30 Incredibly Handy Font Families with Script, Serif, and Sans-Seri...

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  1. Thriftshop Hand Lettering Collection

    Thriftshop Hand Lettering Collection

    Presenting the **Thriftshop Hand-Lettering Collection** - an adorable, hand-drawn and hand-painted font family, designed to give your projects an authentic, hand-lettered look. :) **Perfect for:** Typography projects, branding, apparel, greeting cards, coffee mugs, tote bags and so much more! --- **What's Included:** (OTF Files. If you purchase the set and need the TTFs, just give me a shout). - Thriftshop Sans Light - Thriftshop Sans Regular - Thriftshop Sans Upright Light - Thriftshop Sans Upright Regular - Thriftshop Monoline Script - Thriftshop Brush Script - Thriftshop Brush Serif - Thriftshop Brush Serif Shadow - Thriftshop Extras --- **SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS** - Any Adobe Software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Elements, InDesign, Etc.), GIMP, Corel Draw, Inkscape or comparable vector-editing software. --- **WANT TO SEE MORE?!** - Be sure to click on the 5th preview and scroll for some fun usage examples. :) - Check out my hand-lettering projects, inspiration, freebies and contests on Instagram: https://instagram.com/makemediaco Happy Designing! ;) Callie

  2. Look


    Look, folks! From what may just be the vernacular sign capital of the world, Chattanooga, Tennessee, it’s a brand new hyperfamily from insigne! Look includes three different related fonts, with three weights each. That’s over 70 fonts! Imagine: you turn onto a stretch of open country road. On the distressed, red background of an old barn wall, a large block of crisp white letters shout out: “See Rock City.” You soon realize this barn is not alone in competing for the passing eye. Far from it, ladies and gentlemen. This is just one of the many pieces of historic, hand-painted advertisements dotting the great Southern United States. Yes, these are the pieces of true Americana--the barns, the roadside signs, the machinery, the soda fountains, and more--that now inspire this splendid new set of three font families. This new, easily readable type from insigne digs deep to capture the very heart and passion of this splendid country’s lettering of the post-war era. Look’s compact frame quickly draws the audience to your headline, logo, subheading, or pull quote, working well in those compact spots of text without overpowering your content. You’ll easily put the feeling of those days gone by into every piece with the natural beauty and simple usefulness of the Look hyperfamily. Each of the individual sub-families incorporates a variety of font weights with distressed attributes. Think Woodtype. Jeans. Antiques, folks. That deep, ingrained texture--that quality that will stand the test of time. And Look is flexible, too. Take, for example, Look Script. This powerhouse of a font offers thinner weights to give your work an easy-going, down-to-earth design. But bring in those heavier weights, and you’ll have a muscular, assertive font that will go the whole nine rounds. Combine any of the Look families with Ornaments to really give your layouts a zing. Build an extraordinary design as well with Look's swashes and alternates. To activate any of these alternates, just click on Swash, Stylistic or Titling Alternates in any OpenType-savvy application, or choose from the Glyph Palette. Explore hundreds of included extras to find that “cherry on top” for your one-of-a-kind project. There are over 70 fonts to choose from, including subfamily sans, serif, script and ornament fonts! You can’t go wrong. To get the most bang for your buck, order the whole Look family now! Note on SHADOWS: Increase depth and make your designs pop! Add shadows to any of the Look fonts by duplicating the text content layer in place and switching it to its corresponding shadow. Color and offset to taste. Look shadows are offset automatically. In Illustrator, you may need to turn on Em Box Top for proper shadow alignment.

  3. Boho


    Boho is inspired by a bohemian girl who is a free soul and creative spirit. She is a city girl, but she loves spending a lot of time outdoors and being close to nature. She loves art and going to the antiques and organic food markets. She is a wild and free spirit who knows no bounds. Boho is Coto Mendoza’s first Script font family, which is based on gestual calligraphy with Cola pen. A first exposure to gestual strokes applied to font design can be seen in her previous work, Macarons. Boho consists of 4 subfamilies: Script, Line, Sans and Serif. Each subfamily comes in 4 weights: Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic. Script and Line versions include a teardrop terminal variant. Dingbats and ornaments are also included. Boho. Love and creative spirit!

  4. The Hippia Typefaces - 3 Font

    The Hippia Typefaces - 3 Font

    Say Hello to **The Hippia Typefaces**, a set of three handlettering font with handdraw style. Created to complete each other on your work *(display, script, and sans serif)* Inspired from handlettering poster by various artist and a touch of ornament makes this font look harmoniously and gorgeous. Perfect for handlettering poster, t-shirt graphics, typography art, apparel, logo design, packaging, labels, and other - Comes in OTF and TTF file - Standard US keyboard Language Support - Ornament pack - available in vector Ai Cs3 and Eps file Feel free to drop me question into my message, throw away the hesitation. Thanks, Abdilah

  5. Reckless Font Trio

    Reckless Font Trio

    Package includes 3 handwritten font: Reckless Script handwritten brush with with ragged edges, Reckless Regular written by a brush with the shabby effect. Reckless HandDrawn it is sloppy outlines, which are suitable for posters and funny cards. Reckless Regular includes Latin Extended

