26 Best Magento Extensions for September 2020

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  1. SM Countdown Product Slider - Responsive Magento 2 Module

    SM Countdown Product Slider - Responsive Magento 2 Module

    SM Countdown Product Slider is a great Magento 2 module, which enables you to display all on-sale products on your store with a slider. It is a very useful slider to help you run the promotion program. It will collect all available on-sale products and show them until the defined time in the future. SM Countdown Product Slider comes with the various sliding options like slide effect, auto play, navigation, navigation speed, mouse drag, touch drag, etc. Furthermore, it also provides an easy-to-use backend interface and detailed documentation that allow you totally manage, customize the module and configure every parameter to meet your needs. Let’s view the Demo and experience it now! Main Features 1. Support Magento 2.0.x-2.1.0 2. Fully c

  2. Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email

    Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email

    As much as 75% of lapsed buyers intend to return and complete the purchase, so it’s hugely important to capture them in the buying state of mind by offering gentle reminders of their initial intent. On average, abandoned cart emails achieve a 4.64% conversion rate, compared to just 0.17% rate of a promotional newsletter. Oberlo Demo Information: Admin Url: Login Username: acedemouser Password: xmage2demouser Create an account and get a discount 20% for first 5 purchases at X-MAGE2 Product Features: Manage rules: User can create rules based on websites, customer groups, conditions to target abandoned carts. Coupon generator: Able to insert coupon code into each sent email. Product recommendation: Able to insert linked p

  3. Best Seller

    Best Seller

    Most e-commerce websites display best seller products on front end pages. Magento2 does not provide built in feature to deal with this kind of requirement. To overcome this, we have added “Best Seller” extension. Magento2 Best seller extension is developed for providing flexibility to display best seller products on front end side pages. Our extension does not override any blocks or models to avoid conflict with other third party plugins. It comes with an admin configuration options that can be easily managed through website back end. This can be managed completely via Magento2 admin. Admin Features: 1. Admin can enabled/disabled extension from admin configuration Admin login: Url: http://magento2.greesys.com/modules-demo/g

  4. Email Templates for Magento 2

    Email Templates for Magento 2

    Email Templates for Magento 2 Want to attract more attention to your products? Then Email Templates is for you! Webinse Email Templates extension for Magento 2 is an easy way to add new email templates for your store. The extension includes templates for order, invoice, shipment and credit memo emails. Do you have a store and you want to add new pretty email templates? Are you tired of standard and boring contact forms? Do you want to have responsive templates that could be configurable? Our extension will help you with this! Webinse Email Templates extension for Magento 2 is created for that purpose, and is easy to install and configure. It lets you add templates for orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos emails. All templates

  5. DSGVO / GDPR 4 in 1 Magento 1.9 Extension

    DSGVO / GDPR 4 in 1 Magento 1.9 Extension

    This Extension helps you installing 4 Important Changes in your Magento System, after Installation you can Find the Settings Page in your Backend System and easily activate and Configurate this four Functions: EU Cookie Alert with Script Load Approval EU Cookie Alert helps you comply with the EU Cookie Law and let you easily display a Cookie Alert in the Header of your Site or as Popup. You can change Text and Button Text easily from your Magento System Configuraion and also add Scripts then need to be approved before they will be load in “Head” of your Site. If the Customer/User got a Account he can easily edit/revoke what e selected to be loaded on page load. Update 1.2: User can now revert the Cookie Selection without Regis

  6. Magento 2.0 Bulk Order Add to Cart Using CSV File Extension

    Magento 2.0 Bulk Order Add to Cart Using CSV File Extension

    Front End DEMO Back End DEMO Username: admin Password: [email protected]#456   Overview: Online shoppers come to your web store for purchasing products in large quantities. Therefore, they expect the ease of shopping on your web store. At times, they have to buy some specific products in large quantities. Making them search for the same product again and again will leave them pulling their hair in frustration. They switch to the store of your competitor that allows them to add multiple products to cart in just one go. You would certainly not like to see this happening on your online shop. This is why you need to integrate a cart extension with your we

