Artist Creates Extraordinary Geometric Animal Illustrations

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    Philippines-based designer Kerby Rosanes has been doing intricate artwork with a simple collection of black pens for years now. One of his more recent projects caught our attention though, and it's because of the way it mixes two different styles so well that it might as well be the peanut butter and jelly of illustration. Take a look:

    Here's what Kerby said himself in one of his Instagram posts about how and why he does this:

    When asked about the concept behind the Geometric Beasts series: "Each piece is my take on breaking away from societal norms for us to just be who we truly are as unique individuals. I grew up in a community (and probably most people have) where your value as a person is based on various metrics and calculations just for you to qualify in a society that other people dictate you to be in. This "measured" life deprives us to take risks, to follow our passions and to do what we truly love.

    I use geometry to symbolize the norms and simply because it's the only math subject I enjoyed at school (lol). I always love drawing animals and in this case, they represent the concept of unleashing the "beast" within us - risk taker, wild and adventurous."

    What's amazing is the level in detail on both sides of the coin. On the realistic end of the "beast," you can see the fine lines on feathers, fur and so on. But on the other side — the deconstructed and almost pixelated side of things — it's still just as recognizable as the same animal. So cool.

    And if you like his work, you can buy prints of his drawings on T-shirts and other accessories over at his Society6 page.

    via Bored Panda

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