  6. Storyteller


    A lovingly developed, handwritten, hand-traced and digitized font family that you can use in all sort of design projects - branding, invitations, quotes design etc. The family contains **33 fonts** in total. Script fonts all have initial and end swashes as well as ligatures and contextual alternates. Serif and Sans serif fonts also have stylistic alternates. All fonts also have **catchwords** such as *and*, *to*, *ever*, *for*, *the*, *only*. The fonts are **fully unicode mapped** so you can use them basically in any software. If the software you are working in is not OpenType-aware one (eg Silhouette) , you'll need an additional software to help you to find the glyphs you want - PopChar (MAC & Windows) or Ultra Character Map (MAC) will do the job. You can also use Character Map (Windows) or FontBook (Mac) - these are default applications. --- Most of the european languages supported (no cyrillic or greek support) --- "Light" version that contains calligraphy scripts and design elements only is available here http://crtv.mk/c0Chs --- Happy holidays!If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask! You can also find useful FAQs section on my website http://mycreativeland.com/faq-items/

  7. Thankful Complete

    Thankful Complete

    *Warm, mulled Apple Cider… Peppery smooth pumpkin pie… Cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg… crisp air and warm, spicy flavors… Leaves partially gilded a brilliant yellow, orange, and red… Heavy autumn clouds against a crisp, fresh azure sky… A fabulously fun Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends…* These are just some of the things I absolutely love about an Ohio autumn. These autumnal comforts, early 20th century vintage type, and my own hand lettering helped inspire my latest offering to you: Thankful Complete, because there's a lot to be thankful for! **Thankful Complete** is a super family, comprised of 8 handmade sub-families that compliment each other charmingly. Each sub-family and weight will lend your designs a unique, quaint, artisanal flavor. All families feature extended latin character sets. Also included in the Complete Family are hundreds of ornaments, dividers, catchwords, and patterns. And as a special thank-you for purchasing the entire family, you'll find bonus textures and vector extras to complete your designs. *View the complete User Guide and character map here: http://bit.ly/OGThankfulCompleteUG* Click the displays to view more images! --- **SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS:** OpenType savvy applications support Thankful Complete best. Illustrator CS3+ is required for vector content. Please see the FAQs for full software requirements and other fun facts about Thankful Complete. --- **INCLUDED IN THANKFUL COMPLETE:** - **Thankful Complete Font Family:** 29 Fonts in 8 Font subfamilies (Display, Extras, Modern, Ornate, Sans, Script, Serif, Slab). All fonts come in OTF and TTF and Webfonts. (See below for a more complete description for each subfamily) - **BONUS!** Enjoy 9 original textures of wood, paper, and autumnal canvas in 300 DPI PNG. Textures can be accessed via a separate download link when you purchase this product. --- **MEET THE FAMILY:** **Thankful Display:** 4 weights Thankful Display is an ornate, almost delicate display family based on a type specimen featured in an early twentieth-century type foundry catalog. Uneven, imperfect, and whimsical, Thankful Display is a great choice for a rustic, vintage headline. Stylistic alternates provide the illumination only for each letter, making Thankful Display stackable within the sub-family. **Thankful Extras:** 3 Weights Thankful Extras are the whipped cream on top of the pumpkin pie. 150+ Catchwords and over 250 handmade ornaments and rules will finish your design most charmingly. Consult the character maps for a key to all these lovely embellishments. Center Ornaments, Side Ornaments, and Catchwords are also included in Thankful Complete as vector files (.AI CS3 and above). **Thankful Modern:** 8 Weights Thankful Modern is a bold headline family intended to make a statement. Thankful Modern is also meant to dress up your design, including several weights with illumination and a shadow weight. Clear with a subtly rustic finish, Thankful Modern is ideal for a bold but decorative heading or subheading. Stylistic alternates provide the illumination only for each letter, making Thankful Modern stackable within the sub-family. **Thankful Ornate:** 4 Weights (2 Standard and 2 Pro with Extended Latin) Thankful Ornate is a highly decorative display family inspired by modern vintage hand lettering. Delicate, yet bold and comical, Thankful Ornate will quickly dress up your design with old-fashioned good humor and is ideal for initials, headlines, and single words at large sizes. Stylistic alternates provide the illumination only for each letter, making Thankful Display stackable within the sub-family. **Thankful Sans:** 3 Weights Thankful Sans is plain (and fancy!) but delightfully wholesome. A steady and cheerful handmade family with a light sense of humor, Thankful Sans is pleasing at small or large sizes for headers, subheaders, or small paragraphs. Lowercase letters are distressed by hand as they jump around subtly on the baseline, forming a charming, hand-lettered appearance. Fancy, Plain, and Slim weights form a cozy, friendly little family. **Thankful Script:** 1 Weight Thankful Script is as capricious as the swirling leaves of autumn. With hundreds of swashes, alternates, and ligatures, Thankful Script can be easily customized to appear hand-lettered and will add a touch of elegance to your design. **Thankful Serif:** 2 Weights Thankful Serif is a rustically elegant body font with a touch of happy-go-lucky. This slightly more refined cousin of Thankful Sans comes in two weights, which each serve a distinct purpose. The Regular weight easily embraces whole paragraphs, while the Engraved weight forms a charming header. With initial and terminal decorative capital letter forms (as stylistic sets,) and delightful, decorative ligatures, Thankful Serif will look lovely in your next design. **Thankful Slab:** 4 weights Completing the family is Thankful Slab, a young and quirky slab serif family. Its 4 weights can cover a number of uses, from headlines to captions to small paragraphs. The regular weight can be used as a spidery caption or a small body of text, while the bold weights easily carry the headlines. The Bold Engraved weight can even give your designs a subtly elegant touch of the early 20th century. --- You might also enjoy **Harvest Winds** (http://crtv.mk/gmnq ), an all-new vector collection from Ornaments of Grace. This collection is a perfect companion to Thankful Complete, with over 80 autumn-themed vectors, 25+ editable text layouts, and 14 Illustrator Pattern Brushes. **THANKS** for stopping by, liking my products, and following me! I'd appreciate your thoughts in the comments, especially if you purchased Thankful Complete! What are you thankful for?

