script , don’t forget to rate it 5 stars Demo Link : Patients : http://doctor.vinnorokom.comn Doctor : http://doctor.vinnorokom.com/login User : doctor Pass : 123456# Feature List One click Installation Patient

  5. Taski - A Clean Task Management System

    Taski - A Clean Task Management System

    Are you running a small team? Want to organize your work? Here comes the easiest solution. This task management system is a web app which can be used to organize your tasks. Trace your employees work progress. There are different options of saving tasks and assigning them to employees. Template features: Key Features: Create and assign task to employee/users. Manage task (edit,delete,update) Send warning messages to assigned person. Trace tasks completed percentage. See warning message status. Employee/users attendance Last 30 days attendance report Create office hour Create and manage Categories Create and manage personal tasks Create and manage use



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