A Beautiful Newborn Photo Shoot... For a Camera?

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    They say that childbirth is one of the most magical things that any couple can go through, but what do they know, right? No, when you're a photographer, you know what's really important — new gear! That's why photographers Dustin Thompson and his girlfriend, Vy, decided that they needed to make up baby announcements for their new pride and joy, a Sony A7 II that they've named Clementine Renee Thompson.

    Now we're not doctors here, but we're pretty sure the birthing process was just as painful, since the camera retails for over $1,600, and forking out that kind of cash always hurts at least a little bit. And even though this little bundle of joy is small, we don't expect it to get any bigger anytime soon.

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    Enjoy your new little one, Dustin and Vy, we're sure you'll all make lots of great memories together.

    Via Bored Panda

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