  8. Handtype Toolkit

    Handtype Toolkit

    **Intro sale with special price only $22!** (original price $240, SAVE $218) This pack contain 22 Handmade Fonts, 15 Patterns, 50+ Vector Graphics and 6 Beautiful Quotes Design. Every single letters created with hard work and lot of time consumed to make beautiful font results. This pack can be used for quotes, poster, wedding invitation, branding, logo, fashion, apparel, letter, invitation, stationery, etc. With beautiful patterns inside this products will improve your design looks more awesome. --- WHAT YOU GET: - **22 Handmade Fonts** + Latype Catchwords Font (.ttf & .otf) - **15 Pattern** (.ai & .eps) - **50+ Vector Graphics** (.ai & .eps) - **6 Typography Design** (.ai & .eps) --- Thanks for looking, don't forget to share. Follow my blog to get some freebies: - Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/diekave/ - Behance: https://www.behance.net/diekave - Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/diekave - Twitter: https://twitter.com/diekave - Intagram: https://instagram.com/diekave/

  9. Typnic "Typographic Picnic"

    Typnic "Typographic Picnic"

    Everybody likes to have a picnic: some fresh fruits, cheese, ham, wine and so on. Like a “typographic picnic”, Typnic font system gather many fonts with different flavors too, and you can enjoy them mixed or on their own. Typnic was drawn and calligraphed by hand, and is made with eighteen typefaces, including three totally compatible yet different styles. It also has enhancement sets containing labels, dingbats, patterns and ornaments. The Headline style has six layered fonts that can be mixed in a wide variety of combinations to obtain powerful mastheads and headlines. It can be used to construct very nice advertising pieces. If you need to write informal texts, then use Typnic Script which also comes in six variants, and additionally has a complementary font with tails, double letters and ornamented ascenders. Finally, use Typnic Roman to add some secondary texts without loosing the general appearance of your work. Typnic has a cool and natural feeling and could be used in all sorts of projects. The pack consists of eigtheen files so far, but Typnic is a very ambitious project and we will be working on it to further expand the whole system. --- Try out also the complementary font Typnic Headline Slab: https://creativemarket.com/manuelcorradine/339744-Typnic-Headline-Slab



    Earlier this year I visited a bakery in Newport Beach, CA and fell in love with the organic design and typography of the place. Hand-drawn menus, table cards, chalkboards, and wall quotes surrounded the charming spot. It inspired me to create a new font family based on the combination of hand drawn fonts. Included in this package are 5 font families, with 2 graphic ornament fonts. Each font family contains at least a light, medium and bold. Here is a breakdown of what's cookin' at Catalina's Bakery: Catalina Anacapa: Tall and skinny, this font comes in 3 weights for both sans and slab serif styles. It includes contextual alternatives (giving 3 versions of each letter), stylistic alternatives for select letters (A, K, P, Q, R, Y) and also includes Small Caps. Catalina Avalon: Based off Anacapa, this sub family has a high contrasting line weight. It comes in light, regular and bold as well as an inline alternative for both sans and slab serif styles. Avalon also includes opentype features such as contextual alternatives (giving 3 versions of each letter), stylistic alternatives for select letters (A, K, P, Q, R, Y) and small caps for each letter. Catalina Clemente: In a more standard width, Clemente is one of the two sub families that can be used for paragraph text as well as headlines. It's organically geometric in style and comes in ALL CAPS and lowercase, includes upright and custom italics, and has the opentype feature giving 3 versions of each letter. Catalina Script: A great compliment with the display sub-families, Catalina Script rounds out the package with a hand-drawn cursive flair. It includes contextual alternatives (giving 2 variations to each letter) as well as stylistic alternatives for many of the capital and lowercase letters. It has special ligatures for some letter combinations, and titling alternatives for all the capital letters. Catalina Typewriter: The second of the paragraph text sub-families, this typewriter inspired hand-drawn font family works great as either a display or paragraph text. It has contextual alternatives with 3 versions of each letter, and comes in both upright and custom italics versions. Catalina Extras! These two fonts go perfectly with the Catalina Family. They includes borders, frames, arrows, banners, flourishes and more. Catalina Flourish has all of it's options in a light and bold style, to use the light version type all lowercase letters, then to make something bold, used it's uppercase (or shift+) characters. For a breakdown of graphic/letter correlation, see the breakdown PDF. All of Catalina was drawn by the same hand, using the same ink and technique. While they contrast in their type styles, they work together perfectly to create one cohesive font family.

