21+ Boutique WordPress Themes & Templates 2019 [ Download Now ]

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  1. Lush Boutique - WordPress Shop Theme

    Lush Boutique - WordPress Shop Theme

    Welcome to Fashion Boutique theme. Launch your online stores in style with Fashion Boutique theme. As soon as download this theme, you can quickly build your store and start selling like professional because of the WooCommerce Plugin integration, which takes care of all your payment gateway and currency requirements. Create amazing animated content using the Slider Revolution and Unyson Plugin to make your visitors stay longer on your site. The drag and drop features of the theme would help you to design your pages without the need of a single line of code! As a result, your site is ready in no time and easily manageable without having to rely more on technical support. Let us examine the features of Fashion Boutique in depth. Unyson

  2. Laura Women Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

    Laura Women Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

    This fully responsive Women Blog WordPress theme with its intuitive design and stylish look will help you make your blog about fashion, health or beauty really user-friendly. It has fast, glamorous interface that can be customized to your taste. It also has different layouts with multiple pages, each element of which can be customized. This template was made by a team of professionals, concerned about helping you to bring your ideas to as many people as possible. So they have developed this elegant Women Blog WordPress theme to suite your needs. This user-friendly WordPress theme will be perfectly suited to represent your individuality on the web! THIS BEAUTY WORDPRESS DESIGN IS RESPONSIVE What is it? Responsive design means properly adapted to the screens of all dimensions on any gadget. Why is it Good? Along with the increasing fascination with mobile devices, the quantity of users who log on to the sites from mobile phones has grown considerably. This kind of functionality lets you change websites to cellular devices and diverse screen extensions, eventually supplying smartphone users with enhanced opportunities. Fresh Responsive WP templates here THIS IS BEAUTY WP TEMPLATE WITH CHERRY FRAMEWORK What is it? This is a totally free WordPress framework developed with open source code and characterized by its flexible and highly-efficient essence. Why is it Good? Significantly more instruments - considerably more choices. Cherry Framework offers the users a significant number of tools which will sufficiently expand common WP usefulness. It'll make the whole process of web page creating considerably easier for beginners as well as a lot quicker for competent website developers. Newest Cherry Framework WordPress templates here THIS FASHION WP TEMPLATE IS SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY What is it? Search engine friendly is a WordPress theme that helps to easily crawl and index the website. Why is it Good? SEO allows to get to the top of search engine results and match the ranking factors required by the most popular search engines. As a result, your website is visible on the web. Find more Search Engine Friendly WordPress templates here THIS FASHION & BEAUTY MAGAZINE WORDPRESS TEMPLATE IS WPML READY What is it? WPML ready web templates will interpret any kind of code-embedded phrases on your web business. Why is it Good? It doesn't matter in case you actually have clientele speaking a distinctive foreign language, or even want to enlarge your business in foreign countries - WPML plugin can help you with that. It can be suitable for the vast majority of modern web page builders and also CMS. You don't need to be concerned about it. Click for more WPML ready WP themes here THIS FASHION CONSULTANT WP THEME IS RETINA READY What is it? Retina Ready WordPress themes are templates that can adjust to Retina screens and always look clear and vibrant. Why is it Good? Retina Ready designs make all images and content look clearer, brighter, and more colorful. Browse for more Retina Ready WordPress designs here THIS IS BUSINESS BUREAU WORDPRESS TEMPLATE WITH SAMPLE DATA