Debate: What is the Greatest Logo Ever Designed?

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    We talk about logos a lot here at Creative Market, and it makes sense. I mean, we've got a ton of creators here on the site, and lots of tools for building logos for your own projects. But if you were put to the test, what logo would you say is the best one ever designed? Turns out that FastCo. Design asked that same question to various designers to see what they thought, and the results are pretty cool to read about.

    Now I'm not going to go into all of the deets (you should read their article to hear exactly why the designers chose what they did), but I will show you some of the contenders, including one from Milton Glaser.


    worlds-greatest-logos-ibmPin It


    worlds-greatest-logos-disneyPin It

    Bass Ale

    worlds-greatest-logos-bass-alePin It


    worlds-greatest-logos-ferrariPin It

    The V&A Museum

    worlds-greatest-logos-va-museumPin It

    I Love NY

    worlds-greatest-logos-i-love-nyPin It

    The 1968 Olympics

    worlds-greatest-logos-mexico-1968Pin It


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