  11. Sortdecai Font Family & Bonus 70%OFF

    Sortdecai Font Family & Bonus 70%OFF

    **Sortdecai is the Best and the Most Popular Swistblnk's Font Family** so far. Sortdecai have complete set for any theme, from vintage handrawn to modern brush style. **Special 3rd Anniversary !! Get $119 worth of Swistblnk's Popular fonts for only $27 !!!** **HERE'S WHAT YOU GET :** - Sortdecai Handmade ( http://crtv.mk/atE2 ) - Sortdecai Vintage ( http://crtv.mk/atE2) - Sortdecai Script ( http://crtv.mk/iwnc ) - Sortdecai Brush Script ( http://crtv.mk/qx50 ) - Sortdecai Handmade Script ( http://crtv.mk/e02D0 ) - Sortdecai Display ( http://crtv.mk/h03CP ) - Sortdecai Display Handmade ( http://crtv.mk/h03CP ) - Sortdecai Cursive Script ( http://crtv.mk/r0BiF ) - Monthoers ( Low Version ) - Bleakerst **Follow me on Instagram & Behance to get the latest updates on new typefaces and chances to win new stuff.** http://instagram.com/aggaswistblnk https://www.behance.net/swistblnk You can find Mockup used ; "Wallderful" - Horizontal Mockups by Vadim Sherbakov here : http://crtv.mk/j0Bsl **Enjoy and if you like it, please recommend it** :)

  12. Delight Font Pack & Extra

    Delight Font Pack & Extra

    **Delight** type family is a lovely handlettering, It contains three different hand drawn With this set and a little bit of love and care it is possible to create beautiful “handmade” graphics. **Delight** type is optimized to feel not just like a font but like true handlettering. **Delight** type is very best choice fonts for : Wedding Invitation, quotes, Posters, Logos, Print Ads, Digital Ads, Promotion Product etc Stylistic and contextual alternates accessible in the Adobe Illustrator Glyphs panel, or under Stylistic Alternates in the Adobe Photoshop OpenType menu **THANKS**

  13. Latype Font Family - 70% off

    Latype Font Family - 70% off

    **INTRO SALE ONLY $18 FOR VERY LIMITED TIME** Introducing Latype font family! come with 6 different style and 1 awesome extras. Every single letters have been carefully crafted to make your text looks awesome. With lot of alternate glyph will make your word feel like natural hand drawn. This font can be used for quotes, poster, wedding, branding, logo, fashion, apparel, letter, invitation, stationery, etc. **FEATURES:** - Latype Brush (OTF & TTF) - Latype Hand (OTF & TTF) - Latype Script (OTF & TTF) - Latype Serif (OTF & TTF) - Latype Condensed (OTF & TTF) - Latype Sans (OTF & TTF) - Latype Extras (OTF & TTF) Full character screenshot: https://creativemarket.com/vuuuds/326464-Latype-Font-Family-50-off/screenshots/#screenshot4 Thank for looking, don't forget to comment. If you like it, please hit like button and recommend it! --- **ANOTHER AWESOME ITEM!** **2061 Nanoline Icons only $23 for very limited time:** https://creativemarket.com/vuuuds/261615-2061-nanoline-icons-70-off **465 Logos Bundle - 90% off:** https://creativemarket.com/vuuuds/287274-465-Logos-Bundle --- FOLLOW ME: - Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/diekave/ - Behance: https://www.behance.net/diekave - Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/diekave - Twitter: https://twitter.com/diekave - Intagram: https://instagram.com/diekave/

  14. Pathways | 4 Styles + Bonuses

    Pathways | 4 Styles + Bonuses

    Newly Updated: Fixed Issues with inversing characters, added Western Characters & a new 'Rough' style for the rounded version! **P A T H W A Y S** | Get Hochstadt included with your purchase 2 for 1! --- *A Script Typeface* "Pathways" is a script typeface available in 3 different styles: Circular Strokes, Rectangular Strokes and a Rough Version for a printed aesthetic. With many alternate characters & ligatures, Pathways is an extremely versatile Script Typeface. Developed with Logo & Label Designers in mind, Pathways will be a useful tool in your arsenal! This typeface will be a treat for you to use and will find it's way into many projects with it's clean and versatile styling. --- **Get 3 Script Styles + Hochstadt** A perfect typeface to pair with "Pathways" --- **That's 7 font files in total!**

  15. Old Harbour font collection

    Old Harbour font collection

    The Old Harbour is a font collection of 12 hand drawn fonts inspired by the vintage hand lettered signage, the old bottles' labels and the aesthetic of my favourite old school tattoos. The fonts can work together in endless combinations, to create beautiful vintage designs for apparel, logos, labels, posters or any merchandise product you can imagine. **Collection fonts:** 1. **Blue waves** 2. **Blue waves striped** 3. **Captain's pipe** 4. **Captain's pipe Sans** 5. **Sailor's tattoo** 6. **Sailor's tattoo Sans** 7. **Old Ship** 8. **Old Anchor** 9. **Old Lighthouse** 10. **Seashells** 11. **Starfish** 12. **Old Harbour dingbats** In the collection you may also find a vector .eps file with the 52 dingbats. All the fonts support Western, Central and Eastern European languages and Turkish and delivered in OpenType and True Type format. If you have any question you can send me an indox message. Thank you!