INSTALLER What is it? It is a web module which will help to set up a number of data files keeping the live demo website content. Why is it Good? Sample Data Installer minimizes manual editing, as a result helping you save a lot of time. You can use the module with any WordPress template offered at TemplateMonster marketplace. View latest Sample Data Installer WordPress designs here Laura Women Fashion Blog WordPress Theme FAQ ARE THERE ANY RESTRICTIONS FOR USING IMAGERY, CLIPARTS AND FONTS FROM THE WP TEMPLATE FOR BUSINESS BUREAU I PURCHASED? All imagery, clipart and fonts used in WP template for Business Bureau are royalty-free, if not stated otherwise on the product page, and are the integral part of our products. One Time Usage License and Developers License give you the right to use images, clipart and fonts only as a part of the website you build using your template. You can use imagery, clipart and fonts to develop one project only. Any kind of separate usage or distribution is strictly prohibited. CAN I RESELL BUSINESS FIRM WORDPRESS DESIGNS I BOUGHT THE DEVELOPERS LICENSE FOR? You cannot resell the customized WordPress theme for Seo Expert as a template, but you may sell it as a project to your client. IS IT POSSIBLE THAT TEMPLATE MONSTER WILL CONTACT MY CLIENT WHICH WEBSITE I MADE FROM TEMPLATE MONSTER'S WEBSITE WP TEMPLATE FOR MEN FASHION? Yes, our legal department checks licenses regularly. In case we won't find designer's contact information on the site which was made from the WP template for Men Fashion of ours we will contact the owner of the site directly. WHAT IS EXTENDED LICENSE FOR WORDPRESS THEME FOR VINTAGE FASHION BLOG? The extended license is a website design solution for software companies, sitebuilders and any other businesses working with CMS, software, freeware and applications (excluding those that are the part of the product offered by TemplateMonster). For example, a company produces some kind of an application that is selling very well but there is no website design to integrate with this application. Extended license allows to buy our WP templates for Accessories Shop at half of their unique price and integrate with the application ( CMS, software, freeware, sitebuilder) thus creating a «new» product. This new products is the property of the company that developed the product, thus the company gains the full rights to distribute the product based on the company's policy and terms of use. The extended license in no way means the reselling of TemplateMonster templates. WHAT IS GNU GPL V3.0 LICENSE AND CAN I USE IT WITH BUSINESS FIRM WORDPRESS DESIGN THEME? If you buy a Business Firm WordPress design theme released under GNU General Public License v3.0, you can use it on any number of projects belonging to either you or your clients without any limitations. This license allows you to modify the template and its sources to suit your needs. I HAVE CUSTOMIZED THE BUSINESS FIRM WORDPRESS DESIGN THEME AND WOULD LIKE TO PROTECT MY CONTENT BY COPYRIGHT, CAN I PLACE COPYRIGHT, MYCOMPANYNAME.COM? Yes, you can add your copyright to protect your content. After Business Firm WordPress design theme purchase you can put your copyright to the template. But you cannot place a line at the bottom (or any other spot) of the customized project saying "Website design by Company name". Nevertheless, you can place "Customized by Company name". IS IT POSSIBLE TO USE YOUR WORDPRESS DESIGNS FOR ONLINE CLOTHING STORE TO DEVELOP WEBSITES FOR MY CUSTOMERS? Yes. It is perfect for designers who want to offer their customers a high-quality design and also save time and money. Keep in mind that when you purchase the WP theme for Clothing Store with ordinary or exclusive license you're entitled to create only one project (one domain name). CAN I PUT LOW RESOLUTION THUMBNAILS OF WP TEMPLATES FOR FASHION & BEAUTY STORE ON MY WEBSITE FOR MY CLIENTS TO CHOOSE DESIGNS? Yes, of course. CAN I CUSTOMIZE THE WORDPRESS TEMPLATE FOR SEO SPECIALIST IF THAT'S REQUIRED BY APPLICATION SETTINGS? Yes, you can customize the WordPress template for Seo Specialist code, graphics, fonts to any extent needed. CAN I GET THE WP TEMPLATE FOR BUSINESS BUREAU IN HIGHER RESOLUTION TO USE FOR