  7. Pre Order for Magento 2

    Pre Order for Magento 2

    >Pre Order for Magento 2 Want to attract more attention to your products? Then Pre Order is for you! Allow customers to pre-order forthcoming and out-of-stock products in your Magento 2 store. Leave custom notes for pre-order items. Note: This extension is guaranteed to work with Magento Default Theme. We don’t say that it won’t work with customization at all, but due to the great majority of Custom themes we cannot guarantee the proper work of the extension with all of them. This extension might require the Core module that can be found inside the archive. Features Global settings for button text and notice Individual settings by each product Support all type products Receive payments for pre-ordered products as usual How to I

  8. Magento 2 Delete Order

    Magento 2 Delete Order

    Magento 2 Delete Order Admin Can Delete Order From Admin Panel No Need to delete Order from Database Manually. Featurers Admin Can Delete Order Easily by Signle Click. It will Ask Confirmation to Delete Order. Admin Can Delete Multiple Order together. No Need to delete Order from Database Manually.

  9. Ajax Layered Navigation

    Ajax Layered Navigation

    Webinse AJAX Layered Navigation Extension allows customers to filter search results by layered navigation and multiple attributes. Customers can change price in input box or use slider for search without refreshing the page. Extension allows to add to admin panel ability to enable or disable price slider, add to admin panel function of change overlay color and overlay opacity, text and text color, preloader of AJAX result loading. It is possible to enable or disable of extension, change in admin panel opacity of background ajax loading, preloader on AJAX result images loading. Webinse Ajax Layered Navigation extension is a must have for making your online shop easy to use and easy to search the needed products. Note: This extension is gu

  10. Cookie Alert

    Cookie Alert

    Webinse Cookie Alert Socialize your website with new Webinse Cookie Alert. This modern and easy-to-use extension will help you to get approval from your customers for personal data collecting. It has flexible configuration where you can easily change text, color of the frame according to your company corporate style. Note: This extension is guaranteed to work with Magento Default Theme. We don’t say that it won’t work with customization at all, but due to the the great majority of Custom themes we cannot guarantee the proper work of the extension with all of them. Features Alert customization Easy flexible configuration Select type and position of the alert Turn on/off the animations How to Install the Extension Follow our Magento

  11. Magento 2 SecurePay Payment

    Magento 2 SecurePay Payment

    This extension will integrate SecurePay Payment method to your Magento 2 store allowing you to accept customer credit card payments online through SecurePay payment gateway. How It Works To use this extension, you must have SecurePay merchant login credentials which you can get by filling an online application form from SecurPay website securepay.com.au. On approval you will receive test account credentials, so you can integrate SecurePay Online Payments with your e-commerce website. When you are ready to go live, switch Test Mode from Yes(sandbox) to No(production mode). It offers two payment modes: Authorize and Capture. In Capture mode, automatic invoice will be generated while in Authorize mode invoice can be created later on. Not only

  12. Barcode Generation and Management for Magento 2

    Barcode Generation and Management for Magento 2

    Webinse Barcode Generation and Management Webinse Barcode generation and management extension for Magento 2 is an easy way to implement barcodes for the products and their management. Extension includes functions such as a barcode generator, printing barcodes, importing barcodes, scanning barcodes and many other useful features. Do you have a store and want to add more control over the products? Want to quickly and easily label and then find products? Our extension will help you with this! Webinse Barcode generation and management extension for Magento 2 is created for that purpose and is easy to install and configure. It lets you create your own barcodes, print them out and always quickly find the product among the rest. Also, you ca

  13. Recently Purchased Notification

    Recently Purchased Notification

    The Someone Recently Purchased Notification extension for Magento 2 creates an atmosphere of customer trust and increases your online sales conversion via social proof which ups your company’s reputation. The extension gives visitors real-time transaction updates and last ordered products displayed in a show pop-up box on the lower right-hand side of the screen. The display includes the customer’s location and the product purchased. Features 1. Easy to install. 2. Custom options, configurable in the admin Notification message Display locations Display colors Responsive layout options Notification bottom border options Why so many merchants are benefiting from this extension: The Someone Recently Purchased Notification extension