  16. Brooks Brothers Typeface

    Brooks Brothers Typeface

    **Brooks Brothers Typeface** A set of three hand-drawn irregular shaped fonts which adds a vintage touch to your design, perfect for logotypes, printed quotes, t-shirts, packaging, invitations, greeting cards, text headers and more. Brooks Brothers Typeface contains three fonts: 1. Matthew type which includes upper & lowercase characters, punctuation, symbols, stylistic alternatives, ligatures, finals, international characters and swash trails. 2. Douglas type which includes upper & lowercase characters, punctuation, symbols and international characters. 3. James type which includes upper & lowercase characters, punctuation, symbols and international characters. --- Brooks Brothers Collection allows full access to all the extra characters without the need of specialized software. Simply open Font Book (Mac) or Character Map (Windows) to access any of the extra characters. In Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, the alternates are much more easily accessible by simply clicking Stylistic Alternates, Ligatures or Swash buttons in the Characters, OpenType or Glyphs panels. --- OTF files are included. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you!

  17. Gibson Script + Extras

    Gibson Script + Extras

    **Introducing, Gibson Script!** *Gibson comes with a perfect pairing partner, "Hochstadt" a Vintage Whiskey Inspired Sans Serif* --- Gibson Script is an old time inspired script typeface that pairs perfect with bold, tough type. Absolutely awesome for labels & logos. I started creating typefaces for the use in branding projects and I think that Gibson is the font that my Type Collection was missing. Perfect for use in anything from Branding, Web, Packaging, Etc. --- Includes Western Euro Characters, Swashes & A Rough Version! --- Pick it up today for only $15!

  18. Spirited • 6 Fonts + Swashes

    Spirited • 6 Fonts + Swashes

    **Spirited Font Set** is a hand-drawn typeface set including **six** lovingly hand-made fonts for the price of one. Each has been carefully designed to work in harmony with each other, allowing you to create beautiful & professional looking typography in a flash. With a very distinct retro style, this font set is perfect for creating hand-lettered quotes, logos and printed designs with a rustic, personal touch. Also included is a **bonus swash font**, consisting of 10 various swashes and shapes designed to give your text that extra touch of detail & attention. ★**Please note the fonts are hand-drawn, so there are rough edges throughout in order to give it an authentic feel**★ **What's Included?** More details below; --- **Spirited Script Regular & Bold** is a set of upper & lowercase cursive characters which includes a large range of punctuation glyphs, numerals, and supports international languages. Stylistic alternates for several lowercase characters are also available, accessible in the Adobe Illustrator Glyphs panel, or under Stylistic Alternates in the Adobe Photoshop OpenType menu. **Spirited Serif Regular & Bold** is a set of upper-case only condensed serif characters which includes a large range of punctuation glyphs, numerals, and supports international languages. **Spirited Sans Regular & Bold** is a set of upper-case only wide sans-serif characters which includes a large range of punctuation glyphs, numerals, and supports international languages. **Spirited Swash Regular & Bold** is a set of 10 hand-drawn swashes and type containers. 8 TTF and 8 OTF files are included for all of the above variations. --- Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy it! Please don't hesitate to drop me a message if you have any issues or queries :)

  19. La Parisienne Font Collection

    La Parisienne Font Collection

    La Parisienne is a collection of fonts inspired by Paris avenues and boulevards full of inimitable french charm. The family is a mix of handlettering and classic forms. All fonts in collection work together well and while they share some of the features each of the fonts has it's own character. The main fonts in the collection are full of stylistic and contextual alternates and swashes. --- Fully unicode mapped, the font collection has an extended character set to support Western, Central and Eastern European European languages. It is best used in OpenType-aware software. You can also access all alternates via Characters Map or FontBook. --- Fonts included: - La Parisienne Serif Regular - La Parisienne Serif Inline - La Parisienne Script Regular - La Parisienne Script Casual - La Parisienne Sans Regular - La Parisienne Sans Italic

  20. Mightype FontPack Handlettering

    Mightype FontPack Handlettering

    **Mightype FontPack Handlettering (50% OFF)** --- Mightype is a Brand New Hand Lettering bundle package with an natural touch of hand. All of the Typeface in Mightype that's inspired by so many combinations letter from the hand letterer artist on instagram. All uniqueness is created by different tools like Brush, Pencil, Drawing Pen, and Marker. --- Mightype comes with 8 fonts that will help to complete each other fonts to create a design like Poster, Logo, Clothing, Digital lettering, Wedding Invitation or anything who wants to design with natural touch of hand made. It will be easier for you to create a layout just with this bundle. --- What's Inside : - Mightype Brush - Mightype Bold Serif - Mightype Serif - Mightype Cursive - Mightype Casual - Mightype Sans - Mightype Sans Serif - Mightype Script and Mightype Extras with more than **240 hand sketched** bonus to complete the bundle pack with handy graphic pack, with format Ai (adobe illustrator), EPS, Photoshop (Shape Layered Item). --- **Thank You !!!!**

  21. Sensa Family

    Sensa Family

    **Sensa** is a handmade font family consisting of 21 fonts. It is divided into 6 subfamilies, each contributing to its wide range of visual power – Sensa Brush, Sensa Pen, Sensa Wild, Sensa Sans, Sensa Serif and Sensa Goodies. Only your imagination is the limit. Pick any of the font as a leading one and the rest of the fonts can accompany it with ease. To work together in all possible combinations, all fonts in this package were created with that simple idea in mind. **Sensa** is applicable for almost every design project - from advertising, packaging, editorial and branding, to web and screen projects. For a beauty and tender sensation or for more male and strong communication – you have a wide selection.

