Quiz: What Is Your Most Dominant Creative Trait?

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    What is your most dominant creative trait?

    Which one of your creative traits has the most influence on your work? You might be surprised!

    Your desire to be different is your most influential creative trait

    Why stick to being a square peg in a round hole when there are so many other shapes to inspire you? We wouldn't be surprised if there's something eccentric about your appearance today. But even if there isn't, we bet that your mind is busy thinking in very different ways to the average person.  
    More unusual than anarchic, you still like to fit in with society. Just with your own personal style! 

    Your desire to challenge the status quo is your most influential creative trait

    A constant rebel, you're bound to be irked by the laziness of people who live in the mainstream world who think they're appreciating cutting edge art or design. You know that just because something has always been done one way, it doesn't mean it's the best (or the most compelling) way.
    Always the trailblazer, you'll always make life interesting for those who specialise in just following the herd.

    Your desire to amaze and inspire is your most influential creative trait

    You're always close to the centre of the action as you're not the sort of person who hides away from the spotlight. Your worst nightmare is probably hearing a client say 'That's nice.' This because you'd much rather  go all out to hear 'That's amazing. I love it!' regardless of the dullness of the brief.
    Of course, this does bring in the risk of someone hating it. But you'd prefer amazing most people than getting a take it or leave it response from 99% of people!

    Your desire to bring creativity into everyday life is your most influential trait

    You're the sort of person who sees beauty in all sorts of objects - not to mention people! Warm, loving and sensitive, you are able to apply yourself just as well to a run of the mill project as you would to a show stopping installation. And of course with you it's all created with love!

    When it comes to art and design most people:

    Are clueless

    Appreciate more than we think

    Need to be guided

    Would love anything that had a 'cool' name/brand

    You're meeting friends in a bar but they're really late. You'd be:

    Reading or playing on my phone/tablet

    People watching

    Talking to a random curiosity by the bar

    Chiding my late friends by phone

    And you like your friends to have:

    Big ambitions

    Big quirks

    Big hearts

    Big wallets

    What's the best way for you to beat creative block?


    A crazy night out with friends

    Your report from your worst subject at school would most likely say:

    Has a problem with authority

    Very easily distracted

    Spends the class daydreaming

    Disrupts others by talking to them

    What's your worst trait?

    I'm too self critical

    I don't filter my own emotions enough

    I spend too long inside my own head

    I don't listen enough to other people

    Which bohemian trait speaks most strongly to you?





    Which of the seasons do you find most inspiring?





    What do you find the most distracting?

    Too much noise around me

    An uninspiring project

    Coffee, biscuits, cake - need I go on?

    Anything interesting that pops up on my screen

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