  14. Image Flipper Magento 2

    Image Flipper Magento 2

    See Front-end Demo Major Key Features Quickly view the other image (flipper image) of the product with just a mouse hover. Custom flip image dimension (Ideally should be same as product image dimension of listing page. Works only in category page and in search listing page. Easy to install & manage the module. Enable/disable the module from backend. Provides a better customer experience. 24/7 forum support. Compatible with Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.x Description Image Flipper module allows you to Quick view an alternate product image on mouse hover over product image with various slide effects on product listing and search result page with grid and list mode. After you install and configure Elsner’s Image Flipper Extension, you

  15. Free Shipping Bar Magento 2 Extension

    Free Shipping Bar Magento 2 Extension

    Extension Overview: Free shipping bar extension helps to notify customers about their minimum cart total to get free shipping. Customer likes to buy more until they reach to free shipping cart value. Minimum total value is required to get free shipping. This extension calculates difference between current cart total and free shipping goal automatically. Admin can set free shipping total as per products value. After customer successfully achieved at free shipping value, they notify with a pop up message. Customer can get notification with popup that they reach at free shipping goal. Free shipping bar extension helps to promote your store and products. So customers can buy until at reach free shipping amount. Admin can display mage

  16. Magento 2 Job Manager

    Magento 2 Job Manager

    Overview Job Manager is a Magento 2 extension which helps user managing recruitment. User can create jobs, job’s attributes and values. Most of features are configurable, easy to change settings. Compatible with Magento CE 2.2, 2.3 Create an account and get a discount at X-MAGE2 Demo Frontend Backend Product Features Manage job attributes: easy to create a new attribute for job, define attribute information with options which allows showing that attribute on front-end, sidebar. Manage attribute values: can add multiple values for an attribute. E.g. attribute “Department” with values “IT”, “Sales”, “HR”... Manage jobs: create a job with needed information, attributes and SEO information. Manage applications: see all applications, sear

  17. Magento 2 Login As Customer

    Magento 2 Login As Customer

    FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH MAGENTO CE 2.3 !!! Magento 2 Login As Customer is high demand feature. Easily use admin account to login as customer to provide support to your customers. Help them with their orders, finding and adding products to cart, assist with account configuration and checkout process. Control and monitor who, when and how using this feature. Login as customer and help your clients No need to request credentials anymore. Simply use “login as customer” feature to explore customer’s account and the entire customer way from homepage to successful checkout. Admin can login as customer from customer listing and profile pages. Login Redirect Url option allow you to choose where you want to be redirected when admin logging in as cust

  18. Paytm wallet magento 2 extension

    Paytm wallet magento 2 extension

    Extension Overview Paytm is India’s largest mobile payments and commerce platform. It started with online mobile recharge and bill payments and has an online marketplace today. In a short span of time we have scaled to over 140mn registered users and more than 70mn monthly transactions. Paytm is the consumer brand of India’s leading mobile internet company One97 Communications. One97 investors include Ant Financial (AliPay), SAIF Partners, Mediatek, Sapphire Venture and Silicon Valley Bank. We strive to maintain an open culture where everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Our team spends hours designing each new feature and obsesses about the smallest of details. Accepting Payments made ea

  19. Responsive Banner Slider (Advanced)

    Responsive Banner Slider (Advanced)

    You can simply create a responsive banner slider for a page(s) with information such as URL, banner image, description and slide sort order. It is very easy to create a slider with different effects and showing time. Responsive Banner slider size auto manage according banner image size. Responsive banner slider with no conflict issue. We can create multiple sliders and can use in different pages. We can show a slider in many pages and in many stores. Also we can show different slides for different stores. Features Fully responsive banner slider with no jQuery conflict. Can create multiple sliders for different pages and stores Easy to install and manage User-friendly interface Uses one of the best and simple responsive slider available, S