  22. Canvas Acrylic Megafamily

    Canvas Acrylic Megafamily

    The **Canvas Acrylic Megafamily** from Yellow Design Studio is a collection of nine distinct hand-painted font families ranging from refreshingly festive to folky and organic. Six of the families include unique layering options for added dimension and impact. With authentic, hi-res texture the fonts maintain their realism even at very large sizes. **The Canvas Megafamily consists of 9 sub-families (39 fonts total):** - Canvas Script (acrylic brush fonts with regular, heavy, and layered versions) - Canvas 3D (a textured dimensional family) - Canvas Curly (playfully sincere letterforms with unique layers) - Canvas Inline (an eccentric unicase family) - Canvas Text (casual sans and serif with accent layers) - Canvas Basic Sans (all-caps acrylic geometric sans) - Canvas Tiny (designed for very small typesettings) - Canvas Icons (340 tasty shapes, icons and, seasonal elements) - Canvas Rena’s Flowers (unique floral icons & patterns designed by Rena Martinson) The entire suite has double-letter ligatures that automatically fix adjacent duplicates letters. A bonus set of vector background textures, shapes and elements is included for free! **Download includes the YDS end-user license agreement. By installing the fonts user agrees to terms of the YDS license. If you require a webfont, app, ebook, or large volume commercial license (over 250,000 reproductions), please contact [email protected] An extended license is also required for the following uses: broadcast television, commercial exhibition, film, gaming device embedding, software embedding, digital alphas, or personalized products for resale. View license here: http://bit.ly/2wlsnhI

  23. The Blooming Elegant Font Trio

    The Blooming Elegant Font Trio

    **COMMERCIAL USE ALLOWED**- The Standard License on Creative Market allows Commercial Use of fonts and add-ons :) Unlimited Sales, Unlimited Projects with only a few exceptions - See https://creativemarket.com/licenses --- Introducing the new and ever-so-lovely **Blooming Elegant Font Trio**…a delightful little Font-family with an elegant yet playful nature. **Blooming Elegant** consists of **three fonts** designed to compliment each other perfectly. Together or apart the fonts are ideal for adding that special 'hand lettered' look to your designs. **THE FONTS : ** 1.) **Blooming Elegant Regular** : An elegant yet playful script with a super flirty baseline, perfect for Branding, Logos, Greeting Cards,Wedding Stationery and Quotes. It comes with a handy set of **Opentype Stylistic Alternates**, **Ligatures** and **Individual Swashes** - all to add an authentic touch to your designs. These are all coded with **PUA Unicode** - allowing folks that don't have special gylph software to access the alternates too :) - Mac users can use Font Book , and Windows users can use Character Map to view and copy any of the extra characters to paste into your favourite text editor/app. It also comes as a **Monoline font**, and a **Bold Monoline** font - sweet! 2.) **Blooming Elegant Sans** : A neat little set of sturdy uppercase sans serif characters - a perfect complimentary font for both large and fine print. Available as **Sans Regular**, and **Sans Bold**. 3.) **Blooming Elegant Hand** : A cute hand lettered font that adds a little playfulness when combined with Blooming Elegant Regular, also equally as good on its own as a playful font :) That’s **actually SIX** super sweet fonts in a neat little pack - ready to be ripped open :) --- **THE BONUS!** : As if that isn't enough - you get a complimentary **BONUS of over 120 free Hand Doodled Illustrations** that will fit seamlessly into your designs :) Available in Vector format as PSD (Photoshop),AI (Illustrator) , EPS, and individual PNG's also. --- For folks who have opentype capable software : The alternates are accessible by turning on 'Stylistic Alternates' and 'Ligatures' buttons on in Photoshop's Character panel, or via any software with a glyphs panel, e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CC, Inkscape. For those folk who would prefer,I've included a set of corresponding **TTF files.** **THE SWASHES** : Please note that the swashes included in this set are individual swashes as opposed to 'swashed end/beginning letters'. They are typed onto the beginning and end of letters to get the desired look you want - Instructions on how to access them in the OTF font are included in your pack as a PDF file. If you prefer you can use the TTF file that includes just the swashes :) Feel free to PM me if you need any one on one help :) Compatible with Sillouette and Cricut type machines :) **This Font Trio supports the following languages :** Cornish, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Faroese, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Indonesian, Irish, Italian,Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Portuguese, Romansh, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss German.

  24. Tropen Font Family

    Tropen Font Family

    Tropen Font Family comes in one weight with six different types of styles but compatible at the same time with each other. All fonts are hand-maden. It can be accessed to the extras with the standard keyboard codes which makes the use of font files very practical and easy. Tropen Font Family was designed carefully to create elegant works. It would be a perfect choice to design posters, affiches, logos, t-shirt and magazine prints, eye-pleasing typographic designs and more

  25. Showcase


    Showcase, the new typeface of Daniel Hernandez and Paula Nazal is a handmade font consisting of a set of types that are composed of four styles, one script, one sans, a slab, sans mini and finally a set of ornaments and dingbats, all made to work together in the same language. It’s inspired by a pen that writes different typefaces and ornaments, and casually reaches into a harmonious family. Showcase is very easy to use and allows great versatility, can be used both in a magazine as a restaurant, through windows, cafes, and really anyway you can think of!

