This Pen Will Write in 16 Million Colors

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    Imagine a world where you can take a pen out of your pocket, scan the color from any item that you see in the world, and then write in that color using said pen. Is it science fiction? Maybe, but right now it's the claim made by Cronzy. And if you want your mind blown, check out this video:

    As you've probably already gathered, this pen uses a scanner based in one end, that when paired with an app on your smartphone, allows you to select the color that the pen writes in. To mix that color, there's what appears to be a CMYK ink cartridge in the pen itself, and it somehow is able to mix those colors on the fly to output the colors you want. It even has multiple tip sizes, so you have lots of options on that end as well.

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    So what's the catch? Well as of right now, it's a bit of vaporware. You can support their Indigogo page if you want to get in on the product now, but it won't be released until early next year, assuming things go through smoothly.

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    But let's keep this positive. I want this thing to exist, and obviously a lot of other people do, too. So let's make it happen!

    Creative Market is not in any way affiliated with the Cronzy pen.


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