5 Ways to Use WP Besides Blogging

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    WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the web, but its versatility allows for dozens of applications that extend well beyond the typical blog or journal-style website. With small companies and major corporations counting on WordPress to showcase their visions and products, it’s easy to see WordPress has a lot more going for it than as just a place to plant your thoughts. If you’ve passed over WordPress hoping for a better location to start your specific web plan and been disappointed, check out these five great ways to use WordPress that don’t require a steady stream of self-indulgent missives.

    Business Website

    Individuals, small companies and massive businesses alike rely on WordPress themes, plugins and hosting capabilities to show off their unique products and services to an Internet savvy public. With all the great options for customization, it’s a simple thing to emphasize a brand philosophy by using the logo, tagline and color scheme already inherent to the business. Consumers can flock to the address and contact employees, discover the back-story and find locations to shop.

    Check out these great WP themes for businesses:

    Supernova WordPress theme

    screenshot_02-fPin It

    StoreBox WordPress theme

    storebox_original-fPin It

    Online Magazine

    Forget about writing about your thoughts and dreams; channel your writing creativity into an online magazine and share interesting topics about entertainment, fashion, news, celebrities or anything else you like. WordPress has themes perfectly tailored to suit a magazine, including Pinable, DW Focus—for the serious subjects—and Helme. Your readers can quickly browse, scroll or click on pictures, articles and stories with ease, and share the information quickly with WordPress plugins that make it a breeze.

    Here are some more magazine themes to check out and download today:

    SmartB Magazine WordPress Theme

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    Hola Magazine WordPress Theme

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    Need a beautifully designed and highly visible spot for your portfolio or resume? Getting a job in this difficult market means you must show strengths on the web as well as in the office. WordPress has several options that help make a CV pop, including professional yet eye-catching themes, appealing graphics and more. Make sure when you hand in your next application, you have an address to a personal resume website they can explore. Employers love talent, ambition and interactive sites.

    Ready to get your portfolio up and running? Check out these themes, and start showing off your work today:

    Snazzy Portfolio WordPress Theme

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    Ideograph Portfolio WordPress Theme

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    Photographers, artists and designers need a place to show off their hard work and genius creations, so why not park your best shots at Wordpress? With the help of a theme template like Bucko or Pronto Masonry, visitors can admire collections you organize for viewing, and maybe even buy a print or two.

    Download these WordPress themes today to start uploading your beautiful images right now for the world to see:

    Langford Gallery WordPress Theme

    lens1-fPin It

    Lens Gallery WordPress Theme

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    Web Comics

    A growing market, publishing comics on the web is one of the best ways for aspiring comic artists to share their stories with an appreciative audience, one that may not have found them elsewhere. Most comic websites use pages the same way blogs do. They just upload panels of images and storylines rather than a 1500-word diatribe on the current availability of gluten-free bread products.


    WordPress is one of the most remarkable blogging tools in existence, but it’s great for so much more than individual article entries. WordPress can help a new business reach out to customers when struggling to find a market; it can showcase a photographer’s budding skills and attract the attention of fans and gallery owners; it can even help you acquire a job. WordPress is a fantastic resource that everyone, and not just bloggers, can make use of.


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