  20. Advanced Site FAQ

    Advanced Site FAQ

    Cartin24 creates an extension for Magento which displays topic wise FAQ listing in our website which enhances user experience and simplifies user navigation process. Customer can ask their questions via a form appeared in FAQ page. Questions will be submitted only after a captcha verification process. Admin will review the questions and give replies to the questions and then publish it in the front end. Once the Question is approved it will display along with the previous set of questions in FAQ page under corresponding FAQ topic. FAQ search feature enables specific keyword search for FAQs which shows keywords not only in questions but also answers. Frontend FAQ page can be easily customized from backend settings. Front-end Features Con

  21. Responsive Product Slider

    Responsive Product Slider

    Cartin24 creates an extension for Magento 2 to display RESPONSIVE PRODUCT SLIDER for all types of products in the required categories of Magento website. It is device and browser compatible and can add multiple sliders on one page. Products Slider appearance can be easily managed by admin from backend settings. Options provided in the backend enables the admin to choose appearance and behaviour of slider such as number of products to display (Website, tablet & mobile), product types, maximum items quantity, slider title, option to hide product title, product image, product price, Add to cart button, Product review, control slider speed, infinite looping, auto play, show control/navigation and many more.Displays products under given cate

  22. Improved Product Sorting

    Improved Product Sorting

    Improved Product Sorting extension for Magento 2 add custom sorting options to make products easier to find. This extension gives effective options to customers for product sorting – by bestselling, most viewed, rating, and more. Advanced Sorting will give each customer an option to display the products in the sorting order, which suits him or her best. This extension allows sorting products by the following criteria: New – newly added product comes first Best Selling – the Best selling products comes first Most Viewed – the most viewed products comes first Last Ordered – the last ordered products comes first Rating – the most products rating comes first Reviews Count – the most number of reviews count products comes first Now in Wishlists

  23. Magento Best Seller Products

    Magento Best Seller Products

    Cartin24 creates an extension for Magento to display BEST SELLING products of a Magento website. This extension will display those products which are most sold in that site. Also can showcase the bestselling products on the homepage or on any other page of your website. You can show bestselling products either as a slider as well as a block. Show bestselling products for all the order status [completed, pending, processing]. This extension will display the products in two manners. 1. Display the bestselling products of the entire store 2. Display the bestselling products from a specific category (admin can assign the Categories) Features in Brief Display the bestselling products of the entire store Display the bestselling products

  24. Magento 2 Blog

    Magento 2 Blog

    See Backend Demo User: blog Password: blog1234 Major Key Features Can have blogs in slider in Home page. Can show list of posts in blog’s separate page. Can add, update & delete posts. Can have posts store wise. Can set number of posts to be listed in blog list page. Can add, update & delete posts. Comes with Responsive design. Can enable/disable the individual posts. Can enable/disable the whole module. Description Simple blog extension where admin can manage posts (Add, Update & Delete). Posts will be having title, desired url, image, short description & detailed description & other settings. Have any Question? Email: [email protected]       Skype: sales.elsner About Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Elsner

  25. SMS Order Notification Magento 2 extension

    SMS  Order Notification Magento 2 extension

    Extension Overview Send order notification by SMS to the customer or guest when they place orders in your store. By default order notification is sent by email to the customer or guest. Using this extension, you can send order notification as SMS too. This extension uses Twilio account to send SMS. You can easily configure your Twilio account in configuration setting of this extension. Order Notification Features Notify customer or guest by SMS for their order. Enable or disable order notification by SMS from backend. Use Twilio API to deliver SMS. For more information, visit https://www.twilio.com/.

  26. Reindex from admin Magento 2 CE

    Reindex from admin Magento 2 CE

    Reindex from admin Magento 2 CE Admin Index Management Magento 2 Extension allows admin to process index management from backend. As we know the indexing of the Magento plays very important role to run the Magento store properly. In the older version of the Magento the index management is dependent on the indexer.php file which is under the shell folder, but in the Magento 2, there is no indexer.php file now it is managed by the bin/magento. php bin/magento indexer:status php bin/magento indexer:info php bin/magento indexer:reindex But with the help of this module, you will able to do reindexing from admin side just like older version of magento and no need to use command prompt and no need to remember above indexer co



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