PRINTING? No, we design WordPress design themes for Seo Auditor optimized for web resolution only. IS IT POSSIBLE TO BUY THE PARTICULAR IMAGE FROM THE WP THEME FOR BRAND APPAREL SHOP? No. According to our Terms and Conditions we never sell the images separately from WordPress designs for White Hat Seo Expert (as well as the templates separately from the images). WHAT IS THE PRICE FOR ACQUIRING THE EXTENDED LICENSE FOR WORDPRESS THEME FOR CLOTHING BOUTIQUE? There is no set price for acquiring the extended license. The price is based on the WordPress theme for Clothing Boutique's unique price for those templates you would like to use for the integration. The price for purchasing license for a single template is half of the template unique price. ARE THERE ANY LIMITATIONS ON SELLING THE WORDPRESS DESIGN FOR FASHION BEAUTY AS THE INTEGRAL PART OF MY NEW PRODUCT? No, there are no limitations on our side. The WordPress design for Fashion Beauty as the integral part of new products is the property of the company that developed it, thus the company gains the full rights to distribute the product based on the company policy and terms of use. WHAT IS DEVELOPERS LICENSE FOR SEO COMPANY WORDPRESS DESIGN? If you purchase a Developer's license, you are granted a non-exclusive permission to use the Seo Company WordPress design on up to 5 domains for projects belonging to either you or your client. CAN I RESELL THE WORDPRESS DESIGNS FOR HIGH FASHION I BOUGHT THE EXTENDED LICENSE FOR? No, you cannot resell the WordPress designs for High Fashion as is. You can only sell them as the integral part of your new product. CAN I RESELL THE CUSTOMIZED WP THEME FOR FASHION DESIGNER? No, you cannot resell the customized WP theme for Fashion Designer as a template but you may sell it as a project to your client (see paragraph 1 ONE TIME USAGE LICENSE for more details). IS THERE ANY RETURN POLICY FOR WORDPRESS DESIGNS FOR FASHION BLOGS FOR TEENS? Requests for a refund are accepted at www.template-help.com/tickets within the period of 2 weeks after the order of Fashion Stylist WordPress template is placed. You should accompany this request with detailed and grounded reasons why you apply for a refund. Please make sure your request does not contradict the terms and conditions specified in the policy. A refund is issued to you upon receipt of a Waiver of Copyright signed by you. WHAT IS A ONE TIME USAGE LICENSE FOR A FASHION DESIGNER BLOG WORDPRESS DESIGN? When you buy the Fashion Designer Blog WordPress design at usual price you automatically get the one time usage license. It enables you to use each individual product on a single website only, belonging to either you or your client. You have to purchase the same template again if you plan to use the same design in connection with another or other projects. When passing files to your client please delete the template files from your computer. WHAT DO I RECEIVE WHEN I ORDER A WORDPRESS THEME FOR SEO WEB OPTIMIZATION FROM TEMPLATEMONSTER.COM? After you complete the payment via our secure form you will receive the instructions for downloading the WordPress theme for Seo Web Optimization. The source files in the download package can vary based on the type of the product you have purchased.If you need unzipping software to open the .zip archive, Windows users may visit www.WinZip.com, Mac users may visit www.StuffIt.com. ARE IMAGES INCLUDED IN THE MEN'S FASHION BLOG WORDPRESS THEMES RELEASED UNDER GPLV3.0 LICENSE? In the Men's Fashion Blog WordPress themes released under GNU GPL v3.0 images are not included and are used for demo purposes only. CAN I INTEGRATE THE WORDPRESS DESIGN THEME FOR FASHION STORE WITH THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE OR APPLICATIONS FOR DEVELOPMENT OF MY NEW PRODUCTS? No, you cannot get the developers license for development of WordPress design theme for Fashion Store or other products. WHAT AM I ALLOWED AND NOT ALLOWED TO DO WITH THE WORDPRESS TEMPLATES FOR FASHION STORE? You may: Build a website using the Women's Fashion Store WordPress design theme in any way you like.You may not:Resell or redistribute templates (like we do).Claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our products, modified