  26. Boucherie Collection

    Boucherie Collection

    To view the User Guide that shows all of the features and what's included, visit: http://bit.ly/TL8RHs NOTE: For questions, including how to use this font and access alternates, please visit the FAQs page on my website: http://lauraworthingtontype.com/faqs/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Finding fonts that work together to capture the aesthetic of an age is one of the biggest challenges designers face. Doing so without resorting to tired cliché fonts is even harder. Boucherie captures the lively essence of 19th-century French advertising typography with a collection of original designs, rather than strict historical revivals. Use Boucherie to create typographic compositions that are at once fresh and familiar. With Boucherie, Laura Worthington provides four distinct display types – plus ornaments, catchwords, and frames – that beautifully complement each other while expanding the utility of the Charcuterie collection on which they are based. Details like low, slanted horizontals and generously proportioned bowls recur throughout both Boucherie and Charcuterie, providing subtly familial visual cues. While Charcuterie featured rustic hand-drawn faces based on Laura's impressions of 19th-century French type and lettering, Boucherie offers the reverse: smoothed, polished, cleaned-up versions of those impressions.

  27. Adorn Collection

    Adorn Collection

    To view the User Guide that shows all of the features and what's included, visit: http://bit.ly/1mno9Ms NOTE: For questions, including how to use this font and access alternates, please visit the FAQs page on my website: http://lauraworthingtontype.com/faqs/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ***Click on the images preview to see all of the contents of this collection!*** What can be more lovely than a wedding, an intimate invitation, a gift from the heart? One whose presentation uses the warm and welcoming family of typefaces, Adorn. With a modern and sometimes quirky twist on the staid, almost corporate look of formal invitations, this family of lettering typefaces arms designers with a breathtakingly large number of faces that work harmoniously, despite the distinctiveness of each. Even larger and more multilayered than Worthington’s award-winning Charcuterie collection, Adorn offers seven display fonts, four script designs, monograms, ornaments, illustrations, banners, frames, and catchwords. Anyone in the business of helping others celebrate life—florists, menu designers, landscapers, caterers, tailors, event planners—will find fitting fonts in the Adorn collection. DIYers and designers will enjoy Adorn, too, for use in prints and drawings, quotes, invitations for gatherings, greeting cards, baby showers, gift cards, even wine bottles. While each font in the carefully orchestrated Adorn collection can stand alone, the particular combination of contrasting scripts, display fonts, romans, and the multitude of stylized fonts in Adorn’s extraordinary toolkit makes each designer’s creation one of a kind. MONOGRAMS The jewel in the crown of this collection may be the three monogram design styles: Adorn Solo for one letter, Adorn Duo for a pair, and Adorn Trio for the classic three-letter monogram. Simply type in the lowercase letters and your monogram is finished. Solo is fresh and airy; Duo is more calligraphic, blossoming before your eyes; Trio is denser, with the center letter carrying a hint of art nouveau. Graphic designers will have their own uses for these; DIYers will see a takeoff point for jewelry, cards, invitations, rubber stamps—an endless source for personalizing and elevating the everyday, the special gathering, or a handmade creation. CATCHWORDS, BANNERS, FRAMES, AND ORNAMENTS Adorn offers four noteworthy “extra” fonts, though the creative professional will find them anything but superfluous: catchwords, banners, frames, and ornaments. Twenty Adorn Catchwords, all custom hand-lettered using a fountain pen calligraphic technique, provide a stunning way to display frequently used words to connect factual information or simply to bridge the gap between a lavish script and a hard-working display font. Twenty Adorn Banners, each with a mirrored image left and right element, are available, with a customized center that can be expanded to encapsulate a message or heading of any width. Adorn Frames is a highly customizable set of elements offering a multitude of approaches to creating frames of any width, height, and style. Use it for corner elements, borders, or to make an actual frame. Adorn Frames features twenty corner elements and nine sets of top, bottom, and side pieces, along with a detailed description in the User’s Guide on how to construct the frames. In keeping with the spirit of the collection, Adorn Ornaments gift the designer with 130 unique ornamental illustrations. From works inspired by nature, to stunning wreaths, embellishments, rules, and iconic wedding symbols, Adorn Ornaments are meant to accompany the scripts, rather than restricting them to a theme. SCRIPT TYPEFACES Adorn’s script typefaces, using modern lettering with a cursive impression, are Coronet, Pomander, Garland, and Bouquet. Their common origins—the fountain pen and a singular design aesthetic—give them a cohesive look, one that carries the warmth of the human hand. Adorn Coronet’s script face exemplifies the Adorn spirit of both modernizing and personalizing typefaces. It’s crisp, angular, and straightforward; it adds a snappy yet subtle edginess, even a slight sense of masculinity, to a design. With 268 swashes and alternate letterforms. The script face, Adorn Pomander, is a whimsical butterfly of a font: light and airy. The uppercase letters, especially, break the rules of traditional classic calligraphy. With 390 swashes and alternate letterforms. Adorn Garland is a script face that runs along a different, and somewhat “vintage” direction. Rather than deriving its strength from a heavy skeleton or structure, it uses its sense of contrast, its light touch upon the page, and its elongation to provide a visual break – it can function as a long string, rule, or dividing line. With 166 alternate letterforms. At the other end of the spectrum is the naiveté and giddiness of Adorn Bouquet. It is intentionally irregular, created with a practiced hand to communicate joy—uncontrolled and informal. With 240 alternate letterforms. ADORN SANS DISPLAY FONTS Of all the fonts in the Adorn Collection, Adorn Sans Condensed may be the most easily identified as bucking the template-derived wedding trend, given its modernity and informality. Brimming with whimsy and the eccentricities of the human touch, Condensed Sans also has contextual alternates with ambicase letters—a distinctive feature not usually found in display fonts. Like its sister font, Adorn Sans Expanded is a display font with warmth and hand wrought charm that works as an elegant replacement for formal type. Use Sans Expanded in a very small font, loosely tracked, and its personality sings. ADORN SERIF DISPLAY FONTS Adorn Copperplate has the sturdiness of the classic copperplates, and continues their rich traditional sense of practicality and familiarity—yet with a more modern take. Trendy on wedding invitations, they are all too often heavy-handed. Adorn Copperplate is pretty and structural at once, with tiny surprises poking out: a delicate leg here, a slim stroke there. Adorn Engraved and Adorn Engraved Expanded are strongly reminiscent of formal invitations popular in the past. Still, the sweet tail of the Q and the irregular qualities of the lines bring it into the twenty-first century. Adorn Engraved Expanded, especially, accentuates the decorative look of the engraved font; the incisions within the stems and serifs allow the designer to use color to enliven them. Adorn Slab Serif is available in Regular and Bold weights. Though these display fonts can also be used for body text, their uppercase mode shines, adding texture and style to a message. They are perhaps more masculine in style than many of the other typefaces, with a touch of “retro,”—an historic reference with a contemporary spin. ADORN ROMAN Adorn Roman is both a display and text typeface marked by its traditional calligraphic hand. It was created with a chisel-edged calligraphy pen, and even digitized it has the look of what a designer might create with a calligraphic tool.

