6 Best .NET Code for October 2020

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  1. Professional Color Picker By VB.NET

    Professional Color Picker By VB.NET

    =” Professional Color Picker With Source Code Features ”= Professional Color Picker is a full-featured screen tool it is an all-in-one program that provides full-featured screen capture tool, intuitive image editor,color picker, color palette and more. User friendly and full of features for creating your image, suitable, for software developer graphic designer and home user. with Professional Color Picker identifing the colors,saving,editing and combining them into beautiful color combination.It is software for designer and digital artist. It is quick and simple job. Professional Color Picker features: Easily pick any color from the screen Colors shown in hex and decimal Adjust Hue, Saturation, Value, Red, Green and Blue values Cyan, Ma

  2. Email Attachment Downloader

    Email Attachment Downloader

    This application allows you to login into your email server and download all your email attachments. You can select which folders you would like to download, filter on a date range or filter on specific file types such as PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, etc. Login, filter, download. Simple and easy.

  3. Yelp Business Analyzer

    Yelp Business Analyzer

    Yelp is the biggest review site on the Internet, and a business owner should monitor feedback and competitors for search engine reputation. This application gives you a snapshot of your latest Yelp activity and lets you search and export a list of your competitors. It’s great for competitor analysis to find competitors in your zip code or city. Yelp Business Analyzer has the following features: - View the latest activity on your Yelp reviews including images uploaded, reviews, competitors in Yelp, and your basic details. - Search for competitors and export a list to CSV/Excel for further analysis -View your competitor’s reviews and user comments -Search businesses in a specified zip code and city. -Fi

  4. Dotnet Core MVC Blog With MongoDB

    Dotnet Core MVC Blog With MongoDB

    Dotnet core MVC blog with MongoDB You can create a beautiful own blog. Responsive design, powerful features, widgets. multi user blog. multi color admin theme. Using technologies ASP.NET DOTNET Core 2.0 VS 2017 Bootstrap 4 Font Awesome Feature Search Aside from visiting your visitors won’t have many other options for finding content in your blog. They can use search engines to search your site’s indexed content. Recent Posts Retrieves a list of the most recent posts. Popular Post Popular Posts widget that displays the most popular posts on your blog base on no of view that post. Categories Category wise post listing Subscribers Collect customer emails by adding a subscription box. Send automa

  5. EduBox - School ERP System

    EduBox - School ERP System

    Regular License : for Single User Extended License : for unlimited users with activator. IT’S VB.NET & SQL BASED DESKTOP APPLICATION. SUPPORT IS FREE FOR THE FIRST SIX MONTHS A fully editable School ERP Software that will scale down your effort level.  School ERP Softwares are many but EduBox isn’t like the rest. It has the latest features that will ease your School ERP hereby & you no longer have to raise your temperature on the changing needs as it highly flexible as well. FEATURES : Organisation : School Type School Info(Multiple Schools Support) Hostel Info Bus Info Session Location Fee Master Class Fee Entry Hostel and Bus Installment Setting Discount Setting Students: Class Type Master Class Master Section/Stream Ma

  6. Software License Activation System

    Software License Activation System

    Introduction: - This Software Activation System is meant for controlling the unauthorized distribution for Software Product build in VB.Net. This activation process is based on Processor ID which is unique per system so no other system will be getting the same activation key. This system is created for easily integrating in your already build project or to integrate with new project. This System usage two different packages for securing the software project. 1. Activation Software. 2. Client Software. Download Trial Setup For Advance Software Activation System Using Following link. https://sourceforge.net/projects/software-activation-system/ Current source code uses LicenseKey.dat file for storing the activation key on clien



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