or unmodified. All products are property of content providing companies and individuals.Make more than one project using the same template (you have to purchase the same template once more in order to make another project with the same design). WHAT IS A BUYOUT PURCHASE LICENSE FOR ACCESSORIES STORE WORDPRESS DESIGN? If you purchase the product at a ‘Buyout price' it guarantees that you are the last person to buy this template from us. It means that this Accessories Store WordPress design may have been sold before a couple of times (see ‘Downloads' number in item's properties) but only you and people who bought the template before you will own it. After this kind of purchase the template is being permanently removed from our sales directory and is never available to other customers again. The buyout purchase license allows you to develop the unlimited number of projects based on this template, but the template should be customized differently for every project. DO YOU PROVIDE ANY SCRIPTS WITH YOUR WORDPRESS THEMES FOR FASHION STYLIST OR COULD YOU DO SOME CUSTOM PROGRAMMING? Our templates do not include any additional scripts. Newsletter subscriptions, search fields, forums, image galleries (in HTML versions of Flash products) are inactive. Basic scripts can be easily added to a WP theme for Apparel Design Company at www.TemplateTuning.com If you are not sure that the element you're interested in is active please contact our Support Chat for clarification. CAN I APPLY A DISCOUNT CODE TO A DISCOUNTED WP TEMPLATE FOR FASHION MAGAZINE OR COMBINE SEVERAL DISCOUNT CODES TOGETHER TO GET BETTER PRICE? Unfortunately, you cannot do this. CAN I PUT A LINE AT THE BOTTOM (OR ANY OTHER SPOT) OF MY NEW PRODUCT "WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT BY COMPANY NAME" AFTER PURCHASING MEN'S FASHION BLOG WORDPRESS DESIGN THEME? Yes, you can place a note at the bottom (or any other spot) of my product "Website development by Company name". Nevertheless, you cannot place "Website design by Company name"while using one of Men's Fashion Blog WordPress design theme. HOW MANY APPLICATIONS, PROGRAMS ETC CAN I USE TO INTEGRATE WITH THE WP THEMES FOR WOMEN'S FASHION UNDER ONE EXTENDED LICENSE? The extended license gives you the right to use the purchased WP themes for Women's Fashion for the integration with one software/freeware/application/CMS/sitebuilder only. In case you would like to use the template with the other application, the other license is to be acquired. WHAT IS A UNIQUE PURCHASE LICENSE FOR WORDPRESS DESIGN THEME FOR FASHION STORE? If you purchase the product at a ‘Unique price' it guarantees that you are the first and the last person to buy this WordPress design theme for Fashion Store from us. It means that this template has not been sold before and you become an owner of a unique design. After this kind of purchase the template is being permanently removed from our sales directory and is never available to other customers again. The unique purchase license allows you to develop the unlimited number of projects based on this template, but the template should be customized differently for every project. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF PURCHASING A WORDPRESS DESIGN FOR PREGNANCY FASHION? The major advantage of purchasing a WordPress design for Pregnancy Fashion is price: You get a high quality design for just $20-$70. You don't have to hire a web designer or web design studio. Second advantage is time frame: It usually takes 5-15 days for a good designer to produce a web page of such quality. IS IT REASONABLE TO MAKE UNIQUE PURCHASE OF WORDPRESS THEME FOR FASHION LOOKS THAT WAS ALREADY PURCHASED BEFORE? Yes, it's reasonable to make a unique purchase of WordPress theme for Fashion Looks . Because there is very small chance that you will find the same design on the net. There are more than 3,000,000,000 webpages online now according to statistics on www.google.com. This template is featured in the following editorial reviews: TOP 50 Fashion WordPress Themes to stay in Vogue Best eCommerce WordPress Themes For Fashion Bloggers TOP 100 Fashion & Beauty WordPress Themes Templates TOP 30 Ultimate Fashion Blog WordPress Templates

