12 Great Talks About Design & Creativity

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    Let's face it, conferences are fun events filled with networking and knowledge and amazing speakers, but who has the time or money to attend all of the ones we'd like? Well thankfully, if you've got an internet connection and a finger that can click play, you can still catch the talks and avoid the mutant con-cold that follows you home.

    There are tons of great talks available online. TONS. Especially on the subjects of design and creativity. Here are 12 great ones we stumbled across and we hope you find them as interesting and insightful as we did.

    Design Process at Asana

    We're big fans of Asana and in this video designer Andrew Watterson takes us through their design process. From web to mobile, he shares how collaboration, iteration, and customer feedback are essential to their product.

    Design + Discovery

    This TED talk may be 10 years old, but it's no less relevant today. David Carson's often humorous talk touches on things like our emotional connection to design, intuition, communication, and the importance of typography in our lives.

    John Cleese on Creativity

    Speaking of oldies but goodies, this talk from the great John Cleese is a gem from the early '90s. "Telling people how to be creative is easy. It's only being it that's difficult."

    On Web Typography

    Jason Santa Maria teaches us how to look at typefaces with a discerning eye, different approaches to typographic planning, how typography impacts the act of reading, and how to choose and combine appropriate typefaces from an aesthetic and technical point of view.

    The Mindful Designer

    Robbie Manson tells us why failure is valuable, how we can embrace the unpredictable nature of everything, and why it's important to stay mindful.

    Minimalism for a More Full Life

    Grant Blakeman discovers the power of minimalism and how staying simple is actually more effective than overcomplicating something.

    What Clients Don't Know (...And Why It's Your Fault)

    Both honest and funny, Mike Monteiro's talk covers how, as designers, you can give your clients and stakeholders the mental tools and vocabulary they need to help you create more successful sites.

    Anatomy of a Design Decision

    Jared Spool explores the five styles of design decisions, showing when gut instinct produces the right results, and when designers need to look to more user-focused research.

    Prototyping for Multiple Devices

    Jonathan Smiley from ZURB talks about how the Web is changing, and how our approach to prototyping and product design needs to shift.

    Why We Make

    Adam Savage from MythBusters shares his stories on how he got started with making. "It doesn't matter what you make and it doesn't matter why, the importance is that you are making something!"

    Designing for Disaster

    Jeff Veen's talk about how his team at Typekit faced their biggest challenge and how he cleared a path for the right people to bring together a great solution.

    Ray Bradbury: Story of a Writer

    Okay, okay, so this is technically a short documentary on Ray Bradbury. But it contains some great footage of interviews and lectures from the passionate writer and we couldn't resist.

    What are some of your favorite talks?


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