10 Powerful Uses of Color in Branding

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    Color in branding is a matter of life or death. You simply can't remember a brand without recalling a specific set of colors. That's why we've decided to feature these inspiring branding projects that make use of a two-color palette. These examples mainly use red and blue tones which is a very popular design technique that provides a gorgeous offset ink print style.

    1. Woodstock Sawmill.

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    2. Look Upstairs

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    (Source: Behance)

    3. Gauthier & Nolet.

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    (Source: Behance)

    4. Amigos Skate Shop.

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    (Source: Behance)

    05. Jamie Oliver at Gatwick.

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    6. Lucky 21.

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    (Source: Behance)

    7. The Studio.

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    8. Club Man Shop.

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    (Source: Behance)

    Kandinsky, the right composition.

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    (Source: Behance)

    10. Trawor Maritime Corp.

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    (Source: Behance)

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