  3. Camden - Boutique Store WordPress Theme

    Camden - Boutique Store WordPress Theme

    Camden is a premium e-commerce WordPress theme made for boutique online stores selling anything from designer clothing, jewellery or furniture, cutting edge electrical goods, artisan food or digital products, and services. Camden is crafted to be simple to use so you can create your clean, modern online store quickly and easily with WooCommerce, the worlds most popular e-commerce platform. Camden is compatible with the awesome free SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin and WooCommerce, and includes stacks of template and theme options to help you create the perfect website for your business. Camden has been lovingly created by an established Envato Elite author with a proven track record of great themes and customer support. Join over 8

  4. Grace - Minimal Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme

    Grace - Minimal Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme

    Grace is a minimal and modern WordPress e-commerce theme built with King-Composer page builder. It was built for your Fashion, Apparels, Bags, Watch, Shoes, Clothes, Beauty, Boutique, Minimal, Accessories and other multi purpose store. This amazing theme is integrated with WooCommerce and many other features like sidebar shopping cart, Quick-view Product, Product Compare/Wish-list, Advanced Reviews, Custom Widgets and Unlimited Color Schemes. This theme built with drag and drop King Composer page builder which allows you to create and arrange each element and content. COMPATIBILITY WordPress 4.9.x, WordPress 5.0.x WooCommerce 3.x.x THEME FEATURES 2 Premade Homepage Layouts 100% Fully Responsive Theme WordPress 4.5+ support WooCommerce Integrated Theme King-Composer Page Builder No Coding skill required One Click Demo Data Importer Built with HTML5 and CSS3 600+ Google Fonts included Unique and Creative Design Cross Browser Compatibility: Fire-Fox, Safari, Chrome, IE11/EDGE Easy Theme options Free Icon Fonts 2 Header Layouts Sticky Header Horizontal Mega Menu 2 Footer Layouts Custom-Label on Products 3 Product/Hover Styles 5 Different Single product styles Product Image Zoom Advanced Reviews Frequently Bought Products Feature Ajax Advanced Category-wise Search MailChimp Newsletter Integration Contact Form 7 Integration Preloader Enable/Disable Custom Widgets Easy To Customize Unlimited Color Options Child Theme Ready WPML Ready Clean and commented code Custom css in Theme Option Documentations included Best Customer support Update (March 04, 2019) Fix common issues WooCommerce Templates updated Update CSS & JS

  5. 69 Clothing | Brand Store & Fashion Boutique WordPress Theme

    69 Clothing | Brand Store & Fashion Boutique WordPress Theme

    Stylish Brand Store & Fashion Boutique WordPress Theme CURRENT VERSION 1.2.1 (see Change log at the bottom of this page) If you are a fashion retailer or company that sells on the Internet, here is a modern and stylish solution – 69 Clothing. 69 Clothing is a responsive, modern, attractive & alluring e-commerce WordPress theme. It is built for an online brand store of clothing, lingerie agency, and accessories firm, or online fashion boutique. Fashion Boutique WordPress Theme features The theme is packed with lots of pre-designed pages to display your main services, your store’s range, its gallery and its news, etc. It features two styles of Homepage – fullwidth and boxed, as well as boxed and fullwidth Store pages. 4 beautiful

  6. Julie - Fashion WooCommerce Theme

    Julie - Fashion WooCommerce Theme

    Julie – Fashion WooCommerce WordPress Theme is a feature-focused and catchy eCommerce website theme. It is intensively designed for eCommerce WordPress website that sells Women Fashion, Kids Products, Men Fashion, Cosmetics, Leather Goods, Travel Accessories, Ornaments, Sunglasses, RMG Products, and almost all other vendor products. Julie, quick-install, theme provides tons of dominant features like- 100% Responsiveness, Theme Colors, Box Style, Cross-Browser Compatibility, Cart Page, Wishlist Page, Multiple Currency etc. Julie provides excellent product displays that brings catchy look. In addition, this theme has Elementor page builder, Header Style, Footer style, WPML, Theme Colors, and many more. It brings Product Video, Product Review, Related Product and Custom Tab as well. Moreover, Julie is flexible in communication too as it has Contact Form, Contact Information, Contact Map, Blog Page, Blog Detailed Page and more. Visitors will enjoy the opportunity to make Social Media Share, Product Share, Comment etc. Install Julie, well-documented theme soon through one click. Julie Features Quick Install Shopify Builder Theme Colors Box Style Newsletter Popup Notification Bar Ajax Popup Cart Ajax Wishlist QuickView Newsletter Multiple Currency Header Style Dropdown Menu 8+ Sections Slider Featured Product Tab Product Product With Carousel Collection Single Banner Multiple Banner About Information Brand Logo Services Latest Blog Instagram Footer Content Breadcrumb banner Shop Grid/List View Collection Sorting Disqus comment Facebook comment Product review Product Video Custom Tab Related product Post Comment Post Archive Contact Information Contact Form Contact map (google map API) Shortcodes 15+ Preloader Google Analytics Fully Responsive Cross Browser Optimization Well Documentation Note: Images are not included.