  28. Legend Font trio + Textures

    Legend Font trio + Textures

    This font trio was crafted by hand under inspiration of traditional american typography and lifestyle. Collection includes **Script, Sans and Serif**, which perfectly cooperating for creating a vintage mood. I designed some examples below, so you can see how they works together. It can be used in different purposes: **lettering and logotype, labels, t-shirts, product packaging, invitations, advertising** and any key text in design. **The Legend Script** has beautiful alternates for uppercase and numbers, 12 lengths end-swashes and special short version for lovercase characters with protruding elements like b, d, f, g, h etc (It helps to arrange words in two lines more compactly). **The Legend Sans and Serif** was designed as a secondary and additional fonts after Script, but in the process of their use I realized that they also look great as a priority. All this fonts has rough effect because of brush painting beginning. **WHATS INCLUDED**: - 3 fonts in OTF/TTF format. - 8 textures (what were used in design examples of this presentation). - small instruction about Legend Script using. Recommended to use in Adobe Illustratior or Photoshop. Please contact me if you need Extended License and I'll change the price.

  29. Hanley Font Collection

    Hanley Font Collection

    Now with **BONUS** Monoline Script. Check out the letterpress version of this font collection here: https://crmrkt.com/eK6wVW **Hanley Font Collection** from District 62 is a group of fonts that consists of 10 font files and 2 Extras fonts that work extremely well together for an authentic vintage look with a modern vibe. It features letterforms with just the right amount of irregularity to the edges and rounded corners to give a warm, human feel, that creates a sign-painterly, hand-drawn feel that still looks clean. Hanley is extremely versatile, it can look fresh and modern or authentically vintage. We think this group is perfect for logos, restaurant and cafe branding, typographic designs, signage or any project where you need a fresh take on a vintage look. **PLEASE NOTE** Hanley Font Collection was designed to be used in software that supports Open Type features. We also included a set of PUA Encoded fonts for software such as Silhouette and MS Office. Also, please note that the photo mockups are NOT included. **WHAT YOU GET** - 12 font files with OTF and TTF versions for each: Hanley Script, Hanley Block Display, Inline and Inline Only, Hanley Sans, Inline and Inline Only, Hanley Slim Sans and Slim Serif and Extras1 and 2 and the NEW Monoline Script. - 10 BONUS LOGO TEMPLATES. AI and PSD versions of the logo templates shown in the previews. - 2 sets of extras that have comprehensive catchwords, swashes, frames and ornaments to compliment your designs. These are assigned to keystrokes, or can be accessed through glyphs window. - Complete set of fonts that are PUA encoded to work in software that doesn't support Open Type such as Silhouette and MS Office. You can find these in the folder called “Hanley Non OT”. Please read the “read me” file for more details. - Western European language support. FREE BONUS TEMPLATES available here: http://www.district62.com/freebies/ Check out our Logo Template collections using only this font collection here: https://crmrkt.com/0laB5 https://crmrkt.com/pdzD6, https://crmrkt.com/p5OE4 and https://crmrkt.com/QybxG4 Please note that you may NOT claim ownership, resell or distribute in any way any of the Font Software, letterforms, catchwords, frames, borders, swashes that appear in our fonts. We made them, we own the copyright. If you require an upgraded license please contact [email protected] Upgraded licenses are required for web fonts, apps, ebooks, broadcast television, commercial exhibition, film, gaming, software embedding, server licenses, etc.



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