7 Photography Magento Themes & Templates

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  1. Photo Store Magento Theme

    Photo Store Magento Theme

    Main design element of this template is a slider with image based navigation. It's really great solution for a photo store as the user starts to view large high-resolution images immediately. Dark wooden texture in the background creates a pleasant informal atmosphere. Menu has drop down option.

  2. Online Portfolio Magento Theme

    Online Portfolio Magento Theme

    Isn't it a good idea to let people involved in the art displaying their portfolios on the web? If it sounds awesome to you, this template will come in handy. As it is easily customizable, you won't find anyone who wouldn't appreciate this product. Using it will give you an opportunity to intrigue visitors of your website with various examples of creative works placed against a light background of its color scheme. If someone gets interested in a certain piece of art, a shopping cart in the corner of every product will give a hint at what to do next. Losing potential customers will become almost impossible with this template. Don't hesitate to give it a try and let true connoisseurs of art enjoy your projects.

  3. Online Image Bank Magento Theme

    Online Image Bank Magento Theme

    This clean design will let you emphasize all beauty and quality of your images. Large, attractive high-resolution photos in slider are noticed by the visitor at first turn. New products in content area stand in four columns and are supplied with prices and Add to cart buttons. Information banners are in the bottom of content area. The page contains elements with fixed position.

  4. Images Store Magento Theme

    Images Store Magento Theme

    Selling visual content can become a profitable online business with a beautiful store like this. Design is oriented on best possible products promotion. New items are offered in content area in three columns. Slider displays large attractive high-resolution images. Banners facilitate the navigation. Contacts and Log in tags have fixed position on the page.

  5. Image Store Magento Theme

    Image Store Magento Theme

    Let our store work for your profit 24/7. Large slider shows the best high-resolution images. Banners make the navigation visual. New products are presented in the grid structure. Categories search is available in the left sidebar. Contacts and Log in tags have fixed position. Back to top button is available in the right lower corner of the page.

  6. Photo Bank Magento Theme

    Photo Bank Magento Theme

    When your business is connected with provision of visual content, there is nothing more effective than eCommerce. The given template was developed in minimalistic style, with aptly picked textured background. Nothing can take away the user’s attention from the images, being demonstrated in slider and main content areas.

  7. Stock Images Magento Theme

    Stock Images Magento Theme

    Clean layout with quiet green elements will help your customers concentrate on images they came for. The latter are being displayed in slider gallery and New Products section. Essential information is placed on simple efficient banners. Drop down menu lets you keep the page uncluttered and facilitates customer's search.



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