  7. Boutique Kids Creative WordPress Theme

    Boutique Kids Creative WordPress Theme

    Boutique Kids is a sweet and graphically detailed design. It features a vintage styled curved border, flag on the menu, hanging boxes for your header information and lots of different side bar shapes. This theme is perfect for any clothing store, toy shop, kids, family, creative, children’s or art themed website. Boutique Kids Creative is a unique Premium WordPress theme that is easy to setup and comes with a great set of features. We use the Elementor Visual Page Builder to make adding/changing your content super easy. Boutique Kids is compatible with the professional WooCommerce e-Commerce system which means it’s easy to start selling products in no time. All graphics included; there’s nothing else to buy.

  8. Wrangler - Fashion Store Multipurpose Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

    Wrangler - Fashion Store Multipurpose Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

    Fashion Wordpress Theme / Fashion Wordpress Template: Fashion WordPress Theme / Fashion WordPress Template: Wrangler is a responsive WordPress template specially designed for fashion designers, fashion boutiques and fashion stores to showcase their designer collection. It is packed with the best-in-class features as well as a suite of powerful extensions that is offered free. Wrangler comes with plenty of customization possibilities that allows you to change the look and feel of the theme with ease. This is speed and SEO-optimized Fashion WordPress template. Our Customer Reviews Key Features 3 unique homepage layouts and more amazing layouts are coming soon! WooCommerce Compatible Magik Infinit

  9. LaFash Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme

    LaFash Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme

    LaFash Multipurpose WooCommerce Responsive Theme is specially designed for fashion, bag, shoes, apparel, jewelry, diamond, clothes, accessories, kids, cosmetic, watches, furniture, lighting, home decor, minimal and multipurpose purpose store. This theme is looking good with colors combination. It is very nice with its clean and professional look. It is also multipurpose which can be used for any kind of online store. Compatibility WordPress Version 4.9.x WooCommerce Version 3.x.x Bootstrap HTML5 and CSS3 Fully Responsive Theme Google Fonts Included No Core Modifications SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly Optimized for Fast Loading + CSS Sprite Support Multiple Currency Support Multiple Language LTR + RTL Language Support Easy to Customize From Admin Options Customized Panel Unlimited Color Options to Change From Admin Panel Unlimited Banners Option WooCommerce Integration Sample Data Import Lots of Short codes with variations Revolution Slider Included Portfolio Layouts with column variations Gallery Layouts with column variations Product Grid and List Product Zoom with Additional image slider on product detail page Products Quick View Product Wishlist and Compare Product Image Rollover Effect Sticky Menu Shopping Cart Dropdown from header Brand logo slider Social Share Buttons Google Map on Contact Page Scroll To Top Button Valid XHTML and CSS markup Easy Use and Easy Customize Avoid Javascript Confliction Full PSD Files supplied Compatible with all major browsers Well-structured and commented code for easy customization Include theme installation documentation to help customer for installing and utilizing the theme and Many More...

  10. Mimosa - Fashion WooCommerce WordPress Theme WooCommerce Theme

    Mimosa - Fashion WooCommerce WordPress Theme WooCommerce Theme

    Mimosa - Fashion WooCommerce WordPress Theme Mimosa is a good-looking Fashion WooCommerce theme, which was designed by top industry leaders to help you amplify all fashion ideas on the web! Built with Elementor Page, 6 unique home layouts, fully responsive, and easy to customize, it's the best choice for your Fashion Shop, Clothing store and all kinds of marketplace business. Mimosa is a child theme of WooVina theme, So it inherits all the features of WooVina (20+ free demos included). This amazing theme is also integrated with WooCommerce, many plugins with lots of features, Native Cart Popup, Floating Add To Cart Bar, Off Canvas Filter, Product Quick View, Product Compare, Menu with multiple column styles and advanced widgets... You are free to control this theme in order to make your store more friendly and adorable for your customers. Features List: Main Features Build Responsive Websites 06 Unique Home Demos Fastest Page Load Time Search Engine Optimized Easy Customization Header & Footer Builder Translation & RTL Ready Detailed Documentation Awesome Support WooCommerce Features Native Cart Popup Floating Add To Cart Bar Off Canvas Filter Product Quick View Product Wishlist/Compare Search with specific category Let’s experience this awesomeness and to explore more features in this theme. We are sure that you will fall in love with our Mimosa at first sight.



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