7 Best Add-ons for March 2019

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  1. Smart-FX Artistic Actions

    Smart-FX Artistic Actions

    It uses Photoshop scripting capabilities to go beyond the standart Photoshop filters and produces outstanding results. The panel contains three painting effects. Smart FX is a HTML panel for Adobe Photoshop. It lets you create artistic paintings from your photos. NOTE: SmartFX requires Oil Paint filter and Camera Raw Filter

  2. Mixan Photoshop Plugin for Animated Backgrounds and Overlays

    Mixan Photoshop Plugin for Animated Backgrounds and Overlays

    MIXAN – full of trendy and fascinating animated backgrounds and overlays that give your projects a whole new life. Create stylized animated images to showcase your designs. The Photoshop Animations are created for those who care about the details and want their designs to stand-out. The animations can be fully customized and you can get amazing final results in just a few clicks. So boost your creativity with this MIXAN! MIXAN Features 24 Base Animations; Unlimited Combinations; Create cool animated backgrounds and overlays; Awesome additional to ANIMATOR Photoshop Plugin; Easy and Fast Results; Animation in One Click; Control Your Duration of the Animation; Control Point; Control Scale; Control Rotating; Multilanguage

  3. Pro Skin Retouching Actions

    Pro Skin Retouching Actions

    13 Pro Skin Retouching Actions Get that beautiful aesthetic look that you’ve always wanted for your portraits, that will give your photos a perfect results with only a few clicks . This pack is everything you’ll need to edit skin and take your portraits or everyday photos to the next level! WHAT’S INCLUDED ON THE PACK? Atn file with 13 Actions README FILE, shows you how easily you can use this action on your photoshop Thanks for your time

  4. Color Splash Oil Paint

    Color Splash Oil Paint

  5. Aesthetics Lightroom Preset

    Aesthetics Lightroom Preset

    Aesthetics Lightroom Preset Professional Lightroom Preset made for photographers and graphic designers, for both beginners or professionals SUPREMETONES Team presents Aesthetics Effect for Lightroom Mobile and desktop versions. The editing provided will help you to achieve the futuristic minimal look. Your pictures will get the eye-catching look. HACKS AND TIPS To achieve high quality result, please try to use high resolution images. if you use low quality images, you will get low quality results. Try to use different photos to find out which one is perfect. This pack contains: 1.xmp Files, 1.dng files - Instructions on how to use the presets This effect gives your images a supreme tone, and gives an amazing vibe to your

  6. Ultimate Chrome Styles 2 Pro

    Ultimate Chrome Styles 2 Pro

    Ultimate Chrome Styles 3.0 This is Third Complete edition pack for unique solution simulating clean chrome for big Logos like as classic cars logos etc. Note: All styles are singe-layered. Fonts used: Clean Huge Chrome styles for Photoshop now completed with respectable medium chrome styles for text headers. Great solution for shiny silver and chrome metal logos and headers.

  7. Pixelated Photoshop Action

    Pixelated Photoshop Action

    WATCH THE ABOVE VIDEO FOR A DEMONSTRATION OF THE ACTION AND VIDEO TUTORIAL Pixelated Photoshop Action This photo effect will break apart your photo into various sized squares. You can choose from 6 different directions – up, down, left, right, middle or build yourself. You have complete layer control over the positioning of all shapes, giving you maximum flexibility. The action will also create 20 color options for you to choose from. For an example of how to use the ‘Build Yourself’ action, please skip to 22:45 of the video tutorial. The action has been tested and working on Photoshop CS3,CS4,CS5,CS6,CC,CC 2015.5, CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019+ Important to know Make